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February, 12 2019: New version

Xeoma beta 19.2.11

New Xeoma beta 19.2.11 is released. Its improvements include new artificial intelligence modules and features (Smart card reader, QR code reader, support for RIF+ perimeter systems, support for cameras’ embedded detectors, moving camera to a PTZ preset at alarm from other camera), as well as synchronization of archives with records on the camera’s SD card, import/export of tabs and layouts configuration, more fine tuning for ANPR, archives, failover for Xeoma Pro Your Cloud, and many others! See all changes

February, 1 2019: New article

Emotion Recognition

Can the artificial intelligence learn to interpret human emotions? It absolutely can and already does! Xeoma video surveillance software’s new Emotion Recognition can find 7 basic human emotions in the facial expression, ignoring obstacles like hair, glasses, head tilts. Learn more about it and its setup

30 January 2019: New article

You download torrent? Never in a thousand years!

Willing to save money, people download versions from torrent file sharing services. They just don’t think about what it leads to and what it can bring to their computer. Read in our article why it is impossible to install the torrent version.

29 January 2019: New article

Crack: who hacks us and how to protect yourself from it?

Products сrack versions are distributed on the Internet faster than new versions are released. As video surveillance manufacturers we are afraid of this phenomenon. Read in our article whether it is possible to install the crack version on your computer or not.

28 January 2019: New video

Get free licenses for up to 30 cameras with Xeoma’s special offers!

Would you like to receive an absolutely FREE Xeoma license for more than 30 cameras? Watch this video, participate and get your gift today! Watch video


24 January 2019: New article

Xeoma video surveillance software for Windows OS

Windows is dominantly the most popular operating system for personal computers and laptops in the world so there is no surprise that most video surveillance software are made for Windows. Xeoma works on Windows machines both with and without graphical shell, and some of its features work only in Xeoma version for Windows OS. Read more


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