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Security camera installation in the shop center


A shop center can become a potential threat for both visitors and trading spaces tenants. The place that is visited by thousands of people daily can become attractive for both terrorists and thieves. To ensure security in such a construction, it is necessary to apply intensive measures, and video surveillance system will become an ideal assistant in this business.

Modern video surveillance systems in a supermarket is the main source of information for:

  • Security services;
  • Marketing specialists who are engaged in increasing sales research;
  • HR department: personnel work evaluation;
  • The head of an enterprise.

    CCTV systems can solve the following tasks:

    – Monitor suspicious strangers and detect abandoned items;
    – Fix offenses, including vandalism acts;
    – Quickly respond to any threats;
    – Keep the public order;
    – Prevent theft of goods by visitors and staff;
    – Control quality of the staff’s work;
    – Control the cashier’s work;
    – Analyze the customer behavior;
    – Improve quality of services to visitors.

    Surveillance systems in a shop center are subject to strict requirements: outdoor cameras should work over a wide temperature range, surveillance cameras for monitoring large areas should have a high resolution, as well as work in conditions of bad light (during hours of darkness, in underground parking lots). To ensure a shopping center with the most effective video surveillance system, it is necessary to integrate it with fire alarms, access control systems, and the ability to recognize license plates.

    With intellectual Xeoma modules, video surveillance is becoming easier and much more efficient. The face detector, license plate recognition, abandoned objects detector, integration with cash registers and many other modules will help maximize the safety of a shopping center. Also Xeoma has implemented the “Smoke detector” function, which means that you can prevent the consequences of fire in the shortest possible time. The “Send SMS” and “Problem detector” modules will immediately notify you if an ignition is detected.

    Depending on the design and size of a shopping center, the number of CCTV cameras can vary, but the surveillance zones are typical for all shopping centers:

    The security camera installation should be carried out in such a way, that they capture the view of the central entrance, as well as the objects located in the entrance group – cash dispensers, stages for customers’ personal belongings. Video cameras must have a high resolution, so that they could identify customers, using the “Face Detector” Xeoma module, and aslo it is important to install them at the level of an average human height.

    Here it is also important to install high-resolution cameras to perform license plate recognition of the entering/leaving vehicles. As a rule, archival recordings are more often used here, when it is necessary to identify those responsible for an accident or identify persons who have committed illegal acts. An important function for parking lot workers will be the ability to search automatically for free parking spaces, which is easy to implement with Xeoma, as well as to search for a car in large parking spaces with the help of licence plate recognition function.

    It is preferable to perform security camera installation in front of a shop center in such a way, as to conduct video surveillance of the entire adjacent territory, including the roof of the building. Video cameras should have a high resolution and excellent image quality. It should be borne in mind, that the most effective video surveillance is provided by a properly selected combination of fixed and PTZ cameras. If you would like a customer to find your shopping center quickly, you can add a video tour into the “Goole Maps” service, which can be recorded with the help of camcorders, installed in front of a building, and Xeoma will help view the video archives from several cameras simultaneously and edit a comprehensive video. Also, using the “Unitor” Xeoma module, you can view the online video stream from several cameras in one window.

    It is very important to monitor the quality and quantity of the delivered goods in this territory. Also it is important to install color video cameras, resolution of which allows you to recognize license plates. It is necessary to orient cameras in such a way as to control the areas adjacent to all goods discharge gates. If you add the “Face Detector” and “Privacy Masking” modules into the chain, the faces of those entering into the video surveillance area will automatically be blurred, which is important if you follow the privacy policy:


    With the help of the “Relay-switch” module or PTZ-tracking you can track the route of a car and control the zones of goods unloading. Also, using the “License plate recognition” module, you can create your own car database, and when you add the “HTTP-switch” module into the chain, you have the opportunity to open the parking barrier automatically in case of recognizing licence plates from your database.

    Security camera installation in commercial galleries should be organized in such a way as to minimize the “blind zones”. For these purposes, “Fisheye” cameras with a wide viewing angle are best suited, and Xeoma will make it easier to view the video stream from such cameras using the “Fisheye dewarping” function. As a rule, technologies develop faster in those areas, where the cycle of money is higher. For example, the “heat floor” technology helps determine the areas with the highest number of customers, and thus determine, which product groups are most demanded. With the help of Xeoma it is also possible to view the “heat map”, and after determining the sex and age of customers, it is much easier to carry out target marketing.

    Xeoma can be integrated with cash registers, which means that if you install video cameras near cash registers, you will eliminate theft by cashiers, providing additional discounts to customers, and also you will have the opportunity to make search in the archive for video records, entering data of bills or credit cards.

    As you can see, Xeoma with its diversity of functions, is always on guard for your security and the welfare of your business.

  • Also watch our video about video surveillance in shopping centers:


    April, 13 2017

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