Xeoma: software of permanent video surveillance novelties

Xeoma is not simply cutting-edge video surveillance software with hundreds of professional features. What makes Xeoma different is its continuous development. Xeoma continues to stay around the curve of technological progress utilizing most recent video surveillance novelties and realizing the most challenging progressive features.

A few examples:

Face Recognition feature in Xeoma Having successfully launched the Face Recognition feature, it went further. Next there was fine tuned to be used in access control systems for example, ones where face in camera image needs to be compared to faces in ID card (reading of chip or QR code). Emotions recognition is next in line.

PTZ Tracking module After PTZ tracking has been added to Xeoma, it was enhanced to work in synchronization with Flexzone motion detection fences in sites with highest level of danger. Now this video surveillance novelty called Senstar PTZ Tracking module is used in jail security industry.

Xeoma Cloud is a VSaaS where subscribers can view their cameras online, save and download recordings, but also use the best of video surveillance novelties – intelligent modules of Xeoma.

Artificial intelligence technology is used in many of the Xeoma’s advanced features:

PTZ tracking
vehicle license plate recognition
face and objects blur
visitors counter
camera grouping
multi-floor eMap
device list
SMS, Email notifications
upload to and from FTP
support for dual streaming
detector of smoke
detector of sound
detector of sabotage
Fisheye dewarping
search in archive by time, zones
integration with external devices
integration with smart home systems
motion detector in zones of any shapes
motion-triggered camera pop-up
motion track visualization
image rotation
detector of crowd
detector of objects
detector of abandoned or missing items
support for PTZ and ePTZ
TLS secure connection
export from archive in various formats
undeletable intervals in recordings
motion detector in zones of any shapes
simultaneous view of several archives
simultaneous export of several archives

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Another way Xeoma stays in tune with novelties in video surveillance is expanding the variety of platforms it can work on. The robust features of Xeoma are available in full under Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Linux ARM-based architecture devices. Free mobile apps available for iOS and Android. Also available browser view in all major browsers.

Xeoma is the perfect example of video surveillance novelties

By choosing Xeoma you stay on the curve of progress in CCTV and all its latest discoveries.

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