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Video surveillance for condominium


According to Wikipedia: A condominium is a type of living space similar to an apartment but independently sellable and therefore regarded as real estate. The condominium building structure is divided into several units that are each separately owned, surrounded by common areas that are jointly owned. Condominiums are a type of common-interest development (CID). Similar concepts in other English-speaking countries include strata title in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and the Canadian province of British Columbia; commonhold in England and Wales; and sectional title in South Africa.

A condominium, more commonly known as a condo, is a property complex. And as any private territory, it often requires video surveillance to keep the perimeter safe.

In order to do that a multifunctional and reliable video surveillance software is required. In this article we’ll review cctv software Xeoma that will be perfect for condominium video surveillance.

Perfect cctv for condo

Main functionality that the perfect video surveillance system for condo should have is:

– 24/7 recording,
– self-monitoring system (performance/health monitoring tools),
– display of live-cameras and archives remotely from any device (phone, tablet, PC, laptop etc.).

Xeoma has it all and even more!

Settings up Xeoma in 3 easy steps

Xeoma is the perfect video surveillance for condominiumAll you need to do to create a video surveillance system in a condo by means of Xeoma is:

1. Download Xeoma video surveillance software and test it (Trial version allows to test all Xeoma’s modules and features. Settings will be reset in 8 hours and after the program restarts)
2. Purchase a license to fit your needs: choose between Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro editions (depends on your requirements).
3. Launch Xeoma, activate your license via Main menu – Registration – Activate, add your cameras via “+” menu, and setup modules.

That’s it, there you have your own video surveillance system in your condo!

More features to use in Xeoma

As a multifunctional cctv software that supports 99% of all cameras in the market, Xeoma also has a wide range of modules and features that can be used in video surveillance systems for condominiums. Such as:

  • Free mobile applications for iOS and Android. You can use Xeoma on your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device absolutely free of charge.
  • Basic Motion detector module with advanced video surveillance features will be useful for condominium surveillance in terms of capturing a motion event and finding it in the archive recordings.
  • eMap (or also known as “interactive map”) allows to create the electronic map with all cameras. Upload the facility or territory plan to Xeoma and locate security equipment. This way the operator will have quick and easy way to navigate all cameras.
  • Sound alarm module allows the device to play the specified sound upon a trigger. This trigger might be the detected motion, face, sound (glass break, gunshot, scream etc.) and so on.
  • AI-based intellectual module Face recognition can be used in the entrance of each building to create e.g. a video intercom and provide access only to the authorized people.
  • Xeoma has various modules that can be integrated with different devices. E.g. ANPR module can be used to recognize cars’ license plates, and HTTP request sender to integrate with different devices like gate barriers or automatic doors etc. This way a gate barrier can be opened automatically upon recognition of license plates from a ‘white list’.
  • Self-monitoring system in Xeoma is organized by various modules and options including Problems detector module with on-screen diagnostics and automatic notifications.
  • Another useful module is Object recognizer. It allows recognizing various objects including animals, birds, vehicles (buses, motorcycles etc.), drones etc. This way you can detect animals on the territory or cars moving across the forbidden areas.
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can be used to cover each corner of the territory. You can use PTZ Tracking module and PTZ presets option to work with these cameras. These features allow using a PTZ camera and move it automatically to follow a moving object or a preset.
  • Sound events detector is an important tool to recognize and react to different sounds like gunshot, glass break, scream and so on. This way you can have the alarm only when something serious is happening.
  • Need to check multiple archives at once? Xeoma can do that! Synchronized playback of several archives is available in Xeoma Pro. This feature allows to review multiple archives at once and rapidly search for necessary events.
  • Also, you can use our free rebranding utility to create custom software with your own logo, set of modules and features, contact info, design and so on.

This way you can create the perfect video surveillance system for your condominium, strata title, commonhold and sectional title with basic or advanced features and make sure your territory is safe to live a happy life!

Check also: Anti-dumping with Xeoma (PDF):


March, 30 2021

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