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January 31, 2023: New article

Monitoring and security costs reduction with Xeoma

Nowadays, video surveillance and security systems are not an option, but a necessity. CCTV systems become more and more popular each day and play a significant role in providing a safer environment in our fast-paced world. Monitoring systems have become a common thing in the everyday life, with that said you can choose any variant of video surveillance system on the market suitable for your budget and requirements. In this article, we will review different ways on how to reduce costs of creating a monitoring and security system based on Xeoma.


January 26, 2023: New version

New beta version Xeoma 23.1.25 is available

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The first Xeoma version in 2023 – the new Xeoma Beta 23.1.25 – will bring you the new module for bird flight tracking, expansion of the Telegram bot module to the Xeoma Standard edition (in addition to the previous availability in Xeoma Pro), and a few fixes (one for Motion Detector’s sensitivity and another for occasional crashes).

See more about Xeoma’s new beta’s improvements here and try the new version today!


January 24, 2023: New article

Mexico video surveillance: safer life, productive business

The role of video surveillance in Mexico is not limited to only helping citizens and guests of the country to have a safer life with Safe City programs. Contemporary video surveillance systems also can be used in private households as a part of SmartHome systems to boost personal security, or in the commercial segment to facilitate a more productive business with AI-powered optimization and automation. Read more about that in our new article “Mexico video surveillance: safer life, productive business”


January 20, 2023: New article

Bird Detector. Xeoma module.

The Bird Detector is a module based on artificial intelligence that detects birds in the camera’s field of view and helps you keep track of them. This module is designed for use on thermal PTZ cameras, but it can be used with fixed thermal cameras as well. The module is able to recognize a bird at a distance of up to 350 meters, even when the bird looks like a dot on the screen. Based on AI-powered technologies predicting the bird’s flight direction, the module allows you to move the PTZ camera in the direction of the bird’s flight, following it as smoothly as possible. Read more in this article.


January 16, 2023: New video

Face recognition in Xeoma: setup instructions

Xeoma’s Face Recognition is a powerful and affordable tool for automated finding people’s faces in a cameras’ live stream, recognition of detected faces in realtime, tracking selected individuals, or reacting to known or unknown persons. This module can use one of two recognition methods – “Statistical Analysis” or “Artificial Intelligence”. In this video we will show you how to set up the module, working with each recognition method.


January 9, 2023: New article

AI in Xeoma to detect suspicious behavior

Almost every detective movie today shows video surveillance and its unlimited potential when it comes to solving criminal cases. Do you ever wonder whether these things happen or not in real life? We can assure you that modern CCTV solutions are capable of various things that go beyond simple motion detection and camera zooming functionality. There is one particular off-the-shelf CCTV product that can do it all, and it is called Xeoma. Read more in this article.


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