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Detector of Construction Site Safety: recognition of helmet and work robe

Safety Gear Detector in Xeoma camera software

Detector of Construction Site Safety

Safety Gear Detector module in Xeoma camera software Detector of Construction Site Safety is the module using artificial intelligence advantages that can detect helmets and work robe in camera’s sight in construction sites and thus help ensure the compliance with health and safety regulations.

Can work in both open air or closed area locations, with workers and visitors of any gender, and in nearly any industry where safety regulations can save lives.

Save lives in dangeous jobs by making sure that workers and visitors are comlying with the simple requirements like wearing safety helmets. Distinguish workers from visitors by the sign of work uniform. The Detector of Construction Site Safety works with any gender and age of people, in open air or enclosed locations, in any weather, and without any special equipment!




Safety Gear Detector in Xeoma camera software that can recognize safety helmets and work outfits in places like construction site

Construction of buildings

Detection of construction helmets and work robe can be used in construction site to detect if health and safety regulations are not abode by a worker of a visitor.

Detector of Construction Site Safety can help in most dangerous high-rise works

High rise works

High rise works are also high risk ones. Automated detection of safety helmets and work robe can save lives in jobs like industrial alpinism.

Detector of Construction Site Safety can be used in mining and drilling industries to help comply with safety rules

Drilling, mining

Health and safety rules are of utmost importance in natural resources mining and drilling industry. The Detector of Construction Site Safety works in verticals like these too.

Detector of Construction Site Safety can be used in industrial scenarios like heavy machinery management

Industrial and heavy machinery

Xeoma’s Detector of Construction Site Safety is an effective tool for tracking of safety compliance in industrial plants and repair factories, as well as in heavy machinery management and maintenance.

Xeoma camera software offers Safety Gear Detector that can recognize safety helmets and aid in higher safety levels in electrical works

Electrical work

In electrical works, proper outfit complying with health and safety recommendations can save lives. This is where Xeoma’s new Detector of Construction Site Safety can also be used effectively.

Xeoma camera software has the Safety Gear Detector module that can recognize safety helmets and prevent accidents in roadwork and parking jobs

Roadwork, parking

Roadworks and vehicle-connected works are often associated with high health risks. Detector of Construction Site Safety can help provide safety by detecting absence of helmets and work outfit in workers and notifying supervisors.


Safety Gear Detector works fully standalone, on your computer and saves network bandwidth by not sending images to a Cloud
Saves bandwidth:
All done on your machine, no need to connect to any cloud servers.
Recognition of whether a person in camera has a helmet on happens in realtime video streams
Realtime video:
Works with real-time video streams. The more fps, the better!
One license will open up the options to detect or not detect safety helmets and work outfits in camera sight
One-time payment. Two outfit items in one package. See affordable prices



Detection of helmets or work uniforms in the “Detector of Construction Site Safety” of the Xeoma camera software is fully automated. Just connect the module into the chain after the camera module and select the outfit elements to watch for, and whether you want the system to react or ignore these types.

The objects recognized by the intellectual module “Detector of Construction Site Safety”: helmets, construction clothing etc., will also be displayed in the interface of the program. With this function the security system operator will immediately be able to determine in which area the detector was triggered and which of the employees does not comply with the safety rules at the construction site.

The “Detector of Construction Site Safety” module can work in combination with other Xeoma’s video analytics modules. For example, the “Face Recognition” module will find people’s faces in the camera frame which will help you identify the persons without proper work outfit.

The Safety Gear recognizing module in Xeoma camera software will find helmets and work clothing in the camera's view

No special equipment required – regular commonly available off-shelf computers can be used.
No special camera required – any brand or model supporting standard streaming protocols can be used. Just make sure that the image is clear.

A wide range of supported operating systems: the module will work in 64-bit Windows, Linux or Mac OSX machines. See list of supported operating systems here
Not available for Linux/ARM systems. Contact us if you need it for an unsupported OS.


Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program In addition to the “Building Safety Detector”, other Xeoma modules can be useful for ensuring safety at the construction site:

Safety gear detector in Xeoma camera software can be used with face recognition moduleXeoma’s Face Recognition module for automatically receiving information about the identity of people who violate safety precautions. Possibility of integration with systems of accounting of working hours and penalties.

Helmets detector in Xeoma camera software can be used with vehicle license plate recognition module «Automatic Number Plate Recognition» will determine the state registration number plates of cars approaching the construction site.

Timelapse video is a great representation of the building erection process The effect of accelerated video (“time lapse”) using a simple archive recording is an excellent marketing and statistical material.

Look for detailed information about these and other features in the Support section.



1. Download from the official web page and launch Xeoma camera software. Make sure your Xeoma is in a trial edition or activate a Xeoma Standard / Xeoma Pro license and the license for the Additional module “Detector of Construction Site Safety”.
2. Add a camera or let Xeoma add a default one for you.
3. Add the “Detector of Construction Site Safety” module in the chain.
4. Select a method to work with – React to selected objects or Not react to selected objects and tick either ‘Safety helmets’ or ‘Work robe’ or both.
5. Set up needed reactions – for example, saving records or ringing a sound alarm, or even a custom reaction.




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Advice from camera software Xeoma Do you need something else, for example, to provide higher level of security in constructions sites or in high-risk jobs? We can develop it and add it into Xeoma as the paid development. See details

June 3, 2020

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