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Residential complex: video surveillance installation


Residential complex unites a large number of residents with the different upbringing level in one territory. Both residents in new and longstanding buildings face the same problems: conflicts with neighbors, private property damage, graffiti, garbage in the entrance halls, scramble for parking lots, and many other unpleasant things. The video surveillance installation will make the residential complex more secure and will help deal with most of these problems, and most importantly – secure housing from intruders.

The essential tasks that the video security can solve:

  • Internal and external territory control, unauthorized penetration prevention;
  • Control over children playing in he yard’s playground;
  • Control over parking lots;
  • Theft and vandalism prevention on the territory of the residential complex;
  • Equipment’s state and metered values control;
  • Safety and living comfort increase.
  • What can be done?

    The optimal solution for providing residential complexes with security will be the installation of an integrated video security system consisting of cameras for external and internal surveillance. Video surveillance installation is necessary in places of increased risk of robbery, theft or other actions directed against private property. After video surveillance installation none of them will escape observation.

    CCTV installation begins in the courtyard: parking lots, sports and playgrounds, the territory at the entrance. Inside the buildings the cameras are installed in the hall, staircase landings, elevators.

    With the help of Xeoma, video security becomes simple and fascinating. To schedule the recording, set the “Schedule” module, in the settings of which you can set the desired schedule for recording. If you installed the “Motion Detector”module in the modules chain, the recording will be performed only when motion is detected.

    Using the “Web Server” module, the stream from the surveillance cameras will be displayed on a web page, access to which is provided to all tenants of the residential complex. Every apartment owner can get in the site, for example, to check the condition of his car in the parking lot in real time. Parents can always connect to the camera installed on the playground, as well residents who have left on vacation still will be able to control their apartments.

    Xeoma will help integrate the video surveillance system with fire and burglar alarm by sending sound alarm or text messages in emergency situations by means of the modules “Problem Detector” and “SMS sending“. An additional function of the system is to control the activities of contracting firms and management companies.

    Everyone who wants to be sure of their safety and be able to control the situation, will appreciate all benefits of Xeoma.

    March, 23 2017

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