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Smart card reader – access control system in Xeoma.

smart card reader

Front gate entrance is the point that you need to pass to enter the facility. What is the front gate entrance made for? First off, it is a point of security that allows only certain people that have access to enter the building. Access for others is prohibited. Employee admission process should be optimized as much as possible, because even a small delay can cause a long queue. Remember when factories used to have paper registration cards for employees? Employee entered the front gate entrance, signed the paper card, validate the ticket and went into the building. Now such situation is rare to see because almost every facility use modern technologies in the front gate entrance.
Nowadays control access systems join hands with video surveillance systems, so front gate entrance usually use ticket gates with embed smart card reader. Employee uses special pass card with mag-tape where all information is already integrated: job position, department, name and last name and of course photo. This pass card is easily scanned in the smart card reader, and this way the employee can enter the building.

How it works in Xeoma.

“Smart card reader” module can work with different modules. One of the most popular variants is working with “Face ID” module. When employee is photographed for the pass card, his/her photo is already added to the database of video surveillance system Xeoma. This way you have ‘trained’ the module to recognize particular person. Now, when the employee passes through the point of entry, Xeoma compares photos from database with the photos from camera. If everything is fine, then ticket gate opens the access. If Xeoma finds out that the person doesn’t match photos from database, then it’ll send necessary signal to the guard station.

Let’s imagine different situation, for example, employee comes to the medical laboratory where recording is needed constantly. “Smart card reader” can be placed on the door, so the employee inserts the pass card and Xeoma starts recording. Note that if it’s a medical professional and he/she wears medical face mask, then “Face ID” module might experience problems with recognizing and comparing photos with database. In this case we suggest using “HTTP Marking” module. As soon as pass card is inserted and recording is started, Xeoma can apply necessary marking to the recording (i.e. information with employee’s ID). It’ll significantly help with database search if any accident happens.

Such system can be used when someone enters the office for employee’s time and attendance management. Correctly systematized information will show you how much time the employee spent in the office and spent on lunch and ‘coffee breaks’. The system will monitor late arrival or overtime work, this information will be useful with regards to bonuses or disciplinary action. As well as it’ll be a good evidence base in case of troubles.

xeoma_software_advices There are additional modules available for Xeoma Standard and Xeoma Pro licenses, such as “Face recognition (artificial intelligence)”, “Objects recognizer”, “Face ID”, “Search by photo”, “Emotions recognition”, “Smart card reader” and more.

More information in this article: Additional modules in Xeoma.

Why do you need smart card reader?

It’ll help you to reduce the costs of your business, and thus increase profits. Because you’ll be able to work with highly professional employees that work honestly. Concerning enterprise business, the automation system of employees’ passing will help you to reduce the cost of security staff because you’ll need a lot of people to work with the system.

Currently, Xeoma successfully works with ‘Omnikey’ smart card readers. If you have different smart card readers, then please contact us, we’ll be happy to add support for different brands of smart card readers.
Additional modules such as “Smart card reader” can be purchased here.




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