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June, 25 2019: New website enhancement

The Frequently Asked Questions section enhanced

Finding answers to questions you have about Xeoma has become easier now. Special sections grouped by theme have been added thus making it easier to find the question and the answer to it. Check the improved F.A.Q.


June, 20 2019: New video

GPIO module in Xeoma

What do GPIO pins look like? We’ll review Raspberry Pi as an example in this video and show you how you can create flexible “Smart home” system based on microPC and Xeoma. Check more here


June, 19 2019: New article

Object recognizer in Xeoma.

Intellectual module «Object recognizer» is based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. This module can recognize selected type of objects in camera’s field of view (car, animal etc.). Read more here.


June, 18 2019: New video

Timelapse in Xeoma

Always wanted to check key moments of your archive but didn’t know how? It’s really easy! New function timelapse (effect of speeded playback) is already available in Xeoma. Check more information and find other ways to get the timelapse effect with Xeoma in our video


June, 17 2019: New article

Rent of the license is the best way to launch a new project

You want to try Xeoma in your large object, but you don’t want to make a big-volume purchase of licenses at once? You want to start your video surveillance project, but you do not have the start-up budget? Then rent of the license is what you need! Rent of Xeoma licenses is a unique chance to launch your video surveillance project, while paying 10 times less than the cost of a regular Xeoma license. Read more


June, 13 2019: New article

GPIO module in Xeoma

GPIO pins are now available in Xeoma. GPIO interface on microPCs (such as Raspberry Pi etc.). Create “Smart home” house control system on your own! Read more


June, 10 2019: New special offer

Up to 30% off for Xeoma’s Additional modules

Up until July, 31 you can buy Xeoma’s Additional modules with up to 30% discount! Don’t miss a chance to get Artificial-Intelligence-based features with a great discount during the summer sale. Read more here


June, 5 2019: New video

How to make money with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software

FelenaSoft invites you to join our program for resellers, integrators and distribution. We offer different ways to make money. Also you can participate in our special offers and get Xeoma licenses for free. Find more information in our video “How to make money with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software”.


June, 4 2019: New article

Smart card reader – access control system in Xeoma

Nowadays control access systems join hands with video surveillance systems, so front gate entrance usually use ticket gates with embed smart card reader. Employee uses special pass card with mag-tape where all information is already integrated: job position, department, name and last name and of course photo. This pass card is easily scanned in the Xeoma’s Additional module called Smart Cards Reader, and this way the employee can enter the building. Read more


June, 3 2019: New article

Additional modules in Xeoma.

Xeoma is a multi-functional and flexible software that contains many options and functions to build a perfect video surveillance system. Recently it was complemented with packages of Additional modules that are based on artificial intelligence. Learn what they are, how they are purchased and used in this article.


May, 31 2019: New article

Xeoma’s new feature — timelapse!

Time lapse in video surveillance is the effect of speeded playback, comprising video footage for a quick review of motion events (or other events of interest) or for a visual representation of how rare flowers grow and blossom. Read about all the ways you can get timelapse with Xeoma in this article


May, 7 2019: New article

Object recognition in private life

The Object Recognition module helps filtering unwanted objects and configuring motion detector to avoid false alarms and in many other cases, for example, when you need to deter appearance of birds over crops or keep track on your no-animal-id livestock. Read more


April, 22 2019: New version

Xeoma 19.4.22

The long-waited-for official release version Xeoma beta 19.4.22 is ready and out. In it, you can finally use Additional modules Emotion and Object Recognizer in commercial modes of Xeoma. Moreover, more Additional modules are added: FaceID (Face Comparison), Smart card reader, QR code reader, support for RIF+ perimeter systems, support for cameras’ embedded detectors, moving camera to a PTZ preset at alarm from other camera), as well as synchronization of archives with records on the camera’s SD card, import/export of tabs and layouts configuration, more fine tuning for ANPR, archives, failover for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud, and many others! See all changes


April, 5 2019: New article

Object recognition on the highway

Object recognition can be used to register violations and bring people crossing the road in undesignated areas to justice, and notify necessary emergency services that may help to decrease the amount of law violations and prevent many road traffic accidents in general. Read more


March, 21 2019: New version

Xeoma beta 19.3.21

All the novelties of the previous version + new improvements. See the History of Changes page


March, 7 2019: New version

Xeoma beta 19.3.7

New Xeoma beta 19.3.7 is released. Its improvements include new artificial intelligence modules and features (Smart card reader, QR code reader, support for RIF+ perimeter systems, support for cameras’ embedded detectors, moving camera to a PTZ preset at alarm from other camera), as well as synchronization of archives with records on the camera’s SD card, import/export of tabs and layouts configuration, more fine tuning for ANPR, archives, failover for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud, and many others! See all changes


March, 5 2019: New article

Emotion recognition for your business. Employee control.

Things such as employee motivation positively affect all business in general from a long-term perspective. And emotion recognition in Xeoma can help develop good chemistry in the office and increase labor productivity. Read more


February, 24 2019: New article

Emotion recognition in retail: increasing sales in your store

Modern technologies allow reaching new levels of marketing to understand customer’s psychology better and to offer clients exactly what they want. With the benefit of emotion detector you can easily receive notifications in Xeoma about the customers that liked particular items and expressed positive emotions. Read more


February, 14 2019: New article

Emotion recognition at the airport

Hard to believe but emotion recognition at the airport can be performed live, “on the fly”, helping airport management and security team quickly assess threats as a counter-terrorist measure. Based on the artificial intelligence, it gives you the best of deep machine learning and can be used as a powerful strategic tool to provide information about customer satisfaction level. Read more


February, 1 2019: New article

Emotion Recognition

Can the artificial intelligence learn to interpret human emotions? It absolutely can and already does! Xeoma video surveillance software’s new Emotion Recognition can find 7 basic human emotions in the facial expression, ignoring obstacles like hair, glasses, head tilts. Learn more about it and its setup


30 January 2019: New article

You download torrent? Never in a thousand years!

Willing to save money, people download versions from torrent file sharing services. They just don’t think about what it leads to and what it can bring to their computer. Read in our article why it is impossible to install the torrent version.


29 January 2019: New article

Crack: who hacks us and how to protect yourself from it?

Products сrack versions are distributed on the Internet faster than new versions are released. As video surveillance manufacturers we are afraid of this phenomenon. Read in our article whether it is possible to install the crack version on your computer or not.


28 January 2019: New video

Get free licenses for up to 30 cameras with Xeoma’s special offers!

Would you like to receive an absolutely FREE Xeoma license for more than 30 cameras? Watch this video, participate and get your gift today! Watch video


24 January 2019: New article

Xeoma video surveillance software for Windows OS

Windows is dominantly the most popular operating system for personal computers and laptops in the world so there is no surprise that most video surveillance software are made for Windows. Xeoma works on Windows machines both with and without graphical shell, and some of its features work only in Xeoma version for Windows OS. Read more


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