Video Surveillance Complex Based on Xeoma Software

Video surveillance complex is the essential part of any large object’s security system

Complex security system consists of three main parts: access control system, fire alarm and video surveillance. On a large object with high security requirements these three parts are integrated into a single security complex of the enterprise. Each of these parts is important in its own way with video surveillance complex being the most significant one.

The video surveillance market is comprised of two main segments: analog video surveillance, represented mainly by AHD equipment, and IP video surveillance. In addition, there’s a possibility to create hybrid systems with both analog and IP video surveillance equipment.

Each project is unique and requires an individual approach to the installation of a video surveillance complex. That is why our partners always choose Xeoma video surveillance software: its flexibility and versatility combined with great quality of analytics and super friendly interface can meet any requirements. Xeoma video surveillance will suit your system perfectly whether it’s IP, analog or hybrid type of video security.

Choose the Xeoma based solution for your video surveillance complex:

Be independent of any other services with Xeoma video surveillance software
For service providers:
create your own Cloud service
Xeoma can be successfully utilized to keep your home safe
For home:
keep an eye on your home while on a vacation
Use Xeoma CCTV to provide safety and security in malls, shops, and other places of business
For businesses:
access control, banks, offices, malls


Xeoma webcam software is perfect for city and municipal CCTV
For government:
Safe city, railway stations, airports, parks
Xeoma has a very beneficial partner program with free OEM for resellers, dealers, distributors
For resellers:
profit from your sales
Beneficial partner program with free OEM for manufacturers
For manufacturers:
beneficial conditions and discounts.

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