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Home’s weak points and protection

Make your home security alarm system easier with Xeoma We all know the proverb “my house is my castle”, however, is that so nowadays? Many of modern houses are now equipped with the latest home security alarm systems, but it is important to put the security system in the right place in your house. How can you find the right place? There are several tips that can help you.

First of all, have a look at your windows and doors. You should pay attention not only to the main floor, but also second floor windows, back doors and even basement windows. You can do this by installing the alarm system at home. In fact, it doesn’t really stop anyone from breaking in. However, it makes your home less desired. The weakest point of the alarm is that the blaring happens after the entrance. In this way, an alarm is mostly about peace of mind; if something does happen, help will be on the way.

Lightning is also important. Make sure that you front door and backyard have a good lightning so the thieves can’t easily hide. Applying even simple home security alarm systems will help you to protect your “castle”. Also trim the bushes around your house so the thieves can’t use it as the hiding place.

We all now live in a modern society and we share our emotions via Facebook and Instagram. When you are going on vacation for a long time do not broadcast where you are now. Thieves can monitor your Facebook statuses and when you will be out for your trip your house can be robbed.

However, we do not say that modern gadgets are bad. Your phone can help you to guide your house when you are out. You can install security cameras to see anyone who attempts to enter your house. Just imagine that you are on vacation somewhere far away from the city you are living in and you have the possibility to watch online what is going on in your house. Sound good, doesn’t it? If you see something unusual you can contact your neighbors or simply call the police.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the question what software to install many people are scared because of the variety and complexity of the home security alarm systems. We can offer you the video surveillance software, which is easier than children’s construction set. It works with all types of cameras and can work on a variety of operating systems. You can try it now and see for yourself.

7 March 2014