Vehicle detection and classification in video surveillance

Are you in need of automated detection and counting different types of vehicles? Xeoma can separate personal cars from trucks or motorcycles, and react to each type separately – for example, count them separately.

To do that, you should use several chains with the “Object detector”, “Cross-line detector” and two “HTTP request sender” modules in each, and connect “HTTP Marking” to the archive.

In each “Motion detector” you should set up different objects’ sizes, which correspond to each vehicle’s type: motorbikes, cars, lorries.
In each chain set up one of the “HTTP marking” module to work “when event started”, and the other one – “when event ended” so as to start recording when a vehicle is detected in the monitored area and to finish recording when it passes.

So, this way you will have the opportunity to search for the necessary vehicle’s type in the archive. The chain will look like this:

Xeoma Video Surveillance can be used for vehicle separation

This might prove very useful in various verticals, in municipal (police) or commercial (taxi park) use.

Do you also need license plate recognition? Please see Xeoma’s ANPR function.

July, 27 2018

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