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Heart Rate Measurement

Heart Rate Monitor – contactless heart rate measurement powered by AI


Icon for Heart Rate Monitor(Coming soon) Heart Rate Monitor is an Additional module in Xeoma video surveillance software. It is a unique tool that uses camera vision to determine the heart rate of a person in sight. No additional sensors required!


Advice from video surveillance system Xeoma This module is not available yet in Xeoma official versions. If you’d like to test it now, please contact us!





Based on Artificial Intelligence arrays, this Xeoma module detects a person in sight, locates the center of their face and then proceeds to read micro changes only visible to computer vision to estimate the person’s heartbeat rate. A great alternative or complementary tool to traditional heart rate measuring sensors, bands that works with just a camera and a regular off-the-shelf computer.

No external sensors are required to aid in the Monitor.





Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement frees staff
Save human resources by letting the machines do automated heart rate checks. Also applicable in emergency situations when all hands are needed elsewhere.
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement works from a distance
Background non-invasive style of functioning works perfectly when usage of sensors is difficult (when dealing with children or violent patients).
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement integrates well into kits
This feature is a part of a complex solution with 100s of other features useful in health care.


Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement is state-of-the-art
Boost the image of your facility and build trust by using the best the technology has to offer: AI-powered tools like Heart Rate Monitor.
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement uses affordable equipment
Works with just a camera (IP or USB) and regular off-the-shelf computers. No need to overpay for special sensors or wait for shipping.
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement is wireless
Contactless and free of wires, the machine vision heart rate measurement can be used in environment that would be challenging to regular wired sensors.


Just like keeping tabs on the latest research is a sign of a great doctor, using the latest technology advancements is a sure sign of a great medical facility. Xeoma’s Heart Rate Monitor tool is easy to use yet very impressive. Unintrusively working in the background, this module is a great aid in the healthcare facilities:

Heart Rate Monitor in video surveillance system In stress management training programmes.

Heart Rate Monitor in video surveillance system In patient care – especially single rooms that have no regular supervision.

Heart Rate Monitor in video surveillance system In operating rooms where health checks are imperative.





The AI-based Heart Rate Monitor module in Xeoma video surveillance software can send instant alerts
Instant alerts
Can work in combination with various alarm and notification tools.
Xeoma's AI-based Heart Rate Monitor module can measure pulse
Working 24/7
Fully automated work, tireless, no breaks, no distractions.
One-time payment for the entire license
One-time payment. Virtual work does not wear off or break like physical equipment.
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement works in several OS
Windows and Linux:
The module is available in server consumer-grade off-the-shelf machines powered by 32- or 64-bit Windows or 64-bit Linux.
Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement works with many cameras
Any cameras:
Any high resolution IP or USB camera will do. 430+ vendors supported.

Camera Vision Heart Rate Measurement is easily combined with other tools
Flexibility and versatility:
The module can be combined with other healthcare tools, notification media, and external systems.




Xeoma is all-round video surveillance software with more than 12-years development history. It has over 100 features so far, many of which are a perfect fit for medical care organizations, their premises, offices, production units, etc. After all, contemporary video surveillance does cover more than video security goals; it’s also a great tool for automation and optimization of business operations!

See what else Xeoma has for medical facilities:


Healthcare tools in Xeoma: remote real-time view and live monitoring
Remote access and control room monitoring
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: around-the-clock loop recording to drives, Cloud, RAIDs
24/7 recording with sound
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: various instant notifications and alerts
Instant notifications
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: slip and fall detector
Detection of people falling down
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: see how many times the virtual line is crossed
Control of staff productivity, number of checkups
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: mask detector
Detection of compliance with medical mask wearing regulations
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: sound detector
Detection of screams or loud sounds
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: text reading
Reading monitor data (Text recognition)
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: detection of a specific color
Detection of blood (Color recognition)
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: smoke, fire detector
Detection of smoke, fire
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: tracking of gaze direction
Eye movement tracking
Healthcare tools in Xeoma: face recognition with block and pass lists
Unauthorized people
or off-time visitors


Healthcare tools in Xeoma: license plate recognition, parking solutions, detection of queues, demographics And other applied tools like ANPR and Parking Spots, Crowd detector, Gender recognizer, Age recognizer.




Note: this feature is not available in official versions yet. Let us know if you’d like to try it
1. Download and run Xeoma in a computer running a Windows OS (32-bit or 64-bit) or Linux OS (64-bit).
Make sure your Xeoma is in the Trial edition, or activate a Xeoma Standard/Pro license in combination with a license for the “Heart Rate Monitor” Additional module.
2. Add an IP or a USB сamera, or wait until Xeoma runs an auto scan and adds the cameras found in your local network.
3. Connect the “Heart Rate Monitor” module to the chain, enter its settings and make sure to set it up the way you need.
4. Put a person in front of a camera whose face is clearly visible, and you will see how the module works.


Try in the Xeoma video surveillance software with a free trial license. Request it below:




The “Heart Rate Monitor” Additional module is not released yet, but you can try other wonderful features of Xeoma with free demo licenses!
To request them, enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.

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Any questions? Need assistance? Please contact us – we will be happy to assist!


Advice from video surveillance system Xeoma Please contact us if you need more features for medical facilities. Our paid development program offers competitive prices for professional service. See more

March 9, 2023

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