Xeoma Cloud Video Surveillance System at great prices

XEOMA operates as a CCTV Cloud Storage as a service. It means that we have Xeoma running on our cloud server and you can connect your cameras there.

Why is it great?

The server will take up all load, maintainence and update, while you can connect to it at any time to view your cameras, their archives, download records of interest and use all the usual features of Xeoma you might need in the cloud!

You don’t need to buy or maintain expensive video surveillance equipment. Just a camera and Internet connection is what is required.

Xeoma Cloud video surveillance can also be used in addition to computer-based Xeoma that runs on your computer to push video to the cloud. You can view this live and archived video over the Internet with Xeoma Client or in a web browser.


Free access to Xeoma Cloud

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Video about Xeoma Cloud


How Xeoma Cloud is better than other cloud services?

With a lot of cloud services nowadays, here’s why you should choose Xeoma Cloud:

Quick start

Minimum requirements to start working with Xeoma Cloud – just a camera and Internet connection. No special knowledge required. Easy connection with step-by-step instructions and videos.

Cost-efficient and trouble-free

No need to buy a sophisticated up-to-date computer. Forget about maintenance costs and huge electricity bills for servers running 24/7. Xeoma Cloud servers are set up by our team of experts and is overall cheaper and easier than regular on-site video surveillance!

Stable and secure work

Your footage is safe in Xeoma Cloud video surveillance system – only authorized users have access to cameras, both in real-time and archive. Even if the camera is vandalized, they will never get the footage.

Sophisticated features

Unlike other cloud surveillance services that offer only motion detector and record (at best), Xeoma Cloud offers almost all of its regular features, including PRO features: emap, object tracking and visualization, integration with cashier registers and home automation systems, synchronized view of multiple archives, with a few exceptions.

Flexible pricing and NO hidden fees

Different, flexible types of subscriptions with What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get conditions allow you to find the right one just for you.

No ads, no logo watermarks

even in the free version!


Every subscription has:
No advertisements or logo watermarks in camera live view or in archive.
Unlimited live and recorded view.
Unlimited download of videos.
Any image resolution.
Unlimited fps.


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How to use Xeoma Cloud

4 easy steps:

1. Get a subscription.

2. After having purchased a subscription, a letter will arrive to your email with the connection data and password. You will need to enter these data into Xeoma Client.

3. Download Xeoma Client from the download page.

4. Run it and enter connection data from the letter into the Connection dialog.

Cloud CCTV with XeomaCloud CCTV based on IP cam software XeomaCloud CCTV with Xeoma video cloud surveillance software


Why is cloud-based video surveillance better than regular PC-based installation?

  • saves you efforts, time and money
  • great for locations where 24/7 running of server is not possible or desirable
  • saves electricity
  • no equipment except for cameras is needed
  • perfect for cameras positioned in many locations
  • your records are not subject to theft, safe on our cloud server

If you want to have cloud cctv running on your server use Xeoma Pro Your Cloud



Xeoma Cloud subscription Average time of storage* (1 camera, only motion) Average time of storage* (maximum cameras, continuous recording) Simultaneous viewers (via client / via web browser)
1 camera (maximum 1 GB) 5 days 12 hours 1
up to 2 cameras (maximum 5 GB) 24 days 2 days 2
up to 4 cameras (maximum 50 GB) 8 months 6 days 4
up to 8 cameras (maximum 100 GB) 16 months 6 days 8
up to 16 cameras (maximum 200 GB) 32 months 6 days 16
up to 32 cameras (maximum 400 GB) 64 months 6 days 32
up to 64 cameras (maximum 800 GB) 128 months 6 days 64

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*Storage time is unlimited, it depends on camera specifications and storage space provided by the subscription.
Average storage time in the table is just an approximate calculation of how long video can be retained before overwriting starts if the camera has 0.3 Mpix resolution (640 x 480 px) with 1 frame in 2 seconds refresh rate.
You can calculate your average storage time based on this information, or ask us.
Overwriting will write newest entries over your oldest ones.



You think you have an economical and easy cloud service. Not unless you tried Xeoma. Other cloud services trick you into buying their seemingly economical subscriptions by adding hidden costs for nearly every feature you want to add or disable (like watermarks). Also, they set very strict restriction on what cameras you can or cannot connect while with Xeoma Cloud you can use cameras of any resolution and refresh speed.

Possibilities Xeoma Cloud Traditional cloud services
No advertisements . .
No watermarks . .
Unlimited view time
(online and archives)
. .
Unlimited download of videos . .
Camera of any resolution . .
Any fps
(frames per second rate)
. .
Sophisticated features available . .
Flexibility of subscription . .
Clear conditions without extra fees . .
Continuous OR motion-triggered recording . .



The solution is ideal for cameras in single or multiple locations, such as shops, parking lots, schools and etc.!

  • Easy start – connect in 1, 2, 3!
  • There is no need to set up your own IT infrastructure;
  • When the purchased storage limit is reached, loop recording will overwrite old videos with new ones;
  • You can use all modules of the regular version of Xeoma – detectors, sms or email sending, ftp upload, etc.;
  • Not available are only
    a) modules that cannot work in the cloud (Screen Capture, local USB cameras, local microphone, File Reading, Save to File, Application Runner, Sound Alarm, etc.) and
    b) “heavy” modules like ANPR, Face Detector, Object Detector, Privacy Masking, Image Rotate, Image Resize, Smoke Detector RTSP Broadcasting, and Fisheye Dewarping. However, these “heavy” modules can be bought separately and added to your subscription for $20/month for each instance of chosen modules;
  • Camera requirements: JPEG, MJPEG, H264, H265 or MPEG-4 stream with static public IP address that you can view from the outside Internet (or, if the address is dynamic, you can use any free DDNS service). Please remember that you need to forward camera’s ports on your router: 80 (for JPEG, MJPEG) or 554 (for H264, H265, MPEG-4) port of the camera (see this resource to learn how to do it: http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm).
    If cameras don’t have public static IP address or its substitutes, see this page for more options.
  • Preview stream: maximum resolution 352×288, maximum bitrate 150 Kbps (for h264/h265/mpeg-4). No limitation for MJPEG/JPEG.
    We recommend to use JPEG/MJPEG stream for preview and direct saving to the archive;
  • Network requirements depend on camera image resolution and fps or bitrate. Use our system requirements calculator for an estimation. For example, 2.2 Mbit Internet connection per 1 Full-HD camera with 2 fps, or 128 Kbit per 1 camera with 800×450 image resolution and 0.5 fps, besides the load of all other users in the network. Internet connection with unlimited traffic is preferred;
  • You can monitor how many subscription days are left;
  • You can extend your subscription as your business grows – buy more storage space or connect more cameras.


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If the camera has external static IP address:
1. Connect to Xeoma Cloud using received connection data.
2. Run the advanced search by IP/password in “+” menu in the panel below.
3. Your camera will be found and added automatically.

If your camera doesn’t have a public IP address, Xeoma offers a variety of ways to connect it anyway. See here


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