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Video Surveillance In Retail As Marketing And Sales Tool

When you are thinking of installing video surveillance in your shop, how many different uses can you come up with for it? Security is, of course, the first that comes to mind (both visible and hidden) but is it all the cameras are capable of? Is it not usable as a sales tool? Marketing and sales management analysts disagree.

Modern marketing experts are particularly concerned with demand. What do people want more? Do they know what they want? How do I make sure that they can find exactly what they want (while having a glance at other things they might be interested in)? These are key questions for proper placement on shelves, window displays and stalls. There is a variety of ways to answer these: from simple statistical analysis to questionnaires. Unfortunately, few of them are truly reliable. While trying to process the demand and its intricacies it is imperative to have a lot of accurate raw data. Video surveillance as marketing and sales tool can be used for analysis

And this is exactly where video surveillance shines as a sales tool.

Video surveillance is a powerful marketing and sales tool The cameras overlooking the aisles are inevitably watching the customers while they are browsing the merchandise. Analyzing this footage is a goldmine of valuable information for an experienced marketing and sales expert. Finding out which aisle is visited more often than the others tells us quite reliably what line of merchandise tends to attract more customers. Age and gender of the visitors show whether the marketing experts were right with their predictions for a given line and whether the placement was appropriate. Customers picking up certain merchandise and making inquiries about it signalize about the lack of information on that particular product. Finally, the footage allows to determine returning customers who are the bread and butter of any retail shop.

Video surveillance is capable of becoming a powerful sales tool and a valuable source of information for a concerned shop owner. Getting the very best out of what you have is not just a rare ability but a real necessity in our competitive world of marketing and sales management.

17 September 2016

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