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Why are not all cameras shown in Web Server browser interface?

Q: I have 4 cameras and in all 4 I have added the WEB server to the configuration. However, when I open the website only the CAM4, the last camera is shown. What I did wrong?

A: Here’s some things you can check:
1) there are 2 ways to connect Web Servers:

Directly to a camera:

Or through some other filter modules:

If you’re using the 1st method, the video stream will reach Web Server always.
In the 2nd method, the stream will only reach the Web Server (and web page) if the filter module before them allow that.

If you see the Not skipping sign in yellow letters in the filter modules’ settings, the video stream does not reach the following modules (in our case the Web Server module):

Both methods are OK for Xeoma. The 2nd method only tells Xeoma that you want to see video from this camera in web page only when it is triggered by filter modules. If you want to see them always instead, please re-connect the Web Server module straight to a camera.

2) Make sure that you’re using the common link in Web Server settings. There are several links there but only this one will show you all cameras that have Web Server modules connected.

See if any of these help and let us know the results.