Video surveillance for home automation systems

Xeoma video surveillance software is the perfect addition to your smart home system.

Over 100 intellectual, useful and easy-to-use features to enjoy the peace of mind and comfort of the smart home.
Millions of loyal users around the globe.

Xeoma is good as a standalone security system and as a part of a home automation thanks to its smart detectors and flexible work with external devices and systems.

  • Cost-effective & good revenue
  • Supports all major OS (successful work on ARM architecture, Android devices, Windows OS, MacOS, Linux, with apps for iPads/iPhones, Android)
  • Works with external sensors
  • Great support & customer care
  • Exclusive features
  • Free rebranding
  • Smooth integration into smart home systems
  • Easy, truly “smart-home-like” interface and control

Various scenarios of use:

Motion-triggered gate or doors opening.

Face recognition. Authorized entry to premises. Alarms for blacklisted faces.

Turning on climate control, lights when you’re approaching the house (Face Recognition).

Smart following the object around the perimeter (PTZ Tracking).

Detection of abandoned or missing items with configurable time of alert delay.

License plate recognition: automated gate opening and closing at detection of LP in “white list”.

Alarms, notifications, pre-set reactions.

Work with external sensors, devices (running of apps, GPIO control, http commands). Successful integration with smart home systems.

Also: Loitering detection, Object type detection, Camera tampering detection, and up to 100 more!

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See our PDF presentation about Xeoma video surveillance in home automation systems:

Download the PDF presentation of Xeoma video surveillance software work with home automation systems and IoT