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Xeoma video surveillance software with AI-powered analytics

Xeoma is the video surveillance software for any camera project including Artificial intelligence ones. It supports 99% of all camera models and works on all popular OSes. Xeoma has simple interface, flexible turnkey settings, friendly “live” tech support completely free of charge and a wide range of professional functions including AI-powered video analytics:
– recognition of license plates, faces, emotions, age, gender,
– recognition of object types and sounds,
– detection of medical masks, safety gear, abandoned and missing objects, CCTV system’s health issue, crowd and loitering detection, line crossing, counting of visitors and passengers, PTZ tracking and tours, heatmap and many other!

Xeoma also has interactive floor plans, “smart” automatic distribution of records across multiple disks, access control and automation, integration with cash registers, free rebranding and API, organization of your own cloud service, features development upon your request, “smart home” features, an unlimited number of servers – more than 100 functions, from the simple ones to the professional!

You can always get technical support with answers to questions of any complexity completely free of charge via email or online chat, Skype, via calls on WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat and via phone in 12 countries.

Xeoma features

Artificial intelligence and beyond

Multiple cameras view

Xeoma video surveillance software with AI-powered features


AI: License plate recognition in Xeoma
AI-based Face recognition in Xeoma


AI-based Emotion recognition in Xeoma
Artificial intelligence: Age recognition in Xeoma


AI-based Text recognition in Xeoma
AI-based Sound types recognition in Xeoma



Xeoma video surveillance software - easy to manage

Xeoma offers a completely free version without ads, a trial version for testing, and commercial versions for any budget.
Thanks to the modular structure, working with Xeoma is easy, just like with a children’s toy set! Add, combine, reconfigure the featuresenjoy your video surveillance.
In desktop Xeoma all data is stored on your equipment and is not transferred anywhere without your consent and specific settings for that.
Affordable prices – as low as $5 USD per channel + discounts for large projects. Xeoma Cloud subscriptions from $0.75/mo.


Large discounts for Xeoma products. Forwarding customers to you. Free rebranding and customization. Integration with your billing system and license generation in 1 click. Special discounts for hardware manufacturers. Free demo licenses for tests and comprehensive assistance from our Support Team. More about Xeoma partnership program here.

Xeoma is a program for both simple video surveillance and for large systems and enterprises. Everything you want from a video surveillance system, and more! One program – many fields of application:

Create your video surveillance using Xeoma software - 100+ video analytics

Video surveillance

Video security and access control:

• recording of video with sound,
• intrusion and trespassing detection,
• automated instant reactions and notifications,
• integration with sensors and third-party equipment,
• face recognition-based access,
• license plate recognition-based gate opening,
• access automation with smart cards and QR codes,
and much more.

Create your video surveillance using Xeoma

Raising profits

Loss reduction and business optimization:

• product defects detection in production lines,
• productivity estimation of conveyor workers,
• queue detection in stores,
• anti-fraud cash register monitoring,
• visitors counter and emotion recognizer,
• tracking the functioning of promo monitors,
• creation of your own cloud service,
• ATM embedded cameras,
and much more.

Create your video surveillance using Xeoma, AI-powered features

Business automation

No supervision of business processes:

• scaring off birds of prey in fish farms and crop fields,
• drone detection for airports,
• detection of people (not) wearing medical masks,
• price tag recognition for stores,
• ball auto-tracking during sports game broadcasting,
• automated visitors counter,
• heatmap indicating high-traffic areas for stores,
and much more.

Create your video surveillance using Xeoma CCTV software

Police, safe city

City and traffic surveillance:

• auto fines for speed limit offenders,
• transporting footage from body-worn cameras,
• search for missing people or vehicles via city cameras,
• crowd density on public transportation,
• proactive prevention of crimes (based on citizens’ emotions and city sounds),
• assigning tags to politicians’ speeches,
• detection of abandoned and missing objects,
and many more.

Create your video surveillance using AI-powered Xeoma software

Smart home

IoT, automation and security:

• gate or door opening upon recognizing faces or vehicles,
• launching home appliances (cleaner, cooker, thermostat) upon host arrival (or other event),
• auto-alarm or emergency police call upon seeing faces or vehicles from the ‘black list’,
• host mood-based reactions (music, lighting, multimedia, climate),
• detection of intrusion or suspicious sounds,
• “live” feed from cameras (incl. PTZ ones) for all-time awareness.

Artificial intelligence: Create your video surveillance using Xeoma

Customer-specific business tasks

Video surveillance project tailored just for you:

Got a business need involving artificial intelligence and/or sound/video analytics? We can help you find the perfect solution! We can create custom development to help you achieve your business goals.

And other options, including camera firmware integration for embedded access to cloud video surveillance and integration with new devices and equipment. Contact us to get more information, we’ll gladly help!

AI-based object recognition in Xeoma
Artificial intelligence: Gender recognition in Xeoma


AI-powered Color recognition in Xeoma
Speed detection in Xeoma


Parking spots detection in Xeoma
AI-based Construction site safety in Xeoma


Easy to use IP surveillance with Xeoma: 1000+ cameras supported
1000+ supported camera models: ONVIF, MJPEG, H.264, H.264+, H.265, H.265+, Fisheye, WiFi, PTZ, audio, RPI module etc.
More about supported cameras
CCTV software Xeoma works on all popular OSes
Works on all popular OSes: Windows, Linux, Linux/ARM (Raspberry), Mac OS X, iOS and Android.
More about supported OSes
Flexible modular interface of Xeoma is easy to manage
User-friendly interface, modular system and flexible settings in Xeoma – simple to work with!
More about Xeoma interface
AI: Drone detection in Xeoma
RIF+ detector in Xeoma


AI-powered Sports Tracking in Xeoma
Artificial intelligence module in Xeoma: Slip and fall detection


Search by photo in Xeoma
Privacy masking in Xeoma video surveillance software

Why Xeoma?

Xeoma is the only video surveillance program for Linux ARM and Android with such extensive functionality.
It’s the #1 video surveillance software for Mac OS X.
According to our information, it is one of the 5 best video surveillance programs for Windows and Linux.

There are several reasons for Xeoma’s popularity among our clients and partners:
– extensive experience in video surveillance – our company has been operating since 2004;
– innovative, more flexible product, and more convenient than outdated programs;
– wide functionality (including video analytics and artificial intelligence modules) with flexible settings to suit your needs;
– 100% free of charge fast and efficient tech support;
– very favorable prices – lower than those of competitors;
– licenses are sent immediately after the purchase;
– works on all popular operating systems;
– supports more cameras per server (up to 3000 cameras per server);
– free rebranding and customization, API;
– dynamic addition of new functionality and adaptation to the specifics of various businesses upon request.
More reasons why Xeoma.

Xeoma customers are listed here.


Up to 3000
cameras per server
camera brands supported
year of establishment
>46 000
monthly downloads


Ready to work in 1 second

Xeoma is ready to work immediately after downloading. No installation or admin rights required. Auto-search of cameras. More about Xeoma’s work.

All usual features – and more than that

More than 100 features, from easy to intellectual ones. Video analytics:

Automated access control in Xeoma: card reader
Modbus controller in Xeoma


Abandoned and missing objects detection in Xeoma
AI-powered Eye tracking in Xeoma


Visitors counter in Xeoma video surveillance software
Heatmap in Xeoma video surveillance software


Remote access from anywhere in the world

Wherever you are, you can view your cameras and control Xeoma remotely, even without static external IP address! Use Xeoma mobile or desktop app to connect to your cameras and check them online and their archive recordings. Xeoma offers 100% free P2P remote connection.

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Administration and user profiles

Quick addition of up to 3000 per server, any camera resolution (10 MPix and higher), easy management, restoring settings directly from the program interface, support for LDAP and LDAPS, multi-server connection, network clustering, fine-tuning of access permissions, starting your own cloud service – stable work of the system even without supervision.

Minimum hardware requirements.

Haven’t you found what you’re looking for? Let us know!

Xeoma has been installed in a number of banks, airports, insurance companies and factories around the world.

Distributors and dealers of Xeoma video surveillance software with AI features

Check all partners and testimonials


Real world feedback:

Randy P., CNC Engineering Tech at Tesla Motors Inc., USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“Thank you for the work you have done to meet our needs, the software showed a great deal of promise.

You are very responsive, thorough, and professional.”
13 October, 2023


Dorie Nelson, Executive Assistant at Western Digital Corporation, USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“Thanks for helping us to create a prototype of the upcoming ‘My Cloud’ network storage devices with embedded Xeoma video surveillance.”


Todd Cohen, Lashley, Cohen and Associates, Inc., USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“We enjoyed working with you and hope to continue working with you when the need arises. Your support was great and everything you provided worked as promised.

Once again thank you for your help. ”


Gloria Brent, MDS, USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“You guys are the best and beyond wonderful! 🙂

I want to tell you that your company has been exceptional at getting this product to market. Your team is fantastic to work with, and we truly had a great system.

Thank you for the years of assistance you have given me to finish this project. If you need any references from companies inquiring about your service, please give them my contact information. I will sing your praises across mountains and tree tops!”


Christian S., net@talk GmbH, Germany Verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Great

“There is very much positive feedback on xeoma from all our customers using it, and we are very happy, to be a reseller of this great product.”


Andrew Lorber, Hudson Exchange Group, USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“Thank you for your patience and exemplary work ethic!
We are very happy to be in business with you.”


Vincent Hsieh, Aleric Inc., USA Verified purchase Verified customer

5 star feedback

“I enjoyed very much working with you over the years.”


Tom, USA Verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Headless Linux

“I struggled to find just a server piece that ran on a headless Linux box, this fit the bill entirely. … Your guys’ software rocks.”


Fernando, Brazil Verified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Pro is the best

“I use the Pro version of the software and I can say it’s the best.
The company also has an excellent post-sales technical support that aids in subsequent doubts.
I congratulate also on the page where it explains virtually everything in the software.”


Bryan R., USAVerified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Absolutely amazing

“This software is absolutely amazing. Xeoma has all the fundamentals for a reliable security system, with a plethora of advanced and artificial intelligence features as well. It is a self-contained, single binary, turnkey solution, which runs completely out of the box on virtually all modern operating systems. This is also one of the best options for Linux; while not open source, it is actively maintained and updated. It is also extremely stable and has unbelievable efficiency and performance!”


Lance S., Great BritainVerified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Awesome app

“An excellent application for video surveillance, I have been using it for more than 10 years.”


Otto B., SwedenVerified purchase Verified purchase

5 star feedback Reliable

“Works well. Support is very responsive”

Read more feedback about Xeoma | Leave yours and help others


FelenaSoft is looking for partners – security camera installers, security system engineers, security equipment manufacturers, telecommunication providers, CCTV dealers, distributors and resellers – from all over the world. Please contact us!

Typical application scenarios for Xeoma

IP video surveillance for providers and distributors: create your own Cloud - flexible configuration and easy access through web portal
For service providers:
Connect customers to your own Cloud
Create perfect video surveillance for your home with Xeoma
For home:
Peek in when you’re away!
Use Xeoma CCTV surveillance for business
For business:
Offices, banks, malls, access control


IP video surveillance will increase the safety of city residents and government employees
For government:
Safe city, airports, railway stations
Install Xeoma video surveillance systems for your clients and get benefits!
For resellers:
Earn commission off your sales
If you produce hardware and equipment for IP video surveillance, we invite you to partner up with us
For manufacturers:
Special conditions and discounts.
Higher sales with the high-quality software.


AI-powered video surveillance Xeoma for malls and shops
For malls:
Create reliable and multifunctional CCTV system in a mall, shop or boutique
Parking spots module in Xeoma video surveillance to detect free or occupied parking spaces
For parking:
Use Xeoma to detect free parking spots or check on your vehicle
Xeoma surveillance for banks and other financial organizations
For banks:
Xeoma’s AI at your disposal: check your customers emotions, detect fraud and count visitors


Freight unloading counter in Xeoma CCTV software
For mining:
Detect unloadings with Xeoma’s “Freight unloading counter”
AI in Xeoma to detect helmets and robe at a construction site
For construction sites:
Detect helmets, robe and check on the progress with Xeoma!
Xeoma for factories and plants with large amount of cameras
For factories:
Connect 1000+ cameras and create your perfect video surveillance system with Xeoma


Xeoma video surveillance for offices
For offices:
Automate time management and provide your employees with a safe space
Xeoma for farms
For farms:
Use Xeoma’s tools to scare away birds from crops and many other features!
Xeoma in a hospital: AI-based video surveillance with analytics
For hospitals:
Automated access control and slip and fall detection


Artificial intelligence in Xeoma video surveillance for restaurants
For HoReCa:
Enjoy Xeoma’s AI-powered features and grow your business
Smart home solution with Xeoma: Artificial intelligence and analytics
For Smart homes:
Create your own device ecosystem and control it with Xeoma
Warehouse video surveillance with Xeoma
For warehouses:
Protect the property during weekends and night-time with Xeoma


Xeoma video surveillance in schools and kindergartens
For schools:
Xeoma is suitable as a video nanny and perfect to be used at schools, kindergartens and similar facilities
Marketing and advertising with Xeoma's AI
For advertising:
Use Xeoma’s AI-based emotion, face, age and gender recognition to collect valuable marketing information
Access rights in Xeoma for operators and users
For operators:
Create various accounts for operators with restricted access to ensue CCTV system safety


Free remote access in Xeoma


Multi-server mode in Xeoma
Access rights in Xeoma


AI-powered 360 degree surround view
Artificial intelligence: Crowd detection in Xeoma

Xeoma modes

Check Xeoma editions (Starter, Lite, Standard and Pro) comparison table.

Xeoma video surveillance software advices You can calculate system hardware requirements using our calculator.

Xeoma full user manual can be checked here.



You can request free demo licenses for Xeoma here. Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.

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Partnership program to sell Xeoma license and gain profit More demo licenses are available to resellers and large businesses. Request demo licenses here.