Video surveillance installation with Xeoma software

If you are looking for a video surveillance solution, you should definitely take a look at Xeoma.
This modern video surveillance software is packed with useful features for small and big systems, for everyday use and special occasions, for security experts and users with no technological background.

Installation of video surveillance with Xeoma can be done in 5 easy steps:

Calculate the system requirements for your video surveillance installation 1. Do the math
(Or let our online calculator tool do the math for you)
Get insights of minimum system requirements for the project you’re doing. Using that information you can choose the needed equipment. Or, the other way around, calculate what your current equipment is capable of with Xeoma.

2. Choose your weapon
Select the equipment needed for the project, or select to use your current equipment. Xeoma is flexible so you can adjust the equipment for your installation, or find a better way to do what you want. 99% of cameras in the world are supported so you have a great choice range, for any budget.

3. Select mode of Xeoma
Xeoma has free, trial and commercial modes. Commercial modes are meant for uninterrupted work of any business verticals, and are divided into Lite, Standard and Pro editions depending on their set of features. Xeoma Cloud VSaaS is also available for when you don’t want to invest in your own equipment, and rather rent a place for your cameras in our Cloud.

Video surveillance installation requires getting the components together and arranging their infrastructure 4. Get it all together
Get all the components together, arrange the needed infrastructure of your video surveillance installation. Place cameras in strategically important areas. For face recognition, make sure that cameras are mounted at an angle that people’s faces are seen clearly in the camera image. For casinos, Fisheye cameras are often used to have a full perspective on the goings-on in the hall or at a certain table.

5. Video surveillance installation
Install Xeoma on the server and client machines. Xeoma works on all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android) and has Android and iOS apps. Also, web interface works in any browsers. Installation is carried out within seconds. Interface is intuitive so no special training is required. After that your video surveillance system is ready to operate.

These 5 easy steps are universal for virtually any video surveillance installation.

Do you need a consultation? Please give us a note! Free test licenses are available for organizations.