Paid rebranding and customization for Xeoma software

Xeoma video surveillance software offers you a free utility for rebranding and customization. You can use it to change the program’s name, logo, links, as well as to add information about your company in the About dialog. Basic interface changes are also available such as changing icons, removing menu items, or prohibiting access to certain functions.

But for those who don’t have the time to do the customization themselves, or need more from customization, we offer our VIP customization services.

We do the customization for you. Choose the package:

1-time customization
You get one Xeoma version customized for you, and can use it forever without updating the program.
1-time customization of 1 version for all operating systems (except iOS) – $5999
1-time customization of 1 version for 1 operating system of your choice – $2999 (iOS* also available)
*you need to have a valid AppStore account

1-time customization is carried out just once, no changes can be applied after it is done. To apply changes please purchase another customization.

Customization of versions throughout 1 year
You get a customized product with 1-year-updates.
Customization of versions throughout 1 year for all operating systems (except iOS) – $29999

Customized version without FelenaSoft copyright mentioned
You get a customized version where FelenaSoft and its copyright is not mentioned. In the About dialog you will see “copyrighted by a 3rd party white label” or “this software is created and customized for COMPANY NAME” instead of FelenaSoft. Please pay attention that the copyright for a program is withheld by the FelenaSoft company and is hidden in the software code.

Customization of 1 version without mentioning FelenaSoft for any operating system (except iOS) – $29999

White label customization is a separate service. It doesn’t substitute Xeoma licenses. Customization is not available for the free edition.
By purchasing the paid customization, you acknowledge that Xeoma and its customized versions are a property of the FelenaSoft company and all rights for Xeoma and its customized versions are reserved by FelenaSoft. You agree to have a customized version with the hidden FelenaSoft copyright.
You are held responsible for the brand and product name that you choose for customization, and you acknowledge that they both do not infringe on other parties’ rights and do not break any laws.