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Video surveillance in microfinancing institutions


money_in_hands MFIs, microfinancing organizations, microloans – these words are familiar almost to everyone. We see signboards like «Quick money», «Easy money», «Fast Loan registration» more and more often these days. Microfinancing institutions meet you at every turn. This business is developing very fast, and video surveillance can help to develop it even better.

An integral part of any video surveillance system is real-time video and archive recording. Both will be an important part of microfinancing institution’s workflow. First off, real-time video from cameras will help to evaluate empoyees’ work and organizational setting. And secondly, archive recordings will help to resolve issues, increase service quality, collect marketing information (gender, age and other characteristics of clients flow), and avoid any kind of fraud.

Xeoma modules application in microfinancing institutions

universal_camera_module_icon motion_detector_module_icon visitors_counter_module_icon sound_alarm_module_icon sending_sms_module_icon email_sending_module_icon face_recognition_module_icon smoke_detector_module_icon emotions_detector_module_icon face_id_module_icon smart_card_reader_module_icon qr_code_recognition_module_icon

There’s flexible modular system in Xeoma that helps to create both professional and basic video surveillance.

«Motion detector» traces any movement in the highlighted area. Also, you can use search by motion in the archive to review only necessary parts of archive recordings. This will save space and enhance efficiency of the video surveillance system.

Such intellectual modules as «Smart card reader», «QR code recognition» and «Face ID» together will be helpful with automatic employees access that will save time and resources of the company.

Additional module «Emotion detector» based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning will help to increase service quality and also monitor the atmosphere in the team, recognizing the emotions of employees and customers.

«Sound detector» and «Problems detector» will help to avoid break-ins notifying necessary departments by means of notification modules («SMS Sending» and «Email» sending), as well as turning on emergency system («Sound on the Client/Server»).

«Smoke detector» for its part will protect from fire outbreak notifying the fire service or turning on fire-extinguishing system when it works in conjunction with «HTTP request Sender» module.

Intellectual module «Face recognition» will help to find a criminal or a person with a bad credit history, recognizing his/her face from the database. Safety first!

And «Visitors counter» will count the exact number of customers, which can help to evaluate the customers flow and identify the effectiveness of the proposals of certain employees.

Video analytics in Xeoma offers different modules that can be combined with each other, achieving the desired result.

Xeoma will help not only to follow what is happening in the company, but also to increase sales through innovative opportunities.

August 23, 2019

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