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Social distancing option in ‘Crowd detector’


Social distancing in Xeoma

Crowd Detector module in Xeoma “Detect social distance” is a new feature in AI-based ‘Crowd Detector’ additional module. This module is based on neural network technologies of artificial intelligence, which is able to detect the presence of many people in the camera image and live stream and detect distance between them.



New option “Detect social distance” in Xeoma’s Crowd Detector module is aimed to detect people staying too close to each other. This would be helpful for:

Staying safe

During the time of Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to stay healthy and keep the spread of Coronavirus as minimal as possible. Xeoma’s ‘Social distancing’ feature will help to avoid outbreaking of the disease and track proper distance between people. You can always check the distance between people by means of Crowd detector’s “Social distancing” feature and receive notification to quickly react.


Сompliance with social distancing regimen

Due to Coronavirus outbreak almost each country decided to adopt a regulation about social distancing to prevent spreading of the disease. So in these difficult times when there are penalty charges for non-implementation of regulations, it’s important to keep your business safe and secure. ‘Social distancing’ option in ‘Crowd detector’ module will be useful in terms of tracking and preventing social distancing rule’s omission.


Important advice from Xeoma The module can be improved to fit to your conditions and requirements! Tell us about your needs!


CROWD DETECTOR’S ADVANTAGES (social distance detection)


Advantages of Crowd Detector by Xeoma: any equipment can be used
Works with nearly any equipment:
No specialized equipment needed: CPU load of the module is about 40% from regular load of camera processing. Nearly any camera with a good stream quality will work.
Advantages of Crowd Detector by Xeoma: flexibility and versatility
Flexibility and versatility:
The same module works in different conditions – in offices, cafes, shopping centers, and in various types of public transportation.
Advantages of Crowd Detector by Xeoma: affordable price
Affordable price:
No monthly payments, just a one-time payment of $199.95 per module for a lifetime license. Works even with a basic Xeoma Standard edition.



The Crowd Detector by Xeoma uses the artificial intelligence technologies: using its ‘knowledge’ and ‘experience’ (taken from the provided datasets), the module is looking for human heads or humans in the camera field of view based on the specific characteristics of them. You need to tick ‘Detect social distance’, then create a line (proper distance between people), configure other parameters and press ‘OK’. If the distance between people is too short (shorter than the line), then you’ll see the message “Distance violation” on preview.

You can get notifications, alarms and other reactions triggered automatically at detection of a distance violation – just connect the corresponding reaction module in modules chain after the Crowd Detector (e.g. ‘Sending email’ or ‘Sound on the client/server’). The module’s work can be integrated with external systems (with the “HTTP Request Sending” module) or programmable reactions (with the “Application Runner”). See the detailed Crowd Detector setup guide




1. Download Xeoma from our official site and launch it. By default, Xeoma is run in the Trial mode so stay in it or activate a Xeoma Pro or Xeoma Standard license.
2. Add your camera or wait for Xeoma to add all cameras found in your network automatically.
3. Add the “Crowd Detector” module to the modules chain of the camera.
4. Choose ‘Detect social distance’ feature in the module’s settings, draw a line (the size of the proper distance) and set the module up according to your needs (turn on saving of reports, postrecord etc.)
See the detailed Crowd Detector setup guide




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Any questions? Assistance required? Reach out to us! We’ll be happy to help!

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Watch our video about Social Distance in Xeoma


Important advice from Xeoma If the Crowd Detector doesn’t work in your environment, or you need more, it can be tailored for you in course of Xeoma’s paid development program. Read more about paid development

October 15, 2020

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