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Cloud Video Surveillance: comparison of the most popular services

September 23, 2021

Modern Cloud Video Surveillance is a service, allowing customers to connect their cameras to the provider’s server to process and store recordings from cameras. A closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular Cloud video surveillance services is presented in this article from our user.

Special offer for bloggers

September 20, 2021

Are you a blogger? Interested in video surveillance and new technologies? Stay up-to-date on the latest news in the world of security systems, video surveillance, and artificial intelligence! Check out Xeoma – the smart surveillance software that includes not only basic surveillance features but also advanced ones. It’s more than usual software. It has built-in artificial intelligence, so you can adapt it to your needs. Tell your subscribers and blog listeners about it and in return we guarantee you audience interest, increased coverages, free access to all program features, ongoing technical support and much more! Read more about all the features in our new article.

Best software for Dahua cameras in 2021

September 2, 2021

Video surveillance systems gain popularity every day: people want to control as much as they can: starting from their homes to business facilities. When it comes to make choice: which camera to buy, a large portion of people all over the world tends to choose Dahua cameras. The best solution will be to install Dahua IP cameras in tandem with Xeoma – best CCTV software in 2021. It’s totally compatible with all Dahua camera models, including new ones, and its AI-based modules allow analyzing video stream from the cameras to find the needed scenario and set appropriate reactions, thus improving efficiency of your CCTV system. Read more information in this article.

Special offer for ip cameras manufacturers

August 26, 2021

Felenasoft company develops a cross-platformed video surveillance software Xeoma and would like to cooperate with you! We have prepared great special offers for ip cameras manufacturers. Detailed information can be checked here.

Best Android CCTV app of 2021

August 25, 2021

In today’s world, organizing video surveillance no longer requires a stationary powerful server, thanks to new technologies you can use a mobile, convenient, and most importantly – a compact device, which will be a great substitute for a large and stationary computer. All you need is a reliable and multifunctional application to which your cameras will be connected and which will contain all the video analytics functions you need. In this article, we did a review of the best Android CCTV app of 2021 Xeoma. Read on for more details.

Video surveillance for virtual machines and Docker containers

August 23, 2021

Presently, virtual machines are massively used by individuals and businesses around the globe, for various reasons and in various scenarios. If you’re looking for a video surveillance system in virtual machines, take a look at Xeoma CCTV software that supports 99% of cameras in the market and all major operating systems (including on ARM-based architecture)! With other 100 features including more than 3 dozens of video analytics, Xeoma can be a perfect choice for both individuals striving for cyber security, and businesses leveraging optimum resources utilization. Read more about Xeoma in virtual machines and Dockers

When video surveillance fails: how to avoid failures with a video security system

August 16, 2021

Video surveillance is not always a perfect picture from a fairy tale with smiling and laughing people. Sometimes video surveillance fails. In this article you can learn more about that, and on how to avoid failures in a video security system. Read more

Best video surveillance system 2021

August 14, 2021

What is the best choice for video surveillance equipment in 2021 – undoubtedly ip cameras. Most people choose an ip camera to create video monitoring system. The next task is to choose the best video surveillance in 2021. Let’s review one of the best video surveillance systems – Xeoma and its application scenarios (from small installations to the corporate systems). Details can be checked in our new article.

Network activation of Xeoma licenses: simple, fast and affordable

August 9, 2021

The “License Server” option is a little-known about yet majestic feature of Xeoma allowing you to activate Xeoma full or rented licenses on machines that have no direct access to the Internet. Unlike the somewhat similar hardware key option, the license server works with “soft” licenses that can be restored. Find more information here

How to choose best video surveillance for Linux in 2021

August 5, 2021

If you are wondering how to choose the best video surveillance for Linux in 2021, you should certainly reach out to this guide where we, FelenaSoft Company with 15-years experience of development video surveillance solutions, will help you figure it out.

CCTV software review 2021

July, 27 2021

In 2021 it’s already hard to imagine our world without video surveillance cameras – they became an essential part of our life, whether we like it or not. Technologies are gradually developing, and now cctv cameras allow us to not only watch video recordings, but do quite a huge array of functions, which we could not even dream of some years ago. Artificial intelligence is spreading in all aspects of our life, and security cameras software is no exception. Find more about special opportunities available to you in this cctv software review 2021.

Xeoma video surveillance software in Arch Linux-based Manjaro OS

July, 26 2021

When the author of this article decided to go for a more powerful PC, a special Linux distro was the first choice for the operating system. Stemming from Arch Linux, Manjaro was different from Ubuntu, it was a whole different flavor of Linux. It has rolling updates and stays more up to date this way. Besides, you can customize many more things and make it look and work the way you want, with Manjaro. Xeoma video surveillance software installed without a hitch, like it did in every other platform. "I’ll never be switching NVR software. It’s been a winner from the git-go and over all these years, I captured some really awesome stuff that I’m able to export and keep." – says the author. Let’s review the process of making Xeoma video surveillance software work on the Manjaro PC, together!

How to choose best video surveillance software in 2021

July, 21 2021

Video surveillance system is not something unusual anymore. It is just as normal and common these days as having strong and reliable doors. If you are wondering how to choose best video surveillance software of 2021, our company FelenaSoft that has over 15-years experience in video surveillance has prepared a check-list of things to consider to select the best one for you. Read more in our new article

Video surveillance CMS for carsharing and vehicle rental services

July, 13 2021

Carsharing and other vehicle rent services are prone to risks. Risks of getting the carsharing vehicles damaged or plundered (for example, theft of car or its parts), or used to damage other people’s property. A surveillance solution with Xeoma as its core will provide better control and facilitate usage of special features usually not available in off-the-shelf mass produced products – for example, the “360-Degree Surround View”. Besides, Xeoma has dozens of intellectual features that can fulfill tasks like recognition of objects, faces, license plates, text, sounds, smoke and fire and many others. Read more about this and some other “smart” features that can be useful in carsharing in our new article

Unique visitors counting – detection of new clients

June, 28 2021

Meet Xeoma’s unique three-level system for detection of unique visitors with automatic transfer of new customers to the category of repeated or frequent visitors. Receive the counter’s reports for unique or repeated visitors with the exact date/time of detection, from all cameras using the feature. Read more here

Body worn camera as a new trend in video surveillance

June, 11 2021

One of the latest trends in video surveillance systems is body worn cameras. They open many opportunities for both businesses and private clients. This type of camera serves not only for security, but also as an excellent means of business promotion. Read more about the use of body worn cameras in our new article here.

Coming soon: “360° surround view” – the AI-based module in Xeoma

May, 24 2021

The Additional module “360° surround view” is designed to stitch images from 4 cameras that are installed around the perimeter of some object to get the picture showing 360° view. With the help of this module you will get a smooth picture, showing the 360-degree view. Read more in our new article.

The difference between MJPEG and H264/H264+/H265/H265+, and how to use them in Xeoma

May, 7 2021

This article will tell you more about the difference between MJPEG and H264/H264+/H265/H265+ image streaming formats, and how to take advantage of their good sides in Xeoma. Why is it important? Knowing the peculiarities of both MJPEG and H264-like streams will let you do the fine tuning of your video security solution to successfully combine picture quality and effective video analytics with network bandwidth, processor time and storage space. Read more in our new article.

Xeoma as the best security solution for video intercom

April, 5 2021

Video surveillance software Xeoma can be used not only as a separate security system but also as a basis for building smart intercom system. Thanks to intelligent modules and wide functionality of the program you can create a smart device which is easy to set up and use. Read more about it in our new article.

Video surveillance for condominium

March, 30 2021

A condominium is a type of living space similar to an apartment but independently sellable and therefore regarded as real estate. A condominium, more commonly known as a condo, is a property complex. And as any private territory, it often requires video surveillance to keep the perimeter safe. 3 easy steps on how to create the perfect video surveillance for condominiums based on Xeoma can be checked in our new article.

Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance.

March, 25 2020

For the past years city CCTV surveillance continues to be on the rise. Have you seen a public place without at least one camera in it? It’s hard to remember, right? In our new article we will tell you about CCTV advantages for a public safety and the most modern ways to make citizens feel secure, learn more in this article.

Eye tracking in Xeoma

March, 2 2021

Artificial intelligence surprises us more and more with incredible opportunities! Brand new “Eye tracking” Additional module in Xeoma is a neural-network-based feature that will allow your video surveillance system to detect the direction of a person’s gaze. Eye tracking is being widely used in different life spheres, such as marketing (Neuralmarketing), scientific research, surveillance, and entertainment all around the world. Take a chance to enhance your profit and improve scientific progress with AI-based feature. Read more about Eye tracking in Xeoma here

Business during lockdown: remote acceptance with CCTV

February, 26 2021

Life proved that lockdown is not the end of the world. Businesses evolved shifting from offline to online – even those that nobody had thought be able to – offering remote acceptable to their major customers from abroad. CCTV systems with advanced artificial intelligence features have become ubiquitous, rendering assistance in spheres unimaginable before. Read more about making a virtual showroom with CTTV here

Xeoma video surveillance system as a part of golf management

February, 24 2021

Thanks to Xeoma IP camera software, you can improve the processes of organizing activities and security control in golf clubs. It allows you to automate the work of security guards and staff. Read more about it in this article.

AI-based Drone and Airplane Recognition in Xeoma

February, 11 2021

AI-based Additional module Object recognition is able to recognize various objects in live mode in camera’s view, including drones and airplanes, and quickly react, for example, by sending SMS/email or triggering an alarm. Read more about Drone and Airplane Recofnition in Xeoma in this article.

“Object size filtering” module

February, 4 2021

“Object size filtering” module in Xeoma allows filtering out objects according to the configured parameters in module’s settings (width, height). This way the module can be used to detect objects with particular parameters/size. The module is available in Xeoma starting from 20.2.13 version. Find more in our new article.

Stay safe during ATP cup 2021

February, 3 2021

The second edition of the tennis championship ATP cup has finally been held during 2-6 February in Australia.
Australia welcomes 12 teams on ATP cup 2021 from all around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will tell you how to take preventive measures during such a great event with the help of Xeoma video surveillance software only. Find more in our new article.

Using Xeoma video security products in charter communication sphere

February, 1 2021

Charter communication is an important component of the modern economy that needs installation of video security products. As on-line shops are rapidly developing, a fast and clear delivery system is more important than ever. Xeoma video security products help control packing, sorting, transporting and unloading of goods. Find more in our new article.

Video surveillance cameras in a private parking lot

January, 15 2021

Video surveillance systems installation in private parking lots significantly affects the security level of the monitored area. But have you ever thought that with the help of video surveillance cameras you can not only make your private parking a safe place, but also automate all work processes at the most efficient level? Xeoma video surveillance software will help to speed up the processing of incoming information about entering and leaving cars, the time spent in the parking lot, automate the access control system and make your private parking lot more profitable business. Managing your private parking lot is now even easier with Xeoma video surveillance software! Find more in our new article.

Video surveillance in a kindergarten

January, 12 2021

To install video surveillance cameras in a kindergarten or not is an ambiguous question. Video surveillance helps to increase the level of security in any building, but some parents are against having their child recorded on video. It is no secret that many parents are very worried about how nursery teachers and nannies treat their children. Video surveillance cameras usually serve as a preventive measure – which means that nursery teachers and nannies could no longer afford to behave non-pedagogically. Read about the additional benefits of installing video cameras in kindergarten in our new article.

Fire Detection – automated spotting and reaction to flame

December, 9 2020

Fire Detection is a neural-network-based Additional feature in Xeoma that will help your video cameras system quickly detect a fire in the camera’s view, and take action to deal with an emergency before it causes tragedy that could result in casualties, property damages or other losses. It does not require special equipment and sensors, works on all supported OS… Read more


“Detector of abandoned objects” – smart solution for public places safety

December, 8 2020

“Detector of abandoned objects” is one of Xeoma video surveillance modules that will help to detect objects that were left unattended in a monitored area. Whether it is your doorstep or a central square, you are always aware of what is happening and ready to act fast at any moment when you receive a notification about an abandoned object. Read more


“Streaming to YouTube” – live streaming to your channel

December, 7 2020

“Streaming to YouTube” is a new module in Xeoma that can be used to stream live-videos from your camera in Xeoma to your YouTube channel. Would you like to make your pet popular around the world? Or maybe you’d like to stream videos from your business facility? And if you want to create video conference or webinar on YouTube, or connect to your camera from anywhere in the world – now it’s possible and very easy with Xeoma’s new module “Streaming to YouTube”. Read more


Slip and Fall detector – always alert for your safety

December, 2 2020

The Slip and Fall detector of Xeoma video surveillance software is the AI-based module, used to detect falling in the selected area. Don’t miss a thing: the module is able to recognize even a fall from a chair, as well as an incomplete fall if a person slipped and fell from a small height or lost consciousness and slid down the wall.The module needs additional resources to work that will be downloaded automatically. Read more


Coming soon: «Parking Spots» – is an easy way to get information about the parking load

November, 30 2020

The new «Parking Spots» Additional module of the Xeoma video surveillance software is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot. This module is a way of detecting the required type of objects in the selected zones. Read more


Remastered: Camera embedded detector. Monitoring and automation.

November, 26 2020

New article in “Remastered” series. “Camera embedded detector” module allows adding detectors in Xeoma that are embedded in a camera through ONVIF. Such integration will be beneficial to increase productivity with the help of high-speed ONVIF protocol and add various detectors embedded in a camera for various processes automation and monitoring. Also, this additional module helps to reduce the CPU load because the main load is distributed on the camera, without giving load to the central processor. Now you can easily create enhanced and flexible video surveillance at an affordable price! Read more


Alarms and other technical security equipment in tandem with Xeoma

November, 10 2020

Starting from version 19.2.11 Xeoma has the SmartHome -RIF + module. It works in conjunction with the “RIF Plus” software produced by the START-7 company, which collects information from a variety of security devices. The new module receives this data, displays it in the settings and is triggered by fixing a certain state of the device. Read more in this article


“My detector” – your unique video surveillance system

November, 6 2020

My detector module allows users to add and train their own detectors based on neural network technologies in Xeoma. By means of this module one can create a module in Xeoma based on a 3rd-party utility. This module will be suitable for integration with different utilities and plugins and creating a separate “My detector” neurodetector. Read more in our new article


Video surveillance at the assisted living home

October, 30 2020

Assisted living homes often face such hardship as mistrust from clients. Multifunctional Xeoma video surveillance will help to avoid conflicts by means of its variety of modules. Gain clients’ trust with remote access to cameras and other features.
More detailed information on how to improve the quality of service in assisted living homes and gain clients’ trust in our new article.


8 ways to grow your business fast with Xeoma

October, 29 2020

Each business requires advertising and proper marketing strategy to grow. Without a well-worked marketing and advertising strategy companies are in danger of losing their profit or even the whole business in these highly competitive times in the market. The only way to grow your business is to keep up with the time. And nowadays collecting marketing information is crucial in terms of creating targeted advertisement and earning a spot in the highest ranks. Get to know more about how Xeoma can help you to grow your business in our new article.


Age Recognizer in Xeoma video surveillance software

October, 28 2020

“Age Recognizer” is a module in Xeoma based on Artificial Intelligence and neural networks. This module is designed to recognize people’s age in realtime using computer vision. Such recognition can be used in shopping centers or drug stores, helping to raise sales. Also this module can be a good helper to identify retired people, who decided to go outside during quarantine, when it’s safer for their health to stay home.Read more


“Modbus” controllers – smart home systems and traffic light automation

October, 26 2020

The “Modbus” controllers Additional module of the Xeoma video surveillance software is designed to receive commands from controllers operating under the Modbus protocol to trigger the necessary reactions in Xeoma. This is a very popular type of controller used in automation, “smart home” systems, as well as in various equipment (traffic lights, etc.). You can set different reactions for different signals of such a controller, for example, to recognize a vehicle license plate and impose a fine if it is driving through a red light. Read more


Vehicle speed detector with “ISKRA” speed meter appliance

October, 23 2020

The “Vehicle speed detector” Additional module allows you to find and identify vehicles violating the speed limit in the monitored area. This module works in conjunction with the “License plate recognition” module, which detects a vehicle in the frame, looks for a license plate and recognizes its symbols, and the “ISKRA DA/40” hardware speed meter appliance, which refers data about speed limit violations to Xeoma. Read more


Mobile notifications in Xeoma

October, 19 2020

“Mobile Notifications” is a module in Xeoma, that allows to receive notifications in mobile devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad) even without connecting to the server (unlike the simpler module for mobile notifications “Client Window Pop-Up” that requires the app to be always running to push alerts). This module allows you to receive notifications, even if Xeoma application is not running on your iOS. Stay up to date with standard notifications on your iPhone/iPad – on the lock screen, in the Banners area, or in the Notification Center. Read more


Social distancing option in ‘Crowd detector’

October, 16 2020

“Detect social distance” is a new feature in AI-based ‘Crowd Detector’ additional module. This module is based on neural network technologies of artificial intelligence, which is able to detect the presence of many people in the camera image and live stream and detect distance between them. New feature can be tested in the new beta version of Xeoma 20.10.13. Read more


Text Recognition module – AI-based reading of text and numbers in camera sight

October, 15 2020

Text Recognition is an artificial intelligence-based module that scans the camera’s field of view for text, and saves the found words or digits into report files. It can be set up to get triggered when certain phrases or numbers are detected. Xeoma’s text recognition can be used for reading of price tags in stores, license plate recognition and text recognition in billboards and yard signs. Read more


Safety of your close ones along with Xeoma video surveillance

October, 7 2020

Xeoma video surveillance software will bring peace into your life. Are you anxious about leaving your children at home because you don’t want to repeat “Home alone” scenario? And can’t always be there for your parents but want to come to aid at the right time? With the help of Xeoma’s variety of modules, you’ll have up to date information about your close ones well being. Read more about it in our new article, to learn about Xeoma’s usage scenarios for everyday close ones care.


Xeoma: Effective video surveillance without Internet connection

October, 5 2020

Xeoma is a ‘one size fits all’ solution for video surveillance that will help you secure your property everywhere, no matter if you have the Internet access or not. Sometimes the Internet might not be available in distant or top security sites, but that’s not a reason to give up video security of the premises. Luckily, Xeoma software can do most functions without the Internet access. Learn more here


AI-Powered Video Surveillance for the Oil & Gas industry

September, 22 2020

AI and Machine Learning have been vigorously transforming the Oil and Gas industry for a while now. AI-Powered Xeoma Video Surveillance is keeping up with this appeal and offers abundant opportunities for optimization and safety. Read more about it in our new article.


VSaaS – step in the future

September, 16 2020

Renting services, devices, cars, clothing has become a part of our lives because it is very convenient. Video surveillance is as always keeping up with the trends by offering a VSaaS – or video surveillance as a service. It is a new convenient way to get a video surveillance system going. VSaaS comes in especially handy when on a tight budget or when the system is required for a short time, or when you’re simply not ready for the big investment yet and want to try it first. Read more about VSaaS in Xeoma in our new article.


How AI in video surveillance helps fight Coronavirus

September, 11 2020

Drastic measures are taken in many states to fight the coronavirus spreading. Trained for anti-pandemic measures, tireless, unbiased, artificial intelligence can replace human staff so that they are not put at risk at the job of making sure that safety regulations and complied with. For example, modern video surveillance offers various video analytics features effective during the pandemic like Mask Detector, Fever Detection, Visitors Counting and Stay Time. Read more about it in our new article


Xeoma Video surveillance: is lean production real in the mining industry?

September, 2 2020

Does the mining industry do lean production? If it does, will it be possible to earn or even save money in it? Read more about this in our new article


Seabird recognition in Xeoma video surveillance software

June, 9 2020

“Seabird Recognition” is an optional Xeoma feature based on Artificial Intelligence and neural networks. This detector enables use of the “Sea birds” option in the “Object Recognizer” module that can detect oceanic or sea birds in the camera image. Such functionality can be used on fish farms or on marine fishing vessels to detect and repel seabirds in a timely manner, reducing profit losses. This module can work in conjunction with “Sound alarm”, “HTTP request” or GPIO modules, setting necessary reactions.

See more information in the Seabird recognition in Xeoma video surveillance software promo page


Detector of Construction Site Safety – recognition of helmet and work uniform

June, 3 2020

Detector of Construction Site Safety is an AI-based module in Xeoma camera software for automated recognition of helmets and work robe. It can be used in open air and closed area scenarios with workers of any gender, and be combined with other video analytics features to reach exactly the needed level of health and safety procedures in your construction site, industrial alpinism, electrical or roadworks, or other niches.
See more information in the Detector of Construction Site Safety promo page


Xeoma’s Sound events detector – AI-based automated recognition of sounds

May, 31 2020

Now your camera system can not only see things – it can hear events as well!
“Sound Events Detector” is a module in Xeoma based on Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning. This module is designed to recognize 5 types of sound events: glass break, alarm, baby cry, screams and gunshots.
Combination with various reactions or detectors of Xeoma makes it a powerful automation tool both in private or corporate life.
See more information in the Sound events detector promo page


Mask Detector – AI-based detection of people wearing a facial mask

May, 29 2020

Wearing a facial mask when going to or through public places is one the strict yet fair (and simple) rules that many governments now make official in times of the COVID-19 pandemic: one cannot go out into public places without wearing a mask.

To warn those who do not comply, use Xeoma’s Mask Detector feature that monitors the camera image for people wearing or not wearing facial protective masks, and activates various reactions. See more information in the Mask Detector promo page


COVID-19 Quarantine: Stay at home with Xeoma

March, 30 2020

In these difficult times self-isolation and quarantine can help to prevent spreading of the contagious disease COVID-19 that is also known as Coronavirus. Of course, it’s a challenge for many of us to stay away from our loved ones and isolate from the outside world. But it’ll help to protect our family and get over this life threatening infection. How to cope with social isolation? What are the way to protect yourself and your home? Read more in our new article.


Remastered: Additional module in Xeoma – Move to PTZ preset

March, 23 2020

Move to PTZ preset is a professional feature that can help you get a better view at events happening in different parts of a rotating camera image while the camera is moving according to a guard tour or on patrol. Let Xeoma video surveillance software do different video analytics in each area. One module offers truly unlimited reactions with a wide range of opportunities for integration with external systems and tools. Read more


Advanced license plate recognition in Xeoma

March, 5 2020

“Old articles remastered” presents to you the improved page about the ANPR (vehicle license plate recognition) module in Xeoma. The module is a powerful and affordable tool for automated detection of moving vehicles, and recognition of their place plates and digits in them. It can be integrated with external devices, external systems (data bases of violators’ vehicles, or hardware speed meters, or fine charging systems, etc.) and programmable reactions. Easy to configure, very affordable, working in many different conditions. Read more


Color detection. Safe city and more.

March, 3 2020

New article in course of our “Old articles remastered” series: “Color detection. Safe city and more.”. This module is based on Artificial intelligence and designed to recognized color by means of computer vision. Such recognition is especially highly-demanded for traffic offense detection in terms of “Safe city” project or any other appliance where a particular color should be detected. Read more in our new promo-article.


Object Recognition: AI-based additional module in Xeoma

February, 27 2020

Read our new promo page dedicated to Xeoma’s module Object Recognizer created in course of our “Old articles remastered” series. Based on the artificial intelligence, the module is a powerful and affordable tool for automated detection and recognition of various objects in a cameras’ live stream (people, various transport vehicles, birds, animals, etc.) and reacting to the ones specifically selected. Can be integrated with external systems and programmable reactions. Easy to configure and very affordable. Read more


GPIO module for MicroPCs in Xeoma

February, 26 2020

New promo-page for the “Old articles remastered” series: GPIO module for MicroPCs in Xeoma. Additional module “GPIO” in Xeoma can be used to create “Smart home” solution based on microPCs. It’ll make the project both affordable and multifunctional. Find more in our new article.


Gender recognition in Xeoma. AI for business.

February, 20 2020

New promo-page for the “Old articles remastered” series: Gender recognition in Xeoma. AI for business. Additional module “Gender recognition” in Xeoma will become a helpful tool for collecting marketing information and increasing sales. Artificial intelligence is a great way to improve your business. Find more in our new article.


Crowd Detector in Xeoma

February, 17 2020

The “Old articles remastered” series is complemented with a new promo page – this time for Xeoma’s Crowd Detector module. What does ‘crowd detection’ mean, how does it work in Xeoma and why should you choose Xeoma’s Crowd Detector – these are just a few of questions the new page is all about.


Face detector (Emotions)

February, 14 2020

Another interesting article in the new “Old articles remastered” series. This promo page will tell you about emotions recognition in Xeoma. You’ll find more information on the topics: 1. How to use emotions recognition for sales increase and business growth and 2. How to ensure security in public places with emotions recognition. Read more


PTZ joysticks in Xeoma

February, 7 2020

Now you can control PTZ cameras in a few clicks. Starting with 19.11.26 version we’ve added possibility to use PTZ joysticks in Xeoma. You can easily switch between cameras and monitor the area by means of PTZ joystick in Xeoma. Read more


6 common mistakes in making a video surveillance system

December, 19 2019

In this article you will find a list of the 6 most common mistakes that people make when they make their earliest steps in video surveillance. Read it to know how to avoid them! Read more


Sports Ball and Players Detection and Tracking

December, 10 2019

Sports Tracking is the module based on artificial intelligence designed for automatic detection of a sports ball or players in camera’s field of view, and automatic tracking to always follow the object. This is especially highly-demanded in video broadcasts of team sports events. Easy setup, work with off-shelf equipment, possibility to add other sport game type… Read more about this module in our new article


6 reasons why you should use video surveillance in a service center

November, 15 2019

Video surveillance in service centers is used more often every day. The reason behind this popularity is that it helps accomplish many goals, and help the center get more profits. In this article we show 6 examples how video surveillance in a service center can help generate new sales, new profits for all parties of this business. Read more


Video surveillance in a coffeehouse

October, 31 2019

Many agree: video surveillance in a coffeehouse is a must. It’s a scientific fact that the aura of the place (in our case, a coffeehouse) has direct influence on guests’ good memories about the place and the goods it serves. There is no place for worries in such a gourmet place as a coffeehouse so this is where video surveillance enters the scene. Learn how video surveillance helps make your coffee shop better in this new article!


Video surveillance with Xeoma in the insurance company

October, 29 2019

Video surveillance with Xeoma is the easiest way not only to setup video surveillance in the office but also increase sales! New intellectual modules based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning alongside other basic yet powerful modules will help to build a perfect cctv system and meet all requirements of the modern world. From basic video surveillance to a powerful tool for collecting marketing information – everything is possible with Xeoma. Read more


Video surveillance in a warehouse

October, 16 2019

Creating a perfect cctv solution for a warehouse can be very challenging. You should take many things into account. Xeoma will be a perfect solution and the easiest way to set up warehouse cctv. Its video analytics can help to automate many processes. Read more


CCTV systems at the post office

October, 1 2019

Post office is a multitasking organization, providing important service, consisting of dozens of tasks. Is it possible to automate some processes to improve work of the main organization, providing delivery of correspondence and parcels throughout the country, as well as abroad? Xeoma says yes! Read more


Video surveillance video analytics: people tracking

September, 17 2019

There is no one fundamental understanding of the phrase “People Tracking” in the world of video surveillance. Most of the time, the definition and form of people tracking depends on what goal is pursued – whether it’s automated count of employees’ work hours, a way to quickly get an idea what a person’s movement track was, or counting of guests of an HoReCa establishment.
Whatever you mean by “people tracking”, Xeoma does have it. Read more


New Raspberry Pi 4 board: new system for video surveillance

September, 11 2019

The recently released Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer is anticipated to be on the curve of demand for several years to come. It’s powerful, mobile, costs low, and has a great range of supported apps and external devices. Video surveillance on Raspberry Pi 4B can work with even intensive artificial intelligence modules. Read more


Video surveillance at the tailoring factory

September, 9 2019

How often do you purchase clothes? Dress-making is a complicated process that includes rent of premises, recruitment, fabrics ordering and many other things. When everything is set up and organized, there’s one important thing that shouldn’t be missed. Each business requires control and supervision. Especially, if it’s a large factory with many employees. Multifunctional Video surveillance software Xeoma will be a great solution. It has a wide range of different modules and functions that will be helpful at the place of production. Read more


Video surveillance in pharmacy chains

September, 5 2019

Pharmacy chains sell more than just drugs. Many shoppers bring more money, which makes them a juicy target for burglars, shoplifters, fraudsters and robbers. Although video surveillance in pharmacy chains has been introduced years ago as a means for increasing security, it is not solely for security anymore. It is a powerful tool to analyze your customer care, resolve incidents before they happen, improve weak points of your business, and use the saved funds to offer overall better experience for customers.Read more


Video surveillance in police with Xeoma

August, 30 2019

Reducing crimes with video surveillance. Is it possible?
Statistics says yes. Video surveillance system can help in reducing crimes and making our life overall safer.
Nowadays more and more cameras appear on the streets. And police check the video in an effort to eliminate crime and catch troublemakers in the act. But is it effective? Find more information here

How video surveillance solutions help fight illegal dumping and high-rise littering

August, 29 2019

Although we’ve directed our attention to other continents, ocean and space, as down-to-earth problem as littering is still our neighbor in so many neighborhoods. Fighting high-rise littering and illegal dumping can not just save environment and lives, but also bring additional funds to the municipal budget. Video surveillance can help in three ways. Read more

Video surveillance in microfinancing institutions

August, 23 2019

MFIs, microfinancing organizations, microloans – these words are familiar almost to everyone. Microfinancing institutions meet you at every turn. This business is developing very fast, and video surveillance can help to develop it even better. Read more

Top 6 tips and tricks for video surveillance in a currency exchange booth

August, 22 2019

Our list of top 6 simple yet effective tips will help you organize the best video surveillance system in a currency exchange booth to prevent or investigate crimes, as well as increase profits of your currency exchange business. Read more

Access control innovations: automation in university campuses and other entrance checkpoints

August, 2 2019

Can you get the best of human patrol ability to analyze and suspect, and a machine’s tirelessness and cost-effectiveness? Yes, you can. Artificial Intelligence is gaining head-spinning momentum exactly because they combine nonstop operation with human’s understanding of shades of context. This is also relevant to access control. Read more

SD card synchronization

July, 22 2019

To provide fail-proof recording system, it seems logical to take advantage of a mechanism where the main archive is the one kept on the server, while the camera’s SD card acts as an edge storage (local to the camera itself) to do video backup for the main one. Should the main archive fail for some reason, the lost footage can be replenished from the camera itself. This is why Xeoma includes a new feature – SD card synchronization. Read more

Mobile surveillance

July, 21 2019

Mobile video surveillance systems became real, because a high-speed data connection allows us to view any video recordings, even if these are recordings from remote video cameras. A mobile phone, unlike a computer, is always with you and therefore mobile surveillance is very convenient. You can install… Read more

Video analytics in Xeoma

July, 18 2019

Video analytics technologies in Xeoma use algorithms of computer vision and artificial intelligence to automatically analyze video and detect & determine particular events. There are intellectual modules such as “Face recognition”, “LPR”, “Motion detector” and more. Find more information in our article

Videowall, panic button and alarm monitor for security officers

July, 4 2019

In the today’s world, next to any security post is equipped with the so-called “alarm monitors” – systems able to receive alerts when certain sensors are triggered, and to send responses to them. The cutting-edge video security software Xeoma offers a variety of ways to draw security officers’ attention to critical events – for example, to the perimeter violation, or detection of a missing person (or a “blacklisted” vehicle) in camera’s field of view. Read more

Rent of the license is the best way to launch a new project

June, 17 2019

You want to try Xeoma in your large object, but you don’t want to make a big-volume purchase of licenses at once? You want to start your video surveillance project, but you do not have the start-up budget? Then rent of the license is what you need! Rent of Xeoma licenses is a unique chance to launch your video surveillance project, while paying 10 times less than the cost of a regular Xeoma license. Read more

GPIO module in Xeoma

June, 13 2019

GPIO pins are now available in Xeoma. GPIO interface on microPCs (such as Raspberry Pi etc.). Create “Smart home” house control system on your own! Read more

Smart card reader – access control system in Xeoma

June, 4 2019

Nowadays control access systems join hands with video surveillance systems, so front gate entrance usually use ticket gates with embed smart card reader. Employee uses special pass card with mag-tape where all information is already integrated: job position, department, name and last name and of course photo. This pass card is easily scanned in the Xeoma’s Additional module called Smart Cards Reader, and this way the employee can enter the building. Read more

Additional modules in Xeoma.

June, 3 2019

Xeoma is a multi-functional and flexible software that contains many options and functions to build a perfect video surveillance system. Recently it was complemented with packages of Additional modules that are based on artificial intelligence. Learn what they are, how they are purchased and used in this article.

Object recognition in private life

May, 7 2019

The Object Recognition module helps filtering unwanted objects and configuring motion detector to avoid false alarms and in many other cases, for example, when you need to deter appearance of birds over crops or keep track on your no-animal-id livestock. Read more

Object recognition on the highway

April, 5 2019

Object recognition can be used to register violations and bring people crossing the road in undesignated areas to justice, and notify necessary emergency services that may help to decrease the amount of law violations and prevent many road traffic accidents in general. Read more

Going to vacation, provide safety for your pets. Xeoma and Ubuntu, User’s testimonial

March, 27 2019

What won’t we give for the peace of mind, especially when it comes to our beloved pets. One of our users has a story to share on how Xeoma helped them protect those they cherish. Read more

A Linux user’s journey through the NVR jungle. A testimonial.

March, 19 2019

Making your own surveillance system is often a laborious process, filled with slight missteps and small (but very satisfying) victories. One of our users wants to share the details of their journey that led to such victory. Read more

Emotion recognition for your business. Employee control.

March, 5 2019

Things such as employee motivation positively affect all business in general from a long-term perspective. And emotion recognition in Xeoma can help develop good chemistry in the office and increase labor productivity. Read more

Emotion recognition in retail: increasing sales in your store

February, 24 2019

Modern technologies allow reaching new levels of marketing to understand customer’s psychology better and to offer clients exactly what they want. With the benefit of emotion detector you can easily receive notifications in Xeoma about the customers that liked particular items and expressed positive emotions. Read more

Emotion recognition at the airport

February, 14 2019

Hard to believe but emotion recognition at the airport can be performed live, “on the fly”, helping airport management and security team quickly assess threats as a counter-terrorist measure. Based on the artificial intelligence, it gives you the best of deep machine learning and can be used as a powerful strategic tool to provide information about customer satisfaction level. Read more

You download torrent? Never in a thousand years!

January, 30 2019

Willing to save money, people download versions from torrent file sharing services. They just don’t think about what it leads to and what it can bring to their computer. Read in our article why it is impossible to install the torrent version.

Crack: who hacks us and how to protect yourself from it?

January, 29 2019

Products сrack versions are distributed on the Internet faster than new versions are released. As video surveillance manufacturers we are afraid of this phenomenon. Read in our article whether it is possible to install the crack version on your computer or not.

Xeoma video surveillance software for Windows OS

January 24, 2019: New article

Windows is dominantly the most popular operating system for personal computers and laptops in the world so there is no surprise that most video surveillance software are made for Windows. Xeoma works on Windows machines both with and without graphical shell, and some of its features work only in Xeoma version for Windows OS. Read more

New Wisenet cameras are designed to improve video surveillance on transport

June 6, 2018: New article

Today Tatris, the official distributor of Hanwha Techwin introduced a line of Wisenet IP cameras. All cameras are adapted and certified for public transport usage. Read more

Video surveillance system in the garage cooperative

31 May 2018: New article

The garage cooperative is quite a secluded area, where thefts, attacks and other criminal situations most often take place. CCTV installation will help solve most of the problems, connected with the crime situation in the garage cooperative: safekeeping of the property, protection of owners and staff, resolution of disputes and preventing conflicts… Read more

Free video surveillance with Xeoma

29 May 2018: New article

Nowadays the term free is often used to refer to things not free at all: for example, to something of low cost, and sometimes even of high cost as well – when the seller considers it a good bargain. Xeoma does it differently: our “free” is exactly what it means – free of charge. Find out how you can get free video surveillance with Xeoma software (including the new free edition in which you can use 1000+ cameras) in our new article.

Video surveillance system in a coal mine

18 May 2018: New article

A coal mine is a very dangerous object, and the most important aim here is to provide security, so it’s impossible to do without a video surveillance system. Learn what the most important tasks of the video surveillance system in a coal mine are in our new article.

Relocatable surveillance systems based on mini computers

14 May 2018: New article

Dealers of video surveillance systems have certainly noticed the trend of latest decade for relocatable surveillance systems that can be moved across the vast territory. Relocatable systems can be moved across the territory to dynamically handle the areas with highest priority at the moment. Read more

Video surveillance system in the bank

10 May 2018: New article

Today it is impossible to imagine a large organization without a centralized video surveillance system, and for banks whose main activity is to ensure the safety and security of people’s savings, the presence of such systems is critically important. The video surveillance installation helps to optimize… Read more

Protect customs and border protection services with a surveillance camera system

3 May 2018: New article

It’s hard to appreciate the nobility of the duty of the customs service when you have to wait in long lines,in bad weather, stuffiness, cold, heat, thunder. People get angry. People get violent. People do some things they wouldn’t do in normal circumstances. That’s why having a video surveillance camera system in checkpoints is essential. Cameras might actually save lives. They protect both travelers and customs officers equally. Read more

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise

19 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance installation at the industrial enterprise is the leading factor in the matter of security protection. Video surveillance system allows to monitor the work of personnel, guarantee the safety of production processes, as well as the safety of property. With Xeoma, you can easily provide security at the industrial enterprise, control all the production processes, and save the inventories. Read more

Ensure security in the denture clinic

10 April 2018: New article

Video surveillance system in the denture clinic is not uncommon today, and every year the number of clinics that install cctv cameras is growing rapidly. Video surveillance in the denture clinic will help solve the most important security tasks and answer the following questions… Read more

Drone Surveillance

9 April 2018: New article

A moving camera easily outperforms a stationary one – seems like a fundamental truth, doesn’t it? Naturally, if a camera is being carried by an aerial vehicle, its overall view expands dramatically. In this article we’ll cover both sides to give you a better idea what exactly you can benefit from and what the risks are. Read more

Video surveillance in hospitals

1 April 2018

Usually patients feel more comfortable and safe in a hospital, which is equipped with the video surveillance system. Moreover, when the staff is notified that security monitoring is being conducted, this contributes to more responsible performance of duties and rational time management. Read more

Clustering in Xeoma VMS

22 February 2018

One of Xeoma’s greatest advantages is its branchy clustering system. Failover, LDAP, storage clustering and multi-server or multi-client modes give you flexibility to create a system that works for you. Read more

API for integration of Xeoma

16 February 2018

API is a set of means to facilitate integration with third-party systems, or applications, or services. For manufacturers of equipment, inventors, and all those who wants to integrate Xeoma with their or third-party products, services or systems, Xeoma has an API in various forms. Read more

P2P support in Xeoma

15 February 2018

The secret for popularity of P2P-cameras is simple: they were designed to simplify the installation of the IP camera by the end user, even by a non-expert user with no network skills. According to statistics, the setup and connection of a P2P camera takes only about 10 minutes. Fortunately, now the program for video surveillance Xeoma, in its version for Windows 32 bit, also works with P2P… Read more

Using Home Surveillance for Paranormal Activity

9 February 2018

Are ghosts real? Is there such a thing as paranormal activity? Xeoma is a perfect home monitoring and surveillance solution if you feel you may have an otherworldly presence invading your space. Read more

Video surveillance cameras installation in hair and nail salon

7 February 2018

Hair and nail salon employees with increasing frequency try to persuade the salon clients to get the same procedures at a half price in their homes, and more often they save on consumables at the expense of customers or at the salon’s owner. When you install video surveillance cameras in the hair and nail salon, you cope with the following tasks… Read more

Video surveillance installation in the church

21 December 2017

As much as we’d like to believe in overall security in the church, incidents happen even there: fires, thefts, terrorist attacks, and a host of other things. The video surveillance installation in the church helps solve these issues, and Xeoma software helps prevent them. Video cameras installation helps strengthen security protection in churches, as well as protects them from vandalism. Read more

Security at sea

6 December 2017

The cruise industry goes full steam ahead with security systems. Cruise ferry is a floating city, so while the cities are secured with video surveillance, why not use it on a ship? Read more

Expo center: security protection

22 November 2017

Expo center is a place where dozens of specialized exhibitions take place every year, and quite often these are international exhibitions. Thousands of guests, including foreign ones, attend these events. The crucial component for the permanent control of the territory is video surveillance system. Read more

Video surveillance systems in cinemas

12 October 2017

Video surveillance cameras in the cinema will help avoid conflict situations, when visitors drink alcohol drinks in cinema halls; help fight against pirates who shoot films in cinema halls on their devices; and amazingly aid in increasing the movie theater’s profits. Information about number of people visiting the movie show, their gender and age is valuable for advertisers… Read more

Deep learning technology

6 September 2017

Deep learning is AI’s future in a whole lot of areas, especially the ones with high responsibility, as for example video surveillance. Deep learning technology enables machines to perform complex visual analysis, identifying the gender, age range and emotional state of the identified persons, as well as detecting, whether the person is wearing glasses. Read more

Safe City

5 September 2017

Installation of video cameras with Xeoma within the framework of the “Secure Yard” project helps reduce the risk of car theft, vandalism acts, property damage, attempt on somebody’s life. Read more

Choosing the right operating system for your video surveillance

6 June 2017

We often hear questions how to choose the right operating system for the video surveillance installation. In this article we will answer this and other questions about perfect operating system. Read more

Video surveillance installation in the horticultural society

31 May 2017

A summer cottage is the place, in which we invest our time and energies. Unfortunately, in our time cases of property and harvest theft occur increasingly frequently in horticultural societies, so the issue of security protection in horticultural societies is the most urgent. Read more

Video surveillance system in the parking space

20 April 2017

Leaving the car in the parking space, the car owner wants to be sure in its safety. But often even here unpleasant situations occur. Video surveillance system installation will help improve the safety of the parking space, and will also help identify those guilty for the incidents… Read more

Security camera installation in the shop center

13 April 2017

A shop center can become a potential threat for both visitors and trading spaces tenants. The place that is visited by thousands of people daily can become attractive for both terrorists and thieves. To ensure security in such a construction, it is necessary to apply intensive measures, and video surveillance system will become an ideal assistant in this business… Read more

Video surveillance system at sports building

27 March 2017

A healthy lifestyle is in fashion today. Sports facilities can be considered as places, where a large number of people gathers in masses. The more popular the object is, the closer attention should be paid on the part of ensuring security. On the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup… Read more

Residential complex: video surveillance installation

23 March 2017

Residential complex unites a large number of residents with the different upbringing level in one territory. The video surveillance installation will make the residential complex more secure and will help deal with most of these problems, and most importantly – secure housing from intruders… Read more

Recreation department: provide security

9 March 2017

The hottest time of the year is at hand, and it means that very soon the season of active recreation will be opened. Recreation department is one of the most popular places for active recreation. It’s time to take care about security protection, and video surveillance system will help you in this business… Read more

Video surveillance system at a petrol filling station

2 March 2017

Now we live in the period of high prices and low incomes, and prices for petrol are constantly on the rise.
Petrol filling station robberies occur with increasing frequency during the past years, and now you will hardly ever find a petrol filling station, which is not equipped with video surveillance system. Nowadays this is the most effective means… Read more

Video surveillance installation in the institutions of higher education

13 Febuary 2017

Often in educational institutions arguments arise regarding lecturer’s qualification and student’s diligence. Without video surveillance it is difficult to define those responsible for vandalism acts, as well as to determine who of the conflicting parties is in the right. Video surveillance installation will help solve a number of problems… Read more

How video surveillance provides security at a railway station

30 January 2017

Public places, where a great number of people gather in masses, become a potential threat to human security, especially at a railway station. Software for video surveillance Xeoma may become your indispensable assistant in this difficult matter… Read more

Asus Tinker single board computer

25 January 2017

Raspberry Pi’s fame and success has been long exciting the minds of manufacturers that dream to get a share of single board computers market. Asus Tinker Board is yet another RPI competitor, this time from a popular brand Asus. Learn more about the board in our new article.

Face Blur

17 November 2016

When used on its own, the “Privacy Masking” module, available in the PRO edition, will come in handy if you need to dynamically blur private property in camera’s field of view. However, rarely known fact is: “Privacy Masking” can be used in combination with other filter modules, namely detectors like “Object Detector” and “Face Detector” to blur those detected objects both in preview and in archive recordings. Read more

Bus Surveillance

10 November 2016

Since video surveillance was created for the purpose of reassuring people of their safety, the obvious question to ask is “How can we be safe en route?” This article will take a closer look at how video surveillance can be applied to buses. Read more

AAEON UP single board computer that works with Raspberry Pi extension boards

21 October 2016

Started as a crowdfunding project at Kickstarter AAEON UP Single Board Computer has grown into a real alternative to Raspberry Pi single board computer. Tiny and dynamic, Up can be placed in a challenging environment, for home and business video surveillance, where no personal computers would fit. Are you up for the Up? Read more

Hotel Security

19 October 2016

Hotels and resorts of every kind are constantly looking up to the security industry to improve their security measures, so that the lodgers would feel truly at home. This article will take a closer look at how such security can be installed and managed. Read more

Video Surveillance for Flat Buildings

18 October 2016

Even arranging video surveillance for an entire flat building is no longer a particularly tall order, considering how available house cameras are nowadays. In this article we’ll investigate how video surveillance for flat buildings can be accomplished. Read more

Cheap Intel Mini PC Wintel W8 PRO

14 October 2016

Meet the new solution, ready to work straight out of the box mini PC Wintel W8 Pro, a great alternative to single board computers. It has everything in bundle you’d need to replace a desktop computer, including an operating system from the well-known Windows family. This gadget says it loud and clear that SBCs are no longer just for geeks. Read more

Mikrotik Users Meeting 2016 Conference

13 October 2016

On September, 30 – October, 1 MUM took place in Vega Hotel, Moscow, Russia. It is an annual event, uniting network engineers, camera manufacturers, Internet providers and security installers. Read more about Xeoma in MUM 2016

Google Pixel, new Android smartphone perfect for video surveillance

10 October 2016

Google company, creator of famous Google search engine and open source operating system Android which is a main competitor to Apple and its iPhone world domination, has taken a new step to win this war. On October, 4 Google announced its new smart phone Google Pixel. Learn how it can be used in video surveillance. Read more

Video Surveillance as Part of Airport Security

7 October 2016

Anybody who traveled by plane at least once knows that airport security is tight. This, in turn, makes video surveillance equipment an essential and irreplaceable part of it. The sheer size of the facility usually renders cameras invisible to a naked eye but they still tirelessly do their work. Read more

Counter-Terrorism With Video Surveillance

29 September 2016

Visible public cameras are a serious deterring factor when it comes to criminal activity. After all, the best defense is not the one that withstands attacks; it’s the one that prevents them. This is where our counter-terrorism measures come into play. Read more

Perfect Surveillance?

19 September 2016

How much does one need to know to create one’s own surveillance system? How much effort is required to make it both functional and effective? “A lot”? Not anymore! Read more

Video Surveillance In Retail As Marketing And Sales Tool

16 September 2016

Video surveillance is capable of becoming a powerful sales tool and a valuable source of information for a concerned shop owner. Getting the very best out of what you have is not just a rare ability but a real necessity in our competitive world of marketing and sales management. Read more


15 September 2016

Wildlife is also an interesting filming material but installing an intricate camera out in the open, in such a way that it would last at least a week, is a tall order indeed. And yet, there are areas containing and preserving wildlife, where surveillance is quite possible or even required. And those are zoos. Read more

Video Surveillance vs Kidnapping

14 September 2016

One of the most basic necessities for any person is safety, but not just for oneself. If those we hold dear are safe, we feel safer as well. Ask any parent whose safety concerns them the most and the invariable answer will be “My child’s”. Read more

HDDs or SSDs for Video Surveillance?

7 September 2016

Before you can work with data, you, obviously, need to store it somewhere. What device to choose? Read more in our new article

Dual Streaming: What Should I Know?

27 August 2016

Dual streaming is simply the new step in cameras’ evolution. Modern cameras need to provide live feed to the monitor(s) (often wirelessly) AND save the footage for future reference (usually locally). Read more

Shop surveillance and crime prevention

23 August 2016

Nowadays shoplifting as an incredibly common occurrence with a simple ratio of “the bigger the shop – the higher the crime rate”. Sure, security guards can’t be everywhere – but cameras can… Read more

Xeoma Screen Recording Software

10 March 2016

If you’re looking for a great screen recording software, Xeoma is there to meet your requirements! Record from screen even in hidden mode or make a step-by-step video tutorial with Xeoma screen recorder.

Connection of NVRs and DVRs to a digital surveillance system

4 March 2016

Connection of NVRs and DVRs to a digital surveillance system doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how you can easily employ Xeoma as PC NVR software or PC DVR software for your NVRs and DVRs, for example to watch DVR online and the like, in this article.

Xeoma is a great alternative GeoVision Software

2 March 2016

GeoVision is one of the greatest security cameras manufacturer based in Taiwan. Their products come in different colors and shapes, for a reasonable price. If you are looking to build your own video surveillance system with GeoVision cameras, take a look at Xeoma GeoVision Software.

Three best Xeoma Hikvision software programs!

1 March 2016

There are a lof of indoor cameras on a market, however our customers usually use Hikvision brand. Good performance, night vision and build-in microphone are useful features, aren’t they? Let’s have a look what Hikvision software Xeoma recommend!

Choosing the right Android devices for live CCTV video with Xeoma IP surveillance

29 February 2016

There’s a plethora of cost-effective Android devices in the market nowadays, and you might be lost whether to choose an Android notebook, Android nettop or Android smart phone or digital tablet for your IP surveillance. But no matter what you choose, viewing live CCTV video from your cameras is easy with Xeoma! Learn more

Xeoma Foscam Software

26 February 2016

Foscam is one of the largest camera manufacturers in the world. Foscam security cameras users choose Xeoma very often, as they know that Xeoma is a great Foscam software, it fully supports all the cameras’ features.

How to choose surveillance camera

25 February 2016

Security cameras are powerful weapon against burglars and thieves. First of all, it can simply scare the intruder or if your home was burglarized, surveillance camera can help police to find the burglar.

Choosing a microcomputer for CCTV software

24 February 2016

When choosing a microcomputer for CCTV software system or other purposes, it’s essential to know all good and bad sides of the boards in the market. Many support Linux ARM compatible operating systems and can have Xeoma video surveillance installed on them. Yet there are a few differences… Learn more

Low-cost laptop video surveillance with Xeoma

20 February 2016

We thought it would be a good idea to show you how to set up a low-cost laptop video surveillance. This home security system can be used not only to nab burglars, but also to check how are your pets doing or assure you that your house is still standing.

Xeoma Linux Surveillance Software

19 February 2016

Most software developers offer products only for Windows or Mac operation systems owners. Xeoma haven’t forgotten about you, Linux lovers! We made sure you can set your own Linux CCTV system with Xeoma.

Raspberry computer as one of the best microcomputers for video surveillance, based on Raspberry Pi board

18 February 2016

Raspberry computer, a fully functional system based on Raspberry Pi board or its modifications, is one of the most popular microcomputers for compact and power saving video surveillance system. Learn more

Use Xeoma free version for a small video surveillance system

25 December 2015

If you are thinking about organizing your own surveillance system, you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we are always happy to answer them and help you!

Selecting camera for video surveillance

25 December 2015

This article will help you choose the right type of camera for your video surveillance system for remote control and view of cameras, and use it in Xeoma.

Why Xeoma is better?

5 November 2015

It might be hard to choose the right software for your video surveillance system. See our infogpraphic, and learn why Xeoma is better than anything else on the market. Download free of charge!

Hospital Security: Patient Monitoring

13 July 2015

A simple but effective patient monitoring system, even created with your own hands, could be a part of hospital security giving you piece of mind thanks to ability to check on a patient, especially high-risk patients, remotely once you have a free minute. Read more

Panic Button and Video Surveillance Software Xeoma

10 July 2015

Sometimes it’s just uncomfortable or unsafe to call for help outright in order not to escalate the situation. For such moments there is a panic button that allows a person under duress to quickly and silently call for help. Learn how to use a virtual panic button in Xeoma.

FIFA World Cup: security is important, but safety is primary

25 June 2015

A sport event that involves large crowds is a potential target to criminal activity and acts of terrorism. Video surveillance is a priceless tool that helps ensure safety of players, guests and fans during FIFA World Cup.

Nanny Cam – YES or NO?

22 June 2015

A nanny camera will give you a peace of mind when you leave your child with a babysitter. But before you install a camera, weigh all pros and cons and think whether it will help or hurt your situation. Learn why video surveillance system like one based on Xeoma software that you can download free of charge might be a better solution.

Security solutions for your business

13 May 2015

A good business owner is all out for protecting every aspect of it. Learn how to keep your business safe.

New Year safety tips!

4 December 2014

We are now in the season of festivities, going to have many celebrations for the New Year. Winter holidays are the most beautiful time of the year, however, it is also the most dangerous one. You should always remember, that New Year safety tips can help you to protect yourself and your house from some of the more common risks.

Black Friday agony is not for you? Have a safe online discount shopping!

24 November 2014

Black Friday is an official kickoff to the holiday shopping season. Lots of retailers offer attractive discounts on their goods and we all are tempted to shop online due to the lack of spare time or for reasons of economy. It’s the time of a year when you can get some great deals in online discount shopping! Read more

Thanksgiving recipes to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving day

24 November 2014

Thanksgiving is a holiday that we always eager to spend with our families and friends. Leaving your homes empty you need to follow few simple tips to make sure your family is safe this season. Following our simple advices you can be sure your holidays will not be interrupted by restless thoughts of the safety of your home. Have a happy and a safe Thanksgiving!

How to define vandalism and prevent defacement with video security software

24 September 2014

Damaged building sides, stolen alarms, riots, memorial destructions, car arson, graffiti, desecration of the graves – no matter its form or intention, vandalism causes disorder and an unnecessary expense.

How to secure your home while you are on a family vacation?

2 July 2014

During the summer holidays when you are on a family vacation the amount of burglaries increase from 41% to 72.6%. So it’s time to think about how to protect your apartment from thieves (hacking). Simple tips will help you to stay away from this problem.

Home’s weak points and protection

7 March 2014

We all know the proverb “my house is my castle”, however, is that so nowadays? Many of modern houses are now equipped with the latest home security alarm systems, but it is important to put the security system in the right place in your house. Read more

9 CCTV trends for 2014

27 January 2014

According to the latest reports 2014 is going to be as much lucrative and successful for the CCTV market, as the last one, or even better. Some say 2014 is going to be a tipping point for the industry… Read more

Public safety and the benefits of city CCTV surveillance

14 January 2014

The experts predict city CCTV surveillance to continue being on the rise in the year 2014. There are several reasons for that. Firstly, the obvious benefits the city council administration, citizens and businesses get from it. Secondly, … Read more

Why you should choose Debian

11 January 2013

Debian has become a mighty and influential distribution of Linux over the years. What determines its success and why you should choose it for your video surveillance system – find out about that in our new article!

Construction site video surveillance

10 December 2013

Security and materials safety issues may become an important problem at a construction site. Read our new article!

How can deploying video surveillance system help to increase school security?

20 November 2013

School security, as well as security in general, has become a crucial issue lately. Being traditionally considered as a second home for children, a safe place to be where they do learn about the life, the world in general and etc., schools do not seem to be that secure anymore. What can be done?

Ethics and appropriateness of video surveillance

23 October 2013

CCTV camera system installation has become something normal and natural for most businesses. Which is not surprising at all, as CCTV camera system may help to uncover a variety of issues, including theft, substance abuse and etc. But where is this thin line between an appropriate and legitimate video surveillance and humiliating shadowing? Read more

Wireless surveillance system and cloud security

13 September 2013

According to the latest researches, the global video surveillance as a service market is expected to grow from $474.0 million in 2011 to $2.39 billion in 2017 and achieve a compound annual growth rate of 31.5%. Moreover, wireless video surveillance will take more than 78% of the market. Why is wireless surveillance becoming so popular? Find out why!

Child Safety First: Secure home network and video surveillance system against hacker attacks

11 September 2013

In the recent uproar over Foscam and TrendNET cameras vulnerabilities to hacker attacks, you may wonder how can you secure your home network and make your child truly safe with video surveillance system? Read here to find out.

Video surveillance for pet safety

15 August 2013

How can home video surveillance provide safety of your pet? Read more.

Video surveillance in restaurants

23 July 2013

How to use contemporary technologies to decrease loss and increase discipline in your restaurant? Read more.

Rural and farm video surveillance system

16 July 2013

Why do even such traditional and often family businesses turn to video surveillance usage? How may it help? Read more.

Video Surveillance In Transportation And Logistics

23 May 2013

There are at least three parties participating in a simplest transportation process: a manufacturer, a customer and a cargo company or a logistics department of manufacturerҳ company. Consequently it might be really hard to define whoҳ exactly responsible for the productҳ theft or damage… Read more

CCTV Surveillance Myths

19 April 2013

Do you still think video surveillance is something that only experts can handle? Read our article where most common CCTV Surveillance Myths are being busted and start building your own VSS right now.

Video Surveillance Professional Installers? Thank You, No!

14 February 2013

Thinking about deploying a video surveillance system but not sure, whether do it with your hands or employ professional installers? Here are our Reasons List in favor of handmade video security.

Parental control and children safety

5 February 2013

Being a good parent isn’t easy. No matter how you try, one still has to leave children alone or with someone once in a while. But what is easy is to keep the situation under control being away, with Xeoma Video Surveillance Software and this article!

Car safety with Xeoma

25 October 2012

Creating a Do-It-Yourself anti-theft protection system for your car and using a simple camera as dash cam – this and much more on car video surveillance in Car safety with Xeoma article.

How to save money with video surveillance

4 October 2012

Saving money can be tricky. Learn how to save money while utilizing an up-to-date efficient video surveillance system in our article here (hint: Xeoma you can download free of charge).

Video surveillance laws and legality of surveillance

11 May 2012

If you consider deploying video surveillance system either by yourself or engaging professionals one of the first video surveillance issues that are going to arise is whether it complies with surveillance laws… Read more

The impossible possibilities

5 Mar 2012

Imagine you are a businessman and have to keep many places under control. Don’t you feel sometimes that it is physically impossible to manage it all? What if, in addition to much time spent on traffic, you also have suspicion about your staff’s activities? Do they really work when you’re out? Do they leave half day earlier? And where, you may wonder, has that brand-new stapler gone that you bought just the day before yesterday? Read more