Xeoma is the video surveillance bestseller

Finally, video surveillance becomes childishly easy with Xeoma software!

Inspired by children’s playset toys, Xeoma video surveillance software allows to build your camera system by combining blocks of functionality. Go ahead, play around — enjoy your video surveillance.

Innovative and truly user-friendly interface created for users, not machines. Perfect for both homes and businesses. All usual features – and more than that.




Security system for unlimited number of cameras


Video: How Xeoma can make your life safer


Xeoma video security software supports thousands of cameras
Supported are thousands of camera models ONVIF, MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, Fisheye, WiFi, PTZ, audio…

Xeoma video monitoring software works on all major operating systems
Works on Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM (Raspberry), Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
Xeoma CCTV software has a contemporary visual interface
User-friendly interface – simple to work with!

Xeoma is the only video surveillance software for Linux ARM and Android with such features.
It’s also the CCTV software №1 for Mac OS X.
To our knowledge, Xeoma is one of the top 5 webcam software for Windows and Linux.
Affordable prices


up to 3000
cameras per server
camera brands supported
year of establishment
46 000
monthly downloads


Ready to work in 1 second

Xeoma is ready to work right after download. No installation or admin rights required. Auto-search of cameras. More

Various editions for any budget

Xeoma offers editions for any budget and purpose: from the 100% free edition with unlimited number of cameras, to professional edition with forensic video analytics. Choose the one for your budget, see the editions comparison table

All usual features – and more than that

More than 100 features, from easy ones to intellectual. Video analytics: PTZ tracking, vehicle license plate recognition (ANPR for Europe, UK, USA and CIS countries), face recognition, face and objects blur, visitors counter, detectors of crowd, objects, smoke, sound, abandoned items, sabotage; search for motion events in archive by time or zones, integration with external devices and smart home systems.

Also: motion detector with pre-record for zones of any shapes, motion track visualization, Fisheye dewarping, motion-triggered placing of cameras to bigger slots, camera grouping, multi-layer interactive map of a site (eMap), device list, image rotation, zoom in/out, PTZ, TLS secure connection. Export of extracts from the archive in various formats, possibility to make intervals undeletable, simultaneous view and export of several archives at once, SMS notifications, upload to and from FTP, support for dual streaming, simultaneous recording to several disks, and much more.

Remote access from anywhere you are

Wherever you are, you can view your cameras and control Xeoma remotely. Even without static external IP address

Administration and user profiles

Quick addition of up to 3000 per server, any camera resolution (10Mpix and higher), easy management, support for LDAP, network clustering, fine tune access permissions, creation of your own cloud service – stable work of the system even without supervision.
Minimum hardware requirements

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100% quality guarantee

100% quality guarantee

Free tech support

Free tech support

No viruses

Safe to use: no viruses or ads

Safe payments

Safe payments




Best conditions for resellers and installation companies

10-50% discounts. Free rebranding and customization. Integration with your billing and license generation as you go. Special discounts for hardware manufacturers. Details


Our clients

Xeoma has been installed in a number of banks, airports, insurance companies and factories around the world.
Xeoma’s popularity among our clients and partners has this solid basis:
– fast and efficient tech support
– wide range of features with flexible configuration
– prices several times more affordable than competition’s
– works on a variety of operating systems
– can process more cameras per server than analogs (up to 3000 cameras per server)
– new features added as per users’ requests, adapted even to specific business needs
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Typical application scenarios for Xeoma

Xeoma ip camera software offers best conditions to providers
For service providers:
connect customers to your own Cloud
Xeoma can be successfully utilized in the construction industry
For home:
peek in when you’re away!
Use Xeoma CCTV to provide safety and security in malls, shops, and other places of business
For businesses:
offices, banks, malls, access control


Xeoma webcam software is perfect for city and municipal CCTV
For government:
Safe city, airports, railway stations
Xeoma has a very beneficial partner program with free OEM for resellers, dealers, distributors
For resellers:
earn commission off your sales
Beneficial partner program with free OEM for manufacturers
For manufacturers:
special conditions and discounts.
Higher sales with high quality software
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