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VSaaS, the breakthrough safety tool that everyone in India can afford!

VSaaS in India

If we take a look at the crime rate in India, we will get nervous about our safety. Is there a way to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of a crime? Luckily, there is – installation of video surveillance cameras is one of the most important preventive measures. Indeed, taking safety precautions is better than thinking about the probability of a crime in your area.

Reasons for choosing video surveillance systems as one of the major safety tools in India:

VSaaS in India

  • Deterring factor
  • Evidently, criminals don’t want to be caught by the police, so crimes usually happen less frequently in places equipped with surveillance cameras.

  • Reliable source of information
  • Courts allow using video surveillance camera footage as evidence, so crime investigations are faster to resolve, when there are recordings from a cctv camera – an incorruptible witness.

  • Faster response to an urgent situation
  • Modern video surveillance programs, such as Xeoma, have different analytical features. For example, Sound events detector module in Xeoma detects such sounds as screams, glass break, gunshots, and others. When the module is triggered, it sends a notification to authorities, thus allowing them to respond quickly to an incident and apprehend a criminal or at least follow their route.

  • Affordable prices
  • When you decide to install a cctv system, the first thought might be: video surveillance with powerful video analytics must be too expensive. But not with Xeoma! Xeoma software for surveillance cameras offers products for various budgets.

  • Works even without hardware!

  • Nowadays, many services tend to move to the cloud, and Xeoma is one of the modern solutions for that. Xeoma VSaaS allows users to remotely record, store, play, monitor, and manage CCTV footage in the cloud. Xeoma Cloud is just the VSaaS that everyone in India can afford!

    Xeoma Cloud prices start at $0.75 per camera a month. Prices vary, depending on the resolution, bitrate, and days of storage. By changing these parameters, you can select a tariff that will suit you.

    All Xeoma functions, available in the server-based version, can be used in Xeoma Cloud mode, but there are also super popular no-frills tariffs – a suite of 24/7 recording and motion detection, ideal for monitoring areas where motion is not so frequent, so each motion detected will be assumed as a potential threat.

    Affordable VSaaS in India

    If we speak about Xeoma features, it has an extensive set of diverse modules, designed to solve numerous safety tasks for large enterprises, as well as common video surveillance requests in small systems. Enriched with AI modules, Xeoma can cover practically all users’ needs.

    Safety tools, relevant in public and private places, governmental and industrial institutions:

    Affordable VSaaS in India

    Smoke and fire detection can detect smoke and fire. Reaction modules, such as, for example Application runner can call a fire brigade, and Mobile notifications or SMS sending modules will send notifications to corresponding authorities.

    Detection of abandoned objects can detect unattended objects and prevent a terror attack.

    Intrusion detection helps detect intruders (unauthorized people, cars, animals, or even drones) in the restricted area. There are numerous modules to detect intrusion of different types: Face recognition, Motion detection, Object type recognition, License plate recognition, Sea birds detector, and more.

    Сonstruction site safety helps ensure the compliance with health and safety regulations at a construction site.

    Vehicle speed detector detects cars exceeding speed limit. May be used in the framework of Safe city projects.

    Сolor recognition
    can be used in conjunction with the License plate recognition to detect cars, driving through a red light.

    Mask detector will catch people wearing or not wearing a facial mask, which is highly relevant in hospitals or in other public places during a pandemic.

    Drone and airplane recognition
    helps keep both airports and private territory secure and safe.

    Slip and fall detection is widely used in hospitals and in smart-home systems, helping detect fallen people and providing them with relevant help.

    Affordable VSaaS in India

    Access automation for business, medical facilities, and private sector:

    In addition to detecting specified events or objects, video surveillance can also be used to automate routine tasks such as access control, thereby helping (or even replacing) security guards. Surprisingly, this can also be implemented in Xeoma Cloud VSaaS!

    License plate recognition in conjunction with HTTP request sender can open a barrier, allowing access for cars from the white list, which is helpful for enterprises and houses, where only authorized cars can access the territory.

    Parking spots module is useful for parking loads, helping to automatically detect free or occupied parking lots.

    Face recognition, QR code recognition and Face ID modules will provide access to the restricted zone only to authorized people.

    Raising revenue and improving client service for business:

    Xeoma Cloud VSaaS can be successfully used for marketing purposes: its AI-powered modules give the opportunity to create proper advertising strategy, pricing, and analyze the statistics on the success of marketing efforts.

    Emotions detector in Xeoma helps to analyze the quality of service provided

    Emotion recognition will show customer satisfaction with the service or with the products in your store. Also applicable in government agencies that provide services to citizens.This feature allows you to analyze behavior and emotions and estimate the level of service provided.

    Gender recognition, Age recognition, Eye tracking modules help analyze potential customers’ preferences and decisions, which gives the opportunity to create proper advertising strategy, pricing, and analyze other marketing areas.

    Crowd detection module will find queues in stores, and Visitors counter will help analyze customer traffic and compare the number of cheques with the number of visitors.

    Xeoma Cloud mode allows you to use all these and other Xeoma features at very affordable prices. In addition to this, you don’t need to buy and maintain expensive servers: we take care of these costs. You just need a video surveillance camera and a stable internet connection to connect to our Cloud server and view and manage your recordings. All load, maintenance, and updates are taken up by our servers.

    Xeoma Cloud VSaaS can be used in combination with the server-based Xeoma to transfer your video to the cloud as a backup.

    Another way to save your money is the opportunity to rent Xeoma licenses: choosing this option, you can use Xeoma on a monthly subscription basis and pay 10 times less than the full price for the perpetual license.

    You can view all these anf other lifehacks in our videos and articles.




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    As you can see, the Xeoma team developed a really encouraging pricing policy, allowing all people in India to have a breakthrough safety tool. Xeoma Cloud is that VSaaS which gives you the opportunity to launch a cctv sysytem, which is very convenient and affordable in all countries all over the world, including India.

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    26 October, 2022
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