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Visitors Counter in Xeoma

face_detector_icon “Visitors Counter” is a unique function that allows you to effectively analyze the footfall traffic for your shop, showroom or your office attendance.

Start by inserting the module “Visitors Counter” after the “Motion Detector” in your chain.


Mark the entrance with a line (simply draw it with the brush tool), which visitors would have to cross in order to be counted.


You can adjust the module “Visitors Counter” in order to facilitate data collection. You can choose the counting method (1- or 2-directional) and the interval for the counter’s resetting. 1-directional method will count every single time the line is crossed (useful when people always move in the same direction). 2-directional method, on the other hand, only counts every second crossing of the line as 1 visitor (useful for keeping track of people exiting and entering through the same door).

Also you are free to save the data collected in a CSV report, which can show you what time the visitors entered or exited. This is especially useful for keeping statistical data and sending it to external software for detailed analysis.


To reach maximum efficiency in counting the visitors, we recommend installing the camera perpendicular to the floor, right over the entering or exiting people. This helps to avoid any false triggering of the counter due to image projection.

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