PTZ troubleshooting

If you’re experiencing an issue with getting the PTZ controls work for your PTZ camera in Xeoma, here’s a couple of things to check:

1) Check if PTZ works in camera’s admin page or not.
2) Check “Universal camera” module’s settings and try different preview URLs to check if one of them provides PTZ.

3) Can you see PTZ option there? (bottom part of the module’s settings). Also try entering different ports.

4) Remove this camera and re-scan it with the “Simple search for local cameras” via “+” menu, sometimes it helps.

5) If the camera supports ONVIF, please make sure that it is enabled in the camera settings, and re-scan.

6) For some cameras special actions are required. For example, for Hikvision DS-2DE3304W-DE enable “Hikvision-CGI” and set the authentication to “digest/basic”. Enabling ONVIF and creating an ONVIF user with your camera’s user/password credentials might be also required. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to the admin page of your camera.
  • Go to “Settings” – “Network” – “Integration protocol”.
  • Check the “Enable ONVIF” box.
  • Next, create an ONVIF user with a name and password different from your main account.
  • Reconnect the camera to Xeoma.
  • 7) If you can’t find the PTZ control buttons in the iPhone app, then use the “Web Server” module (the joystick is the same as in the application interface). Because at the moment there is no built-in joystick in the application. Notice that Xeoma Pro for at least 1 camera will be required.

    March, 6 2018

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