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Why is my PTZ reaction so slow?

Q1: Why is my PTZ reaction so slow?

A1: First thing to check is whether you have the box Enable buffering of the stream checked in the Universal Camera module settings for this camera.
If it is, you should know that it changes is the latency between an event actually occurring and you seeing it on screen. When you press the PTZ control – the camera actually moves instantly, but the picture for the stream arrives slightly later. This is a feature of buffering – it allows you to smooth out a stream at the cost of some latency.
If having slower PTZ reaction outweighs the smoothing effect of buffering, consider unchecking the box and getting rid of the buffering.

Q2: When I click a rotation arrow in PTZ control the camera moves 45 degrees. It used to be around 5 degrees before I moved camera to a slower network.

A2: Aiding to better connection speed would be the best you can do. Please check if you could do anything to provide better connection speed to the camera for it to be able to react and respond faster (and move slower).
Also, you could try to set a limitation of the so-called “PTZ step” in camera’s web admin page (outside of Xeoma). Set it to a lower value to see if it helps.
Different PTZ cameras provide different PTZ mechanisms, so trying another PTZ camera might help get more exact control of rotation.

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