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Emotions recognition: AI for business growth

Emotions recognition: AI for business growth

Face detector (Emotions): Emotions recognition


emotions_detector_module_icon“Face detector (emotions)” is a module in Xeoma based on Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning. This module is available in Xeoma starting from 18.11.21 version.

This module is designed to recognize 7 basic human emotions by means of computer vision.

Such recognition is especially highly-demanded for collecting marketing information to increase sales and improve service quality, and as well as for ensuring security in public places.

All emotions in full view

The module can be used in banks, stores, private health care facilities, hotels, airports, malls or any other place where collecting of marketing information or ensuring higher security level might be required.

No special equipment required – regular commonly available off-shelf computers can be used.
No special camera required – any brand or model supporting standard streaming protocols can be used. Just make sure that the image is clear and a person’s face will not be blurred.

There’s simultaneous recognition of different people and emotions available.

For business and protection
Emotions recognition can be used not only for marketing, but also for perimeter security in conjunction with other notifications modules
Any equipment
Xeoma requires no special equipment or appliances – any off-shelf computers and cameras will do!
Easy 1-click setup
Simple interface and fully automated work. Choose necessary emotions in ‘Face detector (Emotions)’ module and the system is ready to work!
Simultaneous recognition
“Face detector (Emotions)” module can recognize multiple faces and emotions in camera’s field of view! It can Simultaneously recognize happiness, sadness etc.



Simple interface, fully automated work, high-speed processing and analysis. Just adjust necessary parameters in ‘Face detector (Emotions)’ in Xeoma, and you’re good to go!

Sales increase

Emotion Recognition module can be used to collect marketing information and increase sales! By recognizing customers’ emotions, you can improve the quality of service and client-oriented approach. Also “Face detector (Emotions)” will be a helpful tool to analyze the results of an advertising campaign showing the emotions of visitors that come to the banner ad, video-ad on TV, billboard, promo products on the shelf. Having considered the emotions of people from advertising, you can conclude whether the campaign was successful or not, and then properly allocate the budget for further marketing activities.

Emotions recognition may become equally important for the analysis of office life and the atmosphere in the team because the success of the company directly depends on the employees. By recognizing emotions of the employees during the day, you can collect information about the atmosphere in the office and improve it, so this way it will help to improve the quality of work.


Safety control

Also, “Emotions Recognition” can be used to ensure safety!
In crowded places such as airports, metro stations, railroad stations and shopping centers, Xeoma’s “Face detector (Emotions)” can monitor people and recognize negative emotions detected preventing vandalism and other problems.

By recognizing the mood of the crowd, particular conflicts can be prevented at events such as public meetings and concerts.


Working with other modules

Thanks to the flexible modular system in Xeoma, Emotions recognition can be used in conjunction with other modules.

For example, for security purposes you can use a chain of modules “Face detector (Emotions)” + notification modules (pop up window, email and SMS sender and so on). E.g. in the airport you can use pop up window of the app for notifying when negative emotions are detected.

For collecting of marketing info you can use “Face detector (Emotions)” and heatmap checking zone which customers visited the most and receive information about their emotions.

For advertising campaigns analysis of a specific category of people (men, women) you can use “Face detector (Emotions)” + “Gender recognition” modules’ chain.

Also for sales increase and quality of service improvement “Face detector (Emotions)” can be used alongside “HTTP marking” module that can add metadata on the screen e.g. name of the manager and date. This way it will be possible to know for sure whether the client was satisfied after communicating with a particular manager or not.

For monitoring office environment and atmosphere in the team, you can use “Face detector” + “Face detector (Emotions)” modules recognizing emotions of the particular people.

xeoma_software_advices The Face Detector (Emotions) module can save reports in spreadsheet CSV files (tick the corresponding option in its settings for that).
CSV spreadsheets are used to form a powerful reports system. You can import CSV reports into programs like Excel or LibreOffice and build reports and graphs of any sophistication level there. Alternatively, CSV can be imported into mysql and used to form any kind of reports with the help of mysqladmin web interface – or just make a simple several-lines-of-code script for an automated reporting. See examples and guides in the Internet.


xeoma_software_advices Starting with Xeoma 23.12.7 the new option to set up the range of face recognition has been added to the emotion recognition module. Set the maximum distance where the face is expected to appear with a ‘Range of face recognition’ slider to increase the accuracy with which the module detects faces and recognizes emotions. Please note that greater distances will yield higher processor load.
  • Banks and other financial organizations
  • Airports
  • Railroad stations
  • Subway stations and other crowded places
  • Stores, malls and other points of sale
  • Advertising points (banners, billboards, stands etc.)
  • Hairdressing salons, nail salons or other beauty salons and places that provide services
  • Restaurants and other food establishments
  • Yoga- and SPA-centers
  • Hotels of high level
  • Offices and other staff areas
  • Public meetings
  • Concerts

face_recognition_no_special_equipment No special equipment or a powerful standalone server is required. Recognition load is on average 20% more than that of a regular camera in the program. Use our calculator here.


face_recognition_no_special_cameras No special cameras with embedded recognition detectors required. Recognition processes are conducted on Xeoma’s side. High quality video stream is enough. Point the camera as perpendicularly as possible towards the faces, and make sure that the face is in the camera’s field of view for at least a few seconds. More about configuration of emotions recognition


face_recognition_software_choice Affordable price. Depending on the required conditions and the desired result, you can choose Xeoma Pro or Xeoma Standard licenses and purchase the additional module “Face detector (Emotions)”. Check prices for Xeoma licenses and Additional modules here




Try Xeoma for free! Fill in the fields below and you will get an email with a demo license for the Xeoma Pro edition and all Additional modules, including the AI-powered ‘Face Detector (Emotions)’ module!

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xeoma_software_advices Do you need something else? We can develop it and add it into Xeoma as the paid development. See details.
xeoma_software_advices You can also use “Sending SMS”, “Sending email” or any other module for notification, as well as you can use emergency videowall for quick reaction in case of problems and negative emotions detection. More here.


Check video about emotions recognition

Screenshot from the interface:


February, 12 2020

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