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CCTV software review 2021

Xeoma is the best video surveillance software in 2021

In 2021 it’s already hard to imagine our world without video surveillance cameras – they became an indispensable part of our life, whether we like it or not. Technologies are gradually developing, and now cctv cameras allow us not only to view video recordings, but do quite a huge array of functions, which we could not even dream of some years ago.

Artificial intelligence is spreading in all aspects of our life, and security cameras software is no exception. Find more about special opportunities available to you in this cctv software review 2021.

Xeoma VMS software is the best video management software 2021, as it has all necessary functions to make our life secure and even more. It includes dozens of features based on artificial intelligence that you are unlikely to find in other VMS software.

Xeoma has a unique modular structure, which allows you to build a system exclusively fitting your needs. Let’s review the most outstanding Xeoma’s features.

This is how Mask detector module icon looks like Xeoma’s Mask detector is the most relevant feature in 2021. While the problem of coronavirus spread exists, all people should wear a medical mask in public places. Xeoma’s mask detector will find offenders and quickly inform the authorities about the incident.

people_counter_module_icon Crowd detector can detect if the number of people in the frame is bigger than allowed, which is also relevant in 2021, as due to the threat of coronavirus spread only a specific number of people can stay in one room at the same time. With this module you can also count passengers in a public transportation enclosure like subway, bus, tram, train, etc. This module can also be used to detect social distance violation, which is still relevant in 2021.

Slip and Fall detector icon Slip and Fall detector is a unique module, always alert for your safety. It can detect a falling person, as well as recognize even an incomplete fall if a person slipped and fell from a small height or lost consciousness and slid down the wall. The module can be used in hospitals, old people’s homes and in smart home systems.

Icon for the sports tracking module Sports Tracking module can recognize a sport ball in a camera’s view and rotate the PTZ camera, following the ball or a group of players. This module is popular for sport games broadcasting, as it helps showing only the most interesting footage.

360° surround view module's icon 360° Surround View module is designed to stitch images from 4 wide-field cameras that cover the whole area around some object to get the bird view picture showing 360° view in one window. This module was designed specifically for yachts, but it can also be used in all kinds of transport. The module provides your vehicle with safe parking, maneuvering capabilities and crossing blind intersections. Get absolute control of everything that happens around your vehicle.

Parking Spots icon Parking Spots is Xeoma’s solution to find empty/occupied spaces in parking lots. Can also be used by the police to detect illegal parking in restricted areas, or in offices to track the presence of employees in the workplace.

eye_tracking_module_icon Eye tracking module will allow your VMS to detect the direction of a person’s gaze. This function will help you not only collect marketing information, but also open doors with the help of just one gaze.


This is just a small part of unique features that Xeoma offers to a sophisticated user, but besides that, Xeoma cctv software can handle quite a big set of other tasks.

Things you can do with Xeoma:

Choose best video surveillance software in 2021

  • count unique visitors in your facility
  • recognize people and search in the archives by photos
  • recognize vehicle license plates of different countries and create a white or black list for automated entry at your checkpoints
  • detect violation of speed limit
  • detect smoke and fire
  • detect different object types (airplane, animal, bicycle, bird, boat, bus, car, drone, motorcycle, human, train, truck),
  • recognize person’s gender and emotions,
  • recognize different sound types

    and do many other tasks. You can view the list of Xeoma VMS software features here.

    Xeoma video monitoring software works on all major operating systems
    Besides that, Xeoma works on all popular OS: Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, ARM devices, supports 99% of the world camera’s brands. It’s suitable both for home users and major systems. It can satisfy all aspects of your specific tasks, and if some feature you need is not yet implemented, Xeoma’s development team will design it at your request.

    CCTV software review 2021

    One of the major things that most users pay attention to is technical support. It’s very important to know that you won’t be left alone with your questions regarding cctv software. Xeoma’s support team replies within 24 hours and provides comprehensive support to all users absolutely for free. Moreover, Xeoma is provided with lots of tutorials: full manual, articles, FAQ, video tutorials, so you can be sure that you’ll find a solution to any request.

    To sum up, it’s evident that among all existing products on the market, Xeoma is the best video management software 2021, given its rich set of functions and availability. Xeoma is present in several commercial editions for any budget and in free and trial editions, which have no ads. Prices for Xeoma software start from $2.98 USD per channel, and even less for large projects. Xeoma Cloud subscriptions start from $0.6 a month. You can request as many licenses for your tests as you need and check if Xeoma suits you.




    You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.



    27 July, 2021

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