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Demo license for Xeoma Lite

Camera software Xeoma tip With the release of Xeoma version 22.12.5 this method is obsolete. If you have Xeoma 22.12.5 or up you will have Trial edition for Lite and Starter embedded in Xeoma (go to Main menu -> Registration -> Switch edition -> Switch to X version).
If you have an older version than that, please proceed with the instruction below.

Some of our users want to test Xeoma before purchasing perpetual licenses. For these purposes there are demo licenses for such commercial editions as Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro. But if you want to test Xeoma Lite license, you can do the following tip:

1. Download Xeoma for your operating system from Xeoma official page but don’t launch it yet.

2. Windows and Android: add the words trial_lite as it is done in the example below:
Windows: xeoma_win64.exe -> xeoma_trial_lite_win64.exe
Android: xeoma_android.apk -> xeoma_trial_lite_android.apk
и т.д.

For MacOS / Linux / Linux/ARM: unpack the downloaded Xeoma archive with your system tools. After unpacking, add _trial_lite in the name of that unpacked executable file as it is done in the example below:
MacOS: xeoma_mac64.app -> xeoma_trial_lite_mac64.dmg
Linux: xeoma.app -> xeoma_trial_lite.app
Linux/ARM: xeoma.app -> xeoma_trial_lite.app

3. For Windows / Android / MacOS / Linux / Linux/ARM: launch the renamed Xeoma executable file on your device.

4. Done! When you launch the program now, it will be launched in the Trial version of the Xeoma Lite edition. It will allow using only the modules and features available in Xeoma Lite, and your settings will be reset at every restart and every 8 hours. After the reset, you can re-configure Xeoma, and thus repeat the trial time.

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