Xeoma: turn-key video surveillance kit

If you are looking for a turn-key video surveillance solution, we would like you to take a look at Xeoma.

Xeoma is video surveillance software with hundreds of features, including professional ones. It supports 99% of cameras in the world, any types of cameras, and works on all major operating systems. Read more about Xeoma

Many objects need a complete solution for their security needs, not just software. That’s why Xeoma can be offered as a part of a turn-key video surveillance kits.

Depending on the target customer scale, you can use Xeoma to create turn-key video surveillance kits of various size and form.

Turn-key video surveillance kit with Xeoma1 camera. Android kit.
Take an Android tablet and make Xeoma a pre-installed app. The tablet’s main camera will be used for video surveillance. Records can be saved inside the device or off-site, to a network shared disk, to other sites through FTP, or to a Cloud.

Components: Android tablet with a front camera. Optional: Internet connection (a SIM-card with Internet access or WiFi access) if remote view will be needed.


Single board computers with ARM or Intel architecture can be used to assemble a plug-and-play video surveillance kit 1-4 cameras. Single-board computer kit.
Single board computers are widespread in their use for home multimedia systems. They can be used for small video surveillance systems as well. Usually 1 to 4 cameras are used with a Raspberry Pi 3B-level boards. 99% of cameras in the world can be used with Xeoma, including on SBC. Also, the RPI camera module is supported, too.
Components: Single board computer, Cameras (camera module, IP cameras or USB cameras), periphery: SD card or hard drive for recordings, case for the board, monitor, keyboard, mouse.

1 – ∞ cameras. Custom NVR
Use our online calculator tool to get the idea what hardware would be required for the video surveillance features you are going to provide to your target customers.
Usually custom NVRs are built for up to 32 cameras to fit to most security scenarios.

Select and assemble hardware, install an operating system and install Xeoma. You can also activate a Xeoma license to give to the customers a truly read-to-work kit.
Components: processor, motherboard, network card, video graphics card (optional), HDD/SSD, power supply unit, case, RAM, cooler, option: Internet access.

Create your own custom turn-key video surveillance project with XeomaCustom turn-key video surveillance kit
The above mentioned are just a couple of millions of possible plug-n-play solutions you could provide to your clientele. Xeoma is used in projects where it is a part of street lamp video surveillance systems, a part of a home media center with easy remote access, a part of city traffic situation monitoring system. You could think of a kit to fit to your clients’ needs, and Xeoma will help you realize it.

Free rebranding and customization available. With it, you can rename Xeoma to the name of your kit, make it have your company info, links to your site, change color schemes and even icons.

How to become a dealer
Easy to understand partner program with personal conditions, all-rough help in creation of the kit and its launch. Let us know if you are interested to start earning with Xeoma.