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Nowadays the term free is often used to refer to things not free at all: for example, to something of low cost, and sometimes even of high cost as well – when the seller considers it a good bargain. Xeoma does it differently: our “free” is exactly what it means – free of charge. Find out how you can get free video surveillance with Xeoma software:

Free version
Xeoma’s free version (free mode) is absolutely free to use. It is not limited by the time of work, and has no hidden payments or advertising.
More than 20 different modules available (including Camera, Schedule, Marking, Motion Detection, Email Sending, Archive and Preview and so on), as well as multiple features (including motion visualization, device list, etc.). Suitable for installations where only basic functions are required, for example, for home video surveillance.
Check our page about the free version of Xeoma video surveillance program and the answers to common questions section.

Optionally, you can purchase a subscription to the Xeoma Cloud service, Xeoma licenses to upgrade your Xeoma to one of the commercial modes and expand the functionality, or the Repeater.

Trial version
The trial version is another Xeoma’s mode of work, also free like the free mode, but more intended for testing all Xeoma features. In this mode, any number of cameras and all modules, including professional ones, are available (the only exception is possibilities associated with storing or processing settings), but the settings are reset within 8 hours and after Xeoma’s restart.
Page about the Trial version | Comparison of all Xeoma modes

Demo Licenses
Companies can request free Xeoma demo licenses and subscriptions to Xeoma Cloud for testing. They are completely free, but they have a validity period and work in limited conditions.

Commercial licenses from special offers
We also have a unique opportunity for you to earn regular commercial Xeoma licenses by simply participating in ongoing promotions. With our special offers, it is easy to get a truly free video surveillance system.

Customer care and technical support
The help of our technical support team is not only effective, but also free of charge. We do not use robotic answers, you always communicate with a real person who is ready to answer your questions fully and correctly. Contact us in a way that is convenient for you.

Customization and rebranding
For those who own Xeoma licenses, as well as for manufacturers and dealers, it is possible to use our free tool to customize Xeoma for your needs. You can change the program’s name, logo, links, design, disable or enable modules, and plenty other things too. You will get your own customized software free of charge and easy.

Software updates
With each Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro license you get not only new unmatched features and privileges, but also a whole year (or three – depending on the license purchased) of free software updates. Get Xeoma’s new features for free!

Save even more with Xeoma

Free video surveillance software
As you can see, free video surveillance is real and quite possible. In addition, here you can find out how else you can save with Xeoma.

Cheaper licenses: Xeoma licenses are up to 10 times more affordable than competitors’. Especially it concerns cost of professional capabilities and video analytics (for example, Face Recognition, LPR or POS solutions). With Xeoma you do not need to purchase separate packages for every professional feature: professional features are included in the Xeoma Pro edition. Also, Xeoma offers volume discount: the “bigger” license you buy, the greater discount you get.

Using free OS: Xeoma runs on a variety of operating systems, including free Linux distributions. Using the free version of Xeoma on a free OS, you get a functional video surveillance system for free.

No professional installation required: Xeoma is simple and flexible owing to its modular architecture. You can create a DIY video surveillance system completely for free, without hiring help. Save on installation engineers, high installation spendings, and wasted time!

Saving on licenses: if you need to use intellectual modules (e.g. ANPR, Face recognition, Smoke detector etc.), you can reduce the cost by purchasing Xeoma Pro licenses only for particular cameras because Standard and Pro licenses summarize! Example: you have 8 cameras and need to use ANPR (license plates recognition) module for 1 camera only, also you need to review all archives simultaneously (also a Pro feature). In this case you can save a lot because there’s no need to purchase Xeoma Pro license for 8 cameras, you can purchase Xeoma Pro license for 1 camera to have ANPR module (for 1 camera) and simultaneous archive view for all cameras + Xeoma Standard license for 7 cameras to have 8 cameras in total. It’ll be much cheaper than purchasing all cameras in Pro mode. And you can purchase additional AI-based modules as well (they can be activated alongside Standard or Pro perpetual licenses), so this way it might be cheaper than purchasing all-in-one licenses like Pro.

Also, there’s a cost-efficient Xeoma Starter mode available in Xeoma e.g. for home video surveillance. It allows connecting up to 1000 cameras on preview and 2 to record into archive. It costs only as low as $5.95. Prices can be checked here.

Saving on cameras: Xeoma has a phenomenal range of compatible cameras. Supported are more than a thousand cameras of different types, manufacturers, models. Thanks to this variety, you are not limited to a certain line of cameras, you are free to choose the one that suits you in terms of characteristics and budget.

Saving on equipment: thanks to the advanced algorithms and flexibility of settings, Xeoma can process several times more cameras on the same equipment than competitors. This means that hardware requirements will be lower, and can be bought for a lower cost.
See the system requirements calculator
In addition, as noted above, with Xeoma’s “buy more – pay less” principle, you get volume discount for Xeoma licenses. Connect more cameras to a single server and get a more economical Xeoma license.
Compare prices here.

As you can see, free video surveillance is not a myth. If you want to get free video surveillance for free without tricks or hidden payments, choose a modern and multifunctional program for video surveillance called Xeoma.

See also this video about free video surveillance with Xeoma:

May 29, 2018; Updated: April 20, 2021

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