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AI-Powered Video Surveillance for the Oil & Gas industry


The Oil and Gas industry has been very optimistic about implementation of Artificial Intelligence in its enterprises. So far this investment has been objectively justifiable as AI managed to:

  • Improve exploration
  • Optimize operations
  • Reduce costs

Such profound impact is prompted by the fact that any AI model collects, processes and analyses data better than any single human does.

In fact AI opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry are not confined only to that, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

The oil and gas production is a very challenging process. It is scattered over various sites – the chain starts on offshore platforms and rigs, continues to onshore oil wells and through pipelines it reaches refineries. Each of these facilities might become a potential target of trespassing, theft and terrorism. Moreover serious accidents in those remote and often unmanned sites can spring up unexpectedly. That’s where AI Video Surveillance comes into play. Intelligent Video Surveillance evaluates risk much faster and effectively than any operator, which in turn:

  • Improves Worker’s Safety and Security
  • Predicts and prevents spills and accidents
  • Insures early warning of potential risk

Oil and Gas industry facilities belong to top secret premises which means that multiple comprehensive checkpoints are required all round to prevent outsiders from entering the site unnoticed. Xeoma’s Face ID coupled with Smart Card Reader and QR code recognition can make the pass not only safe but also automated, so the security department will be able to optimize its work processes to ensure the overall safety of a company.

Being a worker on oil and gas rigs means having to perform numerous life-threatening tasks during the day – working at heights, at potential hazardous and confined spots with high-risk moving machinery. High risks of falls, injuries, exposure to hazardous substances and many other workplace accidents are attached to the oil and gas industry. That’s why workers and employers have to be sure that all safety regulations are respected. Xeoma’s AI module Detector of Construction Site Safety was specifically designed to provide safety and security at all building sites.

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How Artificial Intelligence reduces hazards of the Oil and Gas industry


Flame and explosion top the list of hazards occurring on the oil and gas sites. Xeoma intelligent detection and analytic system can be customized to:

  • identify any fire or flame in real time
  • detect smoke before it reaches far-off smoke detectors
  • trace and visualize the origin of an event
  • catch and detect the sound of an explosion
  • avoid false triggering

Advanced high-speed processing AI modules Color Detection, Smoke Detector and Sound Events Detector wisely monitor and detect the unique signatures of hazardous conditions in real time even before the alarm goes off, allowing critical time to take action. Fast and prompt notification to employees and authorities is a key to safe lives and minimize the harm of the disaster.

The transportation of oil and gas presents a great challenge to the safety measures and to the environment. There have been a number of allegations made against the oil and gas industry as being not environmentally friendly and green. It is almost impossible to stand a chance of overcoming oil spills since so many players are moving the goalposts in this game – natural disaster, human factor, an incident. However, AI-Driven video surveillance puts a positive spin on the statistics. Spill surveillance can be done both when looking down and from the ground, which will make the processes of the industry more eco-friendly.


Regarding environmental issues, we have to think creatively. The software which initially didn’t claim itself to be eco-friendly can become such. Motion Detector, Object Recognition and Color Detection can aid the oil and gas industry in the environmental cause. The main cause of oil spills are minute cracks in the system. The modules process the image from numerous cameras and make the early detection of oil leaks and minute cracks possible. Intelligent video analytics algorithms assist quick identification of hazard conditions and send the signal to the control room allowing for timely action to avoid and minimize the risks.

AI and Machine Learning have been vigorously transforming the Oil and Gas industry for a while now. We’ve listed only one of many ways how Xeoma AI Video Surveillance keep the industry safe and eco-friendly. Contact us to get more information.

September, 22 2020

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