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Measures for Business Security Protection with Xeoma Video surveillance

Security solutions from Xeoma video surveillance to ensure your business security

Paranoia in small doses does not hurt when it comes to business security solutions. Yet minimizing the risks to your business can definitely spin your health out.

When framing a plan of security system for your business you need to consider protection of both sides – physical and digital. Both are very assailable nowadays. So follow our tips to keep your business secure.

1. Write your own Security Policy.

Think of special aspects of your business and make a strict and clear Security Policy. Write official duties for guards and security. Mention areas of limited access, restriction on visitors. Make utterance regarding company property removal, etc.

2. Set up video surveillance.

Use video surveillance to protect your business. Place security cameras in all the areas that need video surveillance. Get a trustworthy video surveillance software Xeoma and set it up. Get notifications to your phone or e-mail, monitor your business remotely from home or when you on a road. Use Xeoma Cloud service to keep all the records in cloud and make it invulnerable in case of robbery.

3. Encrypt hard drives.

System passwords alone are not effective, hard drive can be easily hacked from another computer. To protect your data perform full disk encryption on every computer of your company.

4. Lock up your server room.

Don’t forget to mention in your Security Policy that the server room door should be locked all the time, then set out who has the key or keycode to it.

Remember, an intruder with physical access to the servers, routers, cables and other important devices that are kept in the server room can do vast damage.

5. Back up important data.

Back up all the important data in case disaster happens. But remember that back up discs, disks or tapes can be easily stolen. Keep them locked in a safe or in cloud.

13 May 2015

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