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Security in Mexico: VSaaS as a safety tool for everyone

Security in Mexico with video surveillance software Xeoma

The first and major role of all video surveillance systems is providing security and ensuring safety for citizens. Let’s review Mexico and its security measures as an example: what issues do we have here and how can video surveillance systems help resolve them.

Organized crime pose the biggest threat to Mexico’s security. It’s not uncommon to become a victim in a crossfire in broad daylight in Mexico. The government and local authorities enforce safety regulations year by year to rise the security level in the country, and video surveillance systems are one of the safety tools among a large set of other measures.

Consumption of residential and physical protection products has been significantly increased in Mexico over the recent years, and safety standards to protect lives, reduce labor risk levels, and create an industrial safety culture are evolving.

Xeoma – safety tool with intellectual features, based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, is perfectly adjusted to these raised safety standards, and its notification methods allow repidly respond to different kinds of threats.

Xeoma CCTV software offers various editions for any budget and goals: from Free to Pro edition, so everyone in Mexico can afford this cost-effective, yet powerful safety tool. VSaaS – another trend that allows to save money on purchase of equipment or video surveillance services.

Xeoma offers these two both VSaaS options:

Xeoma Cloud solution is designed to cut down expenses on your equipment maintenance. Xeoma runs on our cloud server, and you connect your cameras there. No load, no maintenance, and fewer bills for electricity! All you need is a CCTV camera and a stable Internet connection.

License Rent – pay for using Xeoma licenses 10 times less than a regular price!

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico

Pay for Xeoma licenses or Additional modules only when you need them. Going on holiday and want to be sure that your home is well secured? Then rent Xeoma video surveillance software licenses on a monthly subscription basis. Do you need a specific feature or Additional module only for a few days of the month? Take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and rent Xeoma licenses daily!

Having dozens of AI-powered modules, Xeoma offers various application scenarios. Everyone who wants to protect their property, and even more, will find all the instruments to solve their tasks in Xeoma. By the way, Xeoma perpetual licenses are also very beneficial: they are lifetime-valid, don’t require updates and can be used on the latest version of Xeoma available for them as long as you need. Xeoma license is required only for the server-part, and the number of clients is not limited: you can connect from multiple client devises to view your cameras’ stream and remotely control the situation in the monitored area.

Safety tools for residential and business sectors in Mexico include:

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico CCTV

Xeoma video surveillance software is compatible with 99% of cameras brands on the market, including Chinese “no name” cameras. Simply choose any camera you want to use (or already have), and connect it to Xeoma. We recommned opting for ONVIF-compliant cameras. This protocol is actively used in Xeoma, providing camera’s stable work, integration with embedded detectors and other useful features. However, several camera brands only work with their own software, not supporting any third-party software, including Xeoma. So please consult this section if you haven’t chosen your cameras yet.

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Access control solutions

Video surveillance cameras, coupled with access card readers, gate barriers, turnstiles allow automating access for authorized persons to the monitored areas. Xeoma offers different modules for various application scenarios:

Face recognition – the module can work, using Statistical analysis and Artificial intelligence recognition methods. Train the module to recognize people that are allowed to enter the protected facility (house, enterprise, factory etc.) and create a special “white” list, permitting these people to enter the monitored area. Also, you can create a “stop list” for people that are not allowed to enter your facility, and whose appearance in the guarded territory requires immediate reaction from the police. Also, may be relevant when CCTV cameras catch missing or wanted criminals. The combination of the Face detector and the Application runner can be used in such a scenario, when a missing or wanted person is found in the camera’s view, the application runner will send a command to call the police, simultaneously sending a picture of the found person to email.

Automatic number plate recognition module works in a similar scheme: the module can be integrated with gate barriers and send commands to open or close them when Xeoma detects license plates from special lists: allow or deny access to the monitored facility for the specified list of cars. Integrate Xeoma with police databases and get notifications when Xeoma detects a number plate of a stolen car and quickly respond to the situation, not letting the robber go.

Smart card reader: this module receives information about the cardholder from Omnikey access card readers and passes it further along the chain to the Face ID module to compare the photo from the database with the face of the person in the camera’s view. Perfectly fits to automate access control in enterprises with restricted entry system.

QR code recognition: this module scans the camera picture for a QR code. This module is usually used along with the FaceID module to compare the face in camera view with a face of the person identified by that QR code.

Security in Mexico with video surveillance software Xeoma


Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Perimeter protection and surveillance

In addition to the listed above modules, Xeoma offers other options to secure your perimeter:

The Drone detector module can be used to detect drones on your private territory. Xeoma sends you notifications as soon as a drone is detected on your territory, thus helping you protect yourself from being persecuted. This feature is also relevant for securing the territory of restricted premises, such as prisons. Drones are often used to transport prohibited goods, so the drone detector will help fight such violations.

Rif+ – is another module designed to protect territories of high security facilities. It works in conjunction with the “RIF Plus” software produced by the START-7 company, which collects information from a variety of security devices, such as sensors, alarms, barriers, detection equipment serving the perimeter, etc. The Rif+ module receives this data, displays it in the settings and is triggered by fixing a certain state of the device.

The Sound events detector recognizes different sound types: breaking glass, gunshots, screams, which can be useful not only in ensuring your premises safety, but also maintaining streets security as well.

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Alarms:

Xeoma provides different options for sending alarms in situations which require immediate response from your side:

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico

The Sound alarm module can play the specific sound on the server and on the client to attract your attention or to bring fear to an intruder and let them know that they are caught red-handed.

The Mobile notifications module sends immediate notifications to your mobile device about incidents in the monitored area, so you could promptly react to the situation.

SMS and Email sending modules are designed to send you alarms about the triggered filter modules via email and SMS, so any event in the monitored area won’t be left unattended.

Panic button – is an option of pre-set reactions to the programmable event. How it works: the “Button Switcher” module works in combination with the “HTTP Sender” module that sends the signal to the authority or to any emergency services. It can even trigger a live video feed to the police station that is responsible for the property.

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Smart home systems

Nowadays, smart homes are gaining popularity across the globe, and Xeoma will help you have such a system at home and make it affordable for everyone, without the need to spend money on additional devices. All you need is video surveillance cameras and Xeoma CCTV software.

The main purpose of smart-home systems in terms of ensuring safety and security is sending alerts or running 3rd party solutions to call relevant services or to automatically launch pre-set reactions.

The Motion detector in combination with the Application runner will automatically make a call to a private security agency or the police in case motion is detected in your home, while nobody should be present there, for example when you are on a holiday. This will help apprehend the сriminal as soon as possible.

Use the Cross-Line detector to get alerts that somebody crossed your home’s territory, to detect a criminal and quickly react to the situation.

The Slip and fall detector sees if a person has fainted or slid down the wall. Use the module in combination with the Application runner and protect your elderly relatives: if such an incident occurs, Xeoma will send you a notification or even make an emergency call.

One of the biggest threats to someone’s property is a fire, and Xeoma can help here, too. There are two ways to detect a fire in Xeoma: the Smoke detector can detect both fire and smoke, allowing you to take immediate actions to deal with an emergency situation before it causes tragic consequences.

Xeoma – is the state-of-the art software, which can be integrated with 3rd party solutions with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility. API in Xeoma has a set of means designed to facilitate integration with third-party systems, or applications, or services. Use the Application runner module to run a third-party application, macro or script.

Using Modbus controllers, HTTP request sender and Application runner modules, you can set up different reactions to filter-modules triggering: call the police or fire brigade, or run a 3rd party application. Find more here.

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Workplace Protection and Safety

Workplace safety is a significant concern, too. Work-related incidents take many lives each year in Mexico. The industries that have recorded the most accidental deaths are: transportation (trucking, passenger transportation), construction (residential, non-residential, and civil engineering), and professional and technical services.

Xeoma has designed several intellectual modules that can be used in these sectors to help reduce emergency situations. The Construction site safety module tracks absence of safety gear at the construction site and notifies authorized personnel about breaking safety rules at the site.

If we speak about factories with tremendous mechanisms that can potentially cause damage to human life, the Cross-Line detector and Sound alarm modules will help eliminate such situations. Each time a person is detected in a dangerous zone, an alarm will be played to notify authorized personnel to quickly respond to a threat, simultaneously warning the intruder of the risk.

To ensure safety on public transport, use the Crowd detector to detect passengers not keeping the social distance, the Mask detector to track those not wearing a facial mask, and the Detector of abandoned objects that constantly scans the area for any unattended item, thus allowing to prevent terror acts.

Xeoma VsaaS solution for everyone in Mexico Road safety

Security in Mexico with video surveillance software Xeoma

Xeoma is widely used in Safe city projects, as road safety is one of the priorities in our everyday life. To detect road safety violations, you can use the Cross-Line detector to catch cars that cross the solid line or park in forbidden zones.

The Color recognition module can be used to detect cars passing on red light, and combined with the ANPR module, Xeoma can recognize those vehicle license plates and impose fines.

The Parking spots module helps to track free and occupied parking spaces at parking lots, getting notifications and displaying the actual the information on the scoreboard. Can be used to detect parking in restricted areas, too.

Recognize potentially dangerous or aggressive people to have an opportunity to immediately react to a sudden outburst of aggression, using the Emotion detector by Xeoma, which recognizes 7 human emotions, including anger, and the Sound events detector to get alerts in case of screams or gunshots detection.

As you can see, Xeoma is a state-of-art multifunctional VSaaS solution for everyone in Mexico: it can ensure security in all sectors we want to feel safe in: from private territory to large enterprises and government institutions. Its pricing policy allows everyone in Mexico to be a part of the modern world of high technologies and proactively influence the quality and safety of their lives.




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March 7, 2023

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