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«Parking Spots» – is an easy way to get information about the parking load

«Parking Spots» - is an easy way to get information about the parking load

Parking Spots –
the new module in Xeoma


Parking Spots iconThe «Parking Spots» Additional module of the Xeoma video surveillance software is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot (when used in combination with Object Recognition or ANPR modules). When used in combination with other Xeoma modules, can be used to detect change of the “free/taken” status of other object types in other spheres (cinema, etc.).


Important advice from Xeoma Starting with Xeoma beta 23.3.22 car recognition algorithms are already built into the “Parking spots” module itself, so the additional “Object Recognition” module is no longer required to detect the place’s state change caused by cars.



The Parking Spots Additional module is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot.

Connect this module to the chain after the module that will detect required types of objects (for example, the Object Recognizer set for detection of cars/planes/buses).

In the settings of the “Parking Spots” module, place a point in the center of each parking slot. The module will monitor the appearance of this type of objects (for example, vehicles) in the parking spots – or its disappearance.

«Parking Spots» module's settings

Important: if another objects type appears in the selected area, the module will not be triggered, which guarantees a high level of accuracy of the detector.

For notifications and statistics collection, connect the email notification or sending HTTP commands modules in the chain after this module. Besides use in paid parking lots, the module can also be used to detect other objects types.

* In the next release of Xeoma, the functionality of the Object Recognition module (the option for car recognition) will be integrated into the Parking Spots module. Now you do not have to buy the Object Recognition Additional module for the functioning of the Parking Spots module, which was essential in previous versions!



The new Parking Spots Additional module in Xeoma is a way of detecting the required type of objects in the selected zones. Application examples below:


The Parking Spots module can be used in parking lots to detect empty or occupied spaces

Parking lots

Detect empty/occupied parking spaces, get notifications and display the information on the scoreboard. Record all data in a csv report and calculate the cost of parking for each car.

The Parking Spots module will help you keep track of the popularity of the cinema


In the Parking Spots module, select the zones (chairs), and set the Object Recognizer to react to people. This way you will have information on empty/occupied cinema seats, so you can estimate the popularity of your cinema and certain movies.

The Parking Spots module will help you monitor the presence of employees in the workplace


Tracking the presence of employees in the workplace. Configure Object Recognizer to react to people and select zones (workplaces) in the Parking Spots module.


The Parking Spots module can be used by the police to detect illegal parking in certain places


The Parking Spots module can be used by the police to detect illegal parking in restricted areas.

The module will allow you to detect free parking spaces at the airport


Automatic detection of free parking area in the airport

The Parking Spots module will be an excellent assistant at the bus station

Bus station

Detect free parking spots at the bus station.



No special equipment required
An ordinary modern computer can cope with the load from the module.


Any camera can be used with the Parking spots module
You can use any camera: no expensive cameras with built-in sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities are required.


Works on multiple OS: from Linux to Android
Works on multiple operation systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Linux (ARM architecture), Android and even Raspberry!



1. Download Xeoma from official website and launch it. Make sure your Xeoma is in a trial edition or activate a Pro or Standard edition license, as well as the license for the Parking Spots Additional module.

2. Add a camera or let Xeoma add a default one for you.

3. Add the Object recognizer module to a chain and set reactions to the needed objects (e.g. cars).

4. Add the Parking Spots module to the chain after the Object recognizer.

5. Add to the chain necessary filters and reactions after the module.





Try Xeoma for free! Fill in the fields below and you will get an email with a demo license for the Xeoma Pro edition and all Additional modules, including the ‘Parking Spots’ module.

To do that, enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.

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• Xeoma also has the License plate recognition module for detection of cars, trucks, motorcycles and recognition of their number plate. More about the module
• Xeoma’s Vehicle Speed Detector allows you to find and identify offenders of the speed limit in the frame. More about this module
• The Crowd Detector module is based on artificial intelligence and neural network technologies. It allows you to automatically count the number of people in the frame. More

Any questions? Assistance required? Reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!


Tips from Xeoma CCTV Do you need something else? The module does not fit your specific needs? We can develop the needed functionality and add it into Xeoma as the paid development. See details here
Watch video about the Parking spots module in Xeoma

30 November, 2020

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