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Most interesting:
License plate recognition: Speed limit violation
Video Surveillance for Newbies
Free video surveillance with Xeoma
Reducing CPU load: full guide
Cheaper than DVR system? Security surveillance system with Raspberry Pi board!
Several monitors
Hardware recommendations
Mobile video surveillance with Xeoma free Android app
HTTP Marking And Integration With POS
Face Recognition by Xeoma
Object Recognition in Xeoma

All Xeoma integration capabilities: from smart homes to third-party software
How to put a stop to vandalism and prevent property damage with video security software
How to spot hidden video surveillance cameras and protect yourself against spying
Cloud video surveillance
Best video surveillance for Linux 2024
How to install Debian OS – Detailed guide
Automatic working time tracking in Xeoma

Xeoma: Revolutionizing Video Surveillance with Cutting-Edge Features (article from our user)
Xeoma: The Perfect Solution for Effortless Home Security Camera Management (article from our user)
Best CCTV software 2024
Article from our user: At home with Xeoma: have peace of mind when you’re gone, and when you’re asleep
Home video surveillance: how to level up home security with contemporary CCTV software
The new Ubuntu privileges elevation vulnerabilities: what is it and what does it mean
Kids video surveillance
Freight unloading counter in Xeoma
Xeoma Pro: view recordings directly from cameras and NVRs/DVRs in Xeoma
Best CCTV software 2023
Coming soon: Heart Rate Monitor – contactless heart rate measurement powered by AI
Security in Mexico: VSaaS as a safety tool for everyone
Video surveillance in the HoReCa industry: a tool to cut losses, increase performance, automate operations
Best CCTV software for Linux in 2023
Monitoring and security costs reduction with Xeoma
Mexico video surveillance: safer life, productive business
Bird Detector. Xeoma module.
AI in Xeoma to detect suspicious behavior

A beginner’s guide for organizations to addressing loss prevention challenges during the holidays with video surveillance
Benefits of CCTV: Use of video surveillance in China
Video surveillance for business in India
VSaaS, the breakthrough safety tool that everyone in India can afford!
Benefits of CCTV: How video surveillance helps in India
Telegram Bot Notifications
Notifications in Xeoma
Aerial Surveillance with Drones
USB joystick for PTZ camera control, an Additional option in Xeoma
Xeoma: desktop video surveillance + backup to Cloud
Top 8 AI features in CCTV solutions straight from the future
Xeoma in a veterinary hospital
How to increase detection accuracy and improve successful recognition
Xeoma and IoT
What is OEM and ODM? Xeoma video surveillance software customization
Special offer for computer manufacturers
Trial version of Xeoma video surveillance software – free access to all features and modules
Special offer for Smart Home system integrators
Advanced license plate recognition with Additional module
Integration of Xeoma video surveillance software with robot vacuum cleaners

Special offer for smartphone and tablet manufacturers
Organizing a CCTV system in the impound lot
Log4Shell vulnerability in the Apache Log4j vs Xeoma video surveillance
Video surveillance in a car service center
Best video surveillance equipment 2021
Video surveillance in the court house and governmental buildings
Video surveillance in the quest room business
Video surveillance at the Visa Center
Mounting and connecting network disks to Xeoma
Xeoma’s settings folder
Artificial Intelligence to the rescue: how video analytics helps solve business tasks
Thermal Camera Data – integration with thermal cameras in Xeoma
Transferring Xeoma video surveillance system with all settings
Expiration of the IdenTrust DST Root CA X3 digital certificate
Best video surveillance solution 2021
Client part settings
DIY video surveillance system
Cloud Video Surveillance: comparison of the most popular services
How to purchase video surveillance software Xeoma
Special offer for bloggers
Event Log
Add a remote camera in Xeoma
Purchase safely with Xeoma!
Best software for Dahua cameras in 2021
Special offer for ip cameras manufacturers
Best Android CCTV app of 2021
Video surveillance for virtual machines and Docker containers
When video surveillance fails: how to avoid failures with a video security system
Best video surveillance system 2021
Network activation of Xeoma licenses: simple, fast and affordable
How to choose best video surveillance for Linux in 2021
How to use a video as a camera in Xeoma
CCTV software review 2021
Xeoma video surveillance software in Arch Linux-based Manjaro OS
How to choose best video surveillance software in 2021
Video surveillance CMS for carsharing and vehicle rental services
Unique visitors counting – detection of new clients
Body worn camera as a new trend in video surveillance
Smart Home Integration with Xeoma: a practical guidance
“360° surround view” – is the AI-based module in Xeoma
The difference between MJPEG and H264/H264+/H265/H265+, and how to use them in Xeoma
Reducing CPU load: full guide
Server and client settings: the difference
Xeoma as the best security solution for video intercom
Failover and failback in Xeoma. Instruction.
Video surveillance for condominium
Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance.
Image Resize. Xeoma’s module.
Image Rotate module in Xeoma
Image crop module in Xeoma
Application runner. Xeoma’s module.
Microphone module in Xeoma VSS – surveillance with audio
Xeoma modules’ macros
Eye tracking in Xeoma
Business during lockdown: remote acceptance with CCTV
Xeoma video surveillance system as a part of golf management
Archives and recordings in Xeoma: troubleshooting and advice
AI-based Drone and Airplane Recognition in Xeoma
“Object size filtering” module
Stay safe during ATP cup 2021
Using Xeoma video security products in charter communication sphere
Video surveillance cameras in a private parking lot
Video surveillance in a kindergarten

Coming soon: “Fashion store” module in Xeoma
Xeoma Standard
Fire Detection – automated spotting and reaction to flame
“Detector of abandoned objects” – smart solution for public places safety
“Streaming to YouTube” – live streaming to your channel
Slip and Fall detector – always alert for your safety
“Parking Spots” – is an easy way to get information about the parking load
Camera embedded detector. Monitoring and automation
Alarms and other technical security equipment in tandem with Xeoma
“My detector” – your unique video surveillance system
Easy configuration of PTZ cameras in Xeoma
Video surveillance at the assisted living home
8 ways to grow your business fast with Xeoma
Age Recognizer in Xeoma video surveillance software
“Modbus” controllers – smart home systems and traffic light automation
Vehicle speed detector with “ISKRA” speed meter appliance
Mobile notifications in Xeoma
Social distancing option in ‘Crowd detector’
Text Recognition module – AI-based reading of text and numbers in camera sight
Xeoma OEM: Web Interface Customization
Safety of your close ones along with Xeoma video surveillance
Xeoma: Effective video surveillance without Internet connection
Sending Email: module for notifications and reaction to events
AI-Powered Video Surveillance for the Oil & Gas industry
VSaaS – step in the future
WebRTC API: embedding camera feeds and recordings
Xeoma Video Surveillance: is lean production real in the mining industry?
Platerecognizer utility for license plate recognition in Xeoma
Seabird recognition in Xeoma video surveillance software
Detector of Construction Site Safety – recognition of helmet and work robe
Xeoma’s Sound events detector – AI-based automated recognition of sounds
Mask Detector – AI-based detection of people wearing a facial mask
COVID-19 Quarantine: Stay at home with Xeoma
Remastered: Additional module in Xeoma – Move to PTZ preset
Remastered: Advanced license plate recognition in Xeoma
Remastered: Color detection. Safe city and more.
Remastered: Object Recognition, AI-based additional module in Xeoma
Remastered: GPIO module for micropcs in Xeoma
Remastered: Gender recognition in Xeoma. AI for business.
Remastered: Crowd Detector in Xeoma
Emotions recognition in Xeoma (“Face detector (Emotions)”)
Professional Face Recognition by Xeoma for personal and business uses
PTZ joysticks in Xeoma
How AI in video surveillance helps fight Coronavirus

6 common mistakes in making a video surveillance system
Sports Ball and Players Detection and Tracking
Crowd detector: setup guide
Gender recognition in Xeoma
6 reasons why you should use video surveillance in a service center
Video surveillance in a coffeehouse
Video surveillance with Xeoma in the insurance company
Video surveillance in a warehouse
CCTV systems at the post office
Video surveillance video analytics: people tracking
New Raspberry Pi 4 board: new system for video surveillance
Video surveillance at the tailoring factory
Video surveillance in pharmacy chains
Video surveillance in police with Xeoma
How video surveillance solutions help fight illegal dumping and high-rise littering
Video surveillance in microfinancing institutions
Top 6 tips and tricks for video surveillance in a currency exchange booth
Additional module “Camera embedded detector”
QR code recognition in Xeoma
Access control innovations: automation in university campuses and other entrance checkpoints
Distributed camera and surveillance systems – a better solution – Xeoma!
SD card synchronization
Mobile surveillance
Face Recognition: search for people by names or photograph
Video analytics in Xeoma
Xeoma Additional module: Moving to PTZ preset
Face ID. Instruction.
Videowall, panic button and alarm monitor for security officers
Setup Guide: Object recognizer in Xeoma.
Rent of the license is the best way to launch a new project
GPIO module in Xeoma
Smart card reader – access control system in Xeoma
Additional modules in Xeoma.
Xeoma’s new feature — timelapse!
Object recognition in private life
Object recognition on the highway
Video surveillance for home automation systems
NAS box for video surveillance
Emotion Recognition
Xeoma video surveillance software for Windows OS
Crack: who hacks us and how to protect yourself from it?
You download torrent? Never in a thousand years!
Emotion recognition for your business. Employee control.
Going to vacation, provide safety for your pets. Xeoma + Ubuntu, User’s testimonial
Using video surveillance in smart home systems
Recent Development in Video Surveillance
Video surveillance installation with Xeoma software

Control Xeoma using JSON: the whats and hows
Guide on setup of the SSL connection through Apache (usage of https in Xeoma Web Server)
Setting up PTZ guard tour in Xeoma
WebRTC in Xeoma
Personal Home Security with Xeoma and my UnRaid Home Server
Security for Jewelry Stores
Getting to know the Motion Detector
New Feature: Activity Log (CSV)
New Wisenet cameras are designed to improve video surveillance on transport
Video surveillance system in the garage cooperative
Free video surveillance with Xeoma
Video surveillance system in a coal mine
Tips for dealers: relocatable surveillance systems based on RPI (or other mini computers)
Video surveillance system in the bank
Protect customs and border protection services with a surveillance camera system
NAS surveillance with Xeoma CCTV Software
Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise
Cross-Line Detector (advanced Visitors Counter)
Xeoma and Telegram
Ensure security in the denture clinic
Drone Surveillance
Clustering in Xeoma VMS
Repeater troubleshooting: ADSL, GPRS issues
PTZ troubleshooting
Video surveillance in hospitals
Full-price CCTV solutions vs. CCTV rental
Getting Emails with attachments in Gmail
Create a simple home surveillance setup with what you have on hand
Vehicle detection and classification in video surveillance
Cheap 3G/4G video surveillance system with Xeoma
API for integration of Xeoma
P2P support in Xeoma
Video surveillance cameras installation in hair and nail salon
Using Home Surveillance for Paranormal Activity
Xeoma: software of permanent video surveillance novelties
Xeoma: plug-and-play video surveillance solution
Video surveillance complete unit with Xeoma
Video surveillance installation with Xeoma software
Xeoma: ready-to-operate video surveillance system
Xeoma: turn-key video surveillance kit
Xeoma video surveillance bundle- ready to use easy to install
Xeoma – video surveillance innovation or the program you haven’t seen before
Xeoma – Video Surveillance Solution of Your Choice
Video surveillance mounting
3 steps for successful video surveillance assembling
Get full video surveillance package with Xeoma
Video Surveillance Arrangement: 3 main questions
Video Surveillance Complex Based on Xeoma Software
Video Surveillance News and Trends
Easy Video Surveillance Setup
Video Surveillance Set Based on Xeoma Software
Xeoma – the Perfect Solution for a Video Surveillance Newcomer
Fail-over: instant intergrated up-sale for bulk reselling
Distribute your own Cloud: white label solution for ISP
Redistribute Xeoma products for bulk reselling in enterprise environment
Video surveillance usage in jail security: Senstar and Flexzone integration
A Linux user’s journey through the NVR jungle. A testimonial.
Step-by-step guide on using free rebranding of Xeoma
Bulk discounts for resellers and for manufacturers
Your own cloud video surveillance service – Xeoma Pro Your Cloud
Hardware keys – a new way to make licenses work without the Internet and on virtual machines
Video surveillance kit based on Banana Pi
Easy buy parts to build your Raspberry-based kit
Ready-to-use ODROID kit

Why should I choose Xeoma? Xeoma’s comparison to other video surveillance software
Asus Tinker single board computer
How video surveillance provides security at a railway station
Video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education
Video Surveillance for Newbies
Video surveillance system at a petrol filling station
Recreation department: provide security
Residential complex: video surveillance installation
Video surveillance system at sports building
Security camera installation in the shop center
Video surveillance system in the parking space
HTTP upload to other Xeoma
Video surveillance installation in the horticultural society
Choosing the right operating system
Safe city
Deep learning technology
RTSP Broadcasting
Video surveillance systems in cinemas
Expo center: security protection
Security at sea
Loitering Detector
Video surveillance installation in the church
Emotion recognition at the airport
License plate number recognition with a third-party utility OpenALPR

User manual for Xeoma Mac OS surveillance software
HTTP Marking And Integration With POS
Face Detector and Face Recognition: setup guide, troubleshooting
Marking module
Visitors Counter
HDDs or SSDs for Video Surveillance?
Shop surveillance and crime prevention
Dual Streaming: What Should I Know?
Multilayered eMap in Xeoma
Connecting Xeoma via VPN
Video Surveillance vs Kidnapping
Video Surveillance In Retail As Marketing And Sales Tool
Perfect video surveillance system
CCTV Security System Administration: How to Admin?
Counter-Terrorism With Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance as Part of Airport Security
Google Pixel, new Android smartphone perfect for video surveillance
Xeoma in Mikrotik Users Meeting 2016 Conference
Cheap Intel Mini PC Wintel W8 Pro based on Windows 10
Video Surveillance for Flat Buildings
Hotel Security
AAEON UP single board computer that works with Raspberry Pi extension boards
Bus surveillance
Face Blur in Xeoma video surveillance
Secure TLS Connection
Heatmap in video surveillance system Xeoma
How to install a 64/32 bit operating system to a Raspberry Pi 3 board
Smoke Detector Cameras
How to use FTP upload in Xeoma?
Object Detection
Compare Software – WebCam Looker VS Xeoma
Xeoma security surveillance: restore or change your license registration information
Active Directory LDAP configuration in Xeoma video surveillance program
Choosing the right Android devices for live CCTV video with Xeoma IP surveillance
PC DVR software Xeoma: digital surveillance for NVRs and DVRs
Xeoma Foscam Software
Xeoma is a great alternative GeoVision Software
Three best Xeoma Hikvision software programs!
How to choose security camera!
Infographic why Xeoma video surveillance system is better than most home security systems
Low-cost laptop video surveillance with Xeoma
Choosing a microcomputer for CCTV software
Xeoma Linux Surveillance Software
Raspberry computer as one of the best microcomputers for video surveillance based on Raspberry Pi board
Xeoma Screen Recording Software

Location of Xeoma settings files
Send SMS notifications in Xeoma
Buy and activate license renewal to continue getting software updates in Xeoma system security software
FIFA World Cup: stadium security is important, but safety is primary
Article: Xeoma Software’s modue “Web server”
Xeoma: Video surveillance and cameras for cars, delivery tracking and employee monitoring
Save more with Xeoma Linux software for Ubuntu
Organize perfect video surveillance on mac with Xeoma
How to reduce CPU load while working with rtsp (h264) camera
Xeoma Cloud service compared to Xeoma Pro Your Cloud
Mobile video surveillance with Xeoma free Android app
License plate recognition in videosurveillance program Xeoma: Setup Guide
6 Reasons to prefer DIY Video Surveillance System
How to make a wireless video surveillance system
Video surveillance issues solved by Xeoma CCTV Software
Xeoma Client-Server Architecture
How to set your private cloud security with Xeoma Cloud
Messages in Xeoma free video surveillance software
Panic Button and Video Surveillance Software Xeoma
Use Xeoma free version for a small video surveillance system
Button Switcher module in Xeoma surveillance system
eMap – professional feature in Xeoma security camera system
False Alarm Issues Solved in CCTV Software Xeoma
Xeoma security camera app for iPhone and iPad (iOS Client app)
Nanny Cam – YES or NO?
Sabotage detector (Problems detector) with its enhanced video analytics help detect vandalizing acts when cameras being tampered with
Proxy server setup in Xeoma
PTZ Tracking for PTZ security cameras in video surveillance systems with Xeoma
Cheaper than DVR system? Security surveillance system with Raspberry Pi board!
Measures for Business Security Protection with Xeoma Videosurveillance
Child Safety First: Secure home network and video surveillance system against hacker attacks
Hospital security: patient monitoring system

User manual for Xeoma Linux surveillance software
Xeoma camera video surveillance: choosing and connecting cameras
Fisheye Camera Dewarping in Video Surveillance Program Xeoma
New Year holiday safety tips
Moving Xeoma video surveillance program records
Module HTTP Request Sender in Xeoma IP security cameras software
Secure systems with Xeoma: HTTP Switcher module to get HTTP requests
9 main CCTV trends for 2014 (VSaaS, mobility, analytics)
Device list in security monitoring with Xeoma
Xeoma free cam software: free web server customization
Protect your home while you are on a family vacation
Home’s weak points and protection
Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance

Wireless surveillance system and cloud security
FTP receiver – easier way to connect your remote camera to cloud video surveillance
Activate your benefits with Xeoma Video Surveillance
School security with CCTV
Xeoma video surveillance software module: Unitor
Parental control and children safety
Xeoma – CCTV Surveillance Myths Buster
Construction site video monitoring system (VMS)
DIY home security system with monitoring software Xeoma
Ethics and morality of Video Surveillance
Remote access options in Xeoma cctv security
CCTV systems in traditional farming with Xeoma
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving with Xeoma video surveillance software
Have a safe and happy online discount shopping with Xeoma video surveillance software
Video surveillance cameras for pet safety
Remote desktop control in video surveillance with Xeoma video security software
Restaurant security system in food service industry

FTP uploading with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software
Archive of videsurveillance program Xeoma
What if my camera is not auto-detected in videosurveillance program Xeoma?
Why you should choose Debian
Multiplying your chains easily and effortless in video surveillance program Xeoma
Car camera recorder with video surveillance program Xeoma
Video surveillance laws and legality of surveillance with Xeoma
Info and useful tips regarding Xeoma modules
Motion Detector advanced options in video surveillance program Xeoma
Xeoma cctv software as a time management tool
ONVIF in video surveillance program Xeoma
How to save money with video surveillance

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Alerts for idling security guards
Connection to Xeoma failed
Detector of Abandoned Objects for car stop and leave
PTZ Tracking: not going to start position
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How long can Export take?
Camera groups in Xeoma
Can’t run Xeoma on my Mac
Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: interesting links and information
Licenses and cameras are gone
How do I calculate required bandwidth for my system?
Activation successful but 0 cameras available
Interested in partnership?
How to move server to another machine
How can I save on license cost?
Conversion of video files into MJPEG
How can I get a cheaper solution with Xeoma?
Garbage disposal, ANPR ticketing and other city surveillance needs: how to do in Xeoma
Drawer opening alert, space full alert and other small business needs: how to do in Xeoma
How do I send less pictures to Platerecognizer
Can’t open my archive viewer, what should I do?
How to run Xeoma on a fresh install of CentOS 8?
No sound on Linux
Does Xeoma support encrypted video traffic handling?
When will I get the license?
Can I try “Sports tracking” in Lite?
“Error in decoding video on the client. To view this camera, enable decoding on the server side” error message on iOS
Xeoma on Huawei
Adding Xeoma shortcut to Unity panel in Linux
Does Xeoma support MQTT?
Will Xeoma work on my AWS virtual machine?
User access
Unreliable streams
False alarms in Xeoma
I forgot my password, what should I do?
Demo license for Xeoma Lite
Downloading previous versions of Xeoma for Linux without graphical
Preclusive areas: exclude alarms if a referent camera contains movement
License issues: when nothing else helps
Arch Linux issues and solutions
Is it possible to count airplane parking time with the help of Xeoma?
Factors that affect hardware requirements
How to play a live video stream in VLC player
How to run Xeoma CCTV on Android TV
Does Xeoma work on Raspberry Pi 2?
Can I organize a video surveillance system at my store using Xeoma?
How to send archives to another location for storage