25 April 2018: New version

New Xeoma Beta 18.4.24

With the new beta version we update conditions of Xeoma’s Free mode: now up to 1000 cameras can be viewed in the free edition! Also, you will find a lot of new console commands, acceleration of cameras search, archive playback and many more enhancements. See all

20 April 2018: New video

Video How To Set Xeoma Cloud For Backup (via FTP)?

Learn how to set Xeoma Cloud for backup with the help of FTP from this video “How To Set Xeoma Cloud For Backup (via FTP)?”. Follow 3 easy steps and enjoy a safe offsite storage! Watch video

19 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise is the leading factor in the matter of security protection. Video surveillance system allows to monitor the work of personnel, guarantee the safety of production processes, as well as the safety of property. With Xeoma, you can easily provide security at the industrial enterprise, control all the production processes, and save the inventories. Read more


18 April 2018: New video

Video How To Watch Your Recordings Outside Xeoma Video Surveillance Software?

Find out how to watch Xeoma files via VLC and other popular players in our new video “How To Watch Your Recordings Outside Xeoma Video Surveillance Software?”! Watch video

16 April 2018: New article

Cross-Line Detector (advanced Visitors Counter)

Generally, security is particularly concerned with entrance and exit points for the guarded area, since those are easier to keep under surveillance than an entire perimeter and provide the most traffic. A particularly wide-spread method is setting lines across doorways or narrow corridors to control the number of people crossing them (or across driveways and lanes for cars) – a simple traffic counter. The method allows to both protect the area from unwanted visitors and collect statistical data, which is what makes it so popular. This is where Xeoma’s “Cross-Line Detector” module comes into play. Read more


13 April 2018: New solution

Banana-based kit for video surveillance

Now you can buy an all-in-one server for video surveillance based on a Banana Pi single board computer – for less than $100. Buy all the necessary parts from the manufacturer. Read more here


12 April 2018: New video

Video Simple search for local cameras in Xeoma

New video ‘Add new camera manually in Xeoma’ shows how Xeoma’s simple search for cameras in the local network (also called home network) works. Watch video

11 April 2018: New article

Xeoma and Telegram

Wouldn’t it be convenient for your mobile device to alert you immediately wherever you are – for example, through an instant messenger like Telegram, a 100% free cloud-based platform with a light-weight app and impressive protection? This article will show you what Telegram can do to help you keep your ears pricked up for trouble. Read more


10 April 2018: New article

Ensure security in the denture clinic

Video surveillance system in the denture clinic is not uncommon today, and every year the number of clinics that install cctv cameras is growing rapidly. Video surveillance in the denture clinic will help solve the most important security tasks and answer the following questions… Read more


9 April 2018: New article

Drone Surveillance

A moving camera easily outperforms a stationary one – seems like a fundamental truth, doesn’t it? Naturally, if a camera is being carried by an aerial vehicle, its overall view expands dramatically. In this article we’ll cover both sides to give you a better idea what exactly you can benefit from and what the risks are. Read more


5 April 2018: New video

Video Add new camera manually in Xeoma

New video ‘Add new camera manually in Xeoma’ illustrates how to add your camera manually via ‘+’ menu in Xeoma using URL (stream). Watch video

3 April 2018: New video

Video Xeoma Video Surveillance: Adding a Camera via ‘Search by ip/password’ Option

In the new video you will be shown how an IP camera can be searched for in Xeoma video surveillance software. Watch video

This is one of the series of videos dedicated to matters of automatic or manual addition of cameras in Xeoma. Follow our news or Youtube channel for more!


2 April 2018: New solution

Raspberry-based kit for video surveillance

You must have already heard about Raspberry Pi – credit card-sized single board computer. Now you can create your own kit with a Raspberry Pi as its core. Buy all the necessary parts from Raspberry’s manufacturer. Read more here


1 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance in hospitals

Usually patients feel more comfortable and safe in a hospital, which is equipped with the video surveillance system. Moreover, when the staff is notified that security monitoring is being conducted, this contributes to more responsible performance of duties and rational time management. Read more


27 March 2018: New solution

ODROID-based kit for video surveillance

Now creating a DIY video surveillance system on base of a single board computer is even easier. Parts for an ODROID kit can be conveniently bought in one place – from Hardkernel manufacturer. Read more


22 February 2018: New article

Clustering in Xeoma VMS

One of Xeoma’s greatest advantages is its branchy clustering system. Failover, LDAP, storage clustering and multi-server or multi-client modes give you flexibility to create a system that works for you. Read more


16 February 2018: New article

API for integration of Xeoma

API is a set of means to facilitate integration with third-party systems, or applications, or services. For manufacturers of equipment, inventors, and all those who wants to integrate Xeoma with their or third-party products, services or systems, Xeoma has an API in various forms. Read more


15 February 2018: New article

P2P support in Xeoma

The secret for popularity of P2P-cameras is simple: they were designed to simplify the installation of the IP camera by the end user, even by a non-expert user with no network skills. According to statistics, the setup and connection of a P2P camera takes only about 10 minutes. Fortunately, now the program for video surveillance Xeoma, in its version for Windows 32 bit, also works with P2P… Read more


14 February 2018: New version

New Xeoma Beta 18.2.2

In the new beta version you will find:

  • Added support for P2P connection for cameras that use the AEeye Cloud for communication (Windows 32 bit);
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added configuration of the Email sending and SMS Sending modules through web interface;
  • Xeoma Pro Your Cloud: added support for users administration through REST API;
  • Added configuration of the Motion Detector module through web interface (changing of the detection zone and its sensitivity);
  • Optimized recording of archives when large numbers of cameras are used;
  • Added choice of what stream to use in WebRTC (preview or archive stream);
  • Added support for sound from cameras that use the pcm_u8 codec (wav);
  • Universal Camera: added choice of protocols for camera to communicate with the server (“Auto”, “UDP”, “TCP”, “UDP Multicast”);
  • Added support for PTZ control of the d-link DCS-5222LB camera;
  • Layouts: added 1×2 and 4х1 layouts for cameras;
  • Web server: added prerecord for work with “Another Xeoma”;
  • Preview and Archive: added new values 60, 70, 80GB for maximum storage volume;
  • Users: all accounts in Main menu -> Remote Access -> Users are now in alphabetical order;
  • Added new information message about loading of archives at server launch that shows loading process and stages;
  • Fixed issue of client part not launched (Run as superuser failed error) that occurred on some of the Linux OS (for example, openSUSE) when the server is installed to auto start;
  • “Cross-Line Detector”: fixed inversion of lines;
  • Eliminated sending of test text message in the “SMS Sending” module at server restart;
  • Fixed distortions at archive speeded playback.


9 February 2018: New article

Using Home Surveillance for Paranormal Activity

Are ghosts real? Is there such a thing as paranormal activity? Xeoma is a perfect home monitoring and surveillance solution if you feel you may have an otherworldly presence invading your space. Read more


7 February 2018: New article

Video surveillance cameras installation in hair and nail salon

Hair and nail salon employees with increasing frequency try to persuade the salon clients to get the same procedures at a half price in their homes, and more often they save on consumables at the expense of customers or at the salon’s owner. When you install video surveillance cameras in the hair and nail salon, you cope with the following tasks… Read more