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Bulk discounts for resellers and for manufacturers

Xeoma offers a very beneficial partner program for resellers and for manufacturers of video surveillance equipment (IP cameras, NVRs, DVRs, tablets, smartphones, micro computers, smart home systems, etc).

You can include Xeoma into bundle to sell with your equipment, and get our special individually set bulk discounts. Or use Xeoma’s free version with no addition to the product’s cost.

For example, for IP cameras Xeoma can be primary software or an additional CMS with more features, or a backup Cloud storage.
For DVRs or NVRs you can use Xeoma as main software for processing cameras.
For tablets and smartphones, you can pre-install Xeoma to offer your clients more apps and more benefits.
For smart home systems, Xeoma can be a great addition to home automation and security for example as smoke or intruder detection.

Xeoma for manufacturers of video surveillance equipment
Choose between Xeoma Lite, Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro, or Xeoma Cloud to embed to and sell with your equipment. Besides professional and enterprise-level software you will also get bulk discounts for manufacturers.

Xeoma bulk discounts are flexible and depend on:
a) payment method. We support payments through bank transfer, PayPal, MyCommerce (electronic payments and credit and debit cards).
b) volume of purchase. Contact us to discuss what beneficial conditions we can offer you for your projects!

xeoma_software_advices Try Xeoma’s unique Free rebranding to change Xeoma’s look with your company’s name, logo, links and overall design.

Where do I start?
If you want to sell equipment with Xeoma in bundle, and get our bulk discounts, please contact us.
We provide free help on integration into your products, full support and personal approach for manufacturers.

Xeoma’s affordable price and high-level set of functions will make your product stand out!

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