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AI in Xeoma to detect suspicious behavior

AI in Xeoma to detect suspicious behavior Almost every detective movie today shows video surveillance and its unlimited potential when it comes to solving criminal cases. Do you ever wonder whether these things happen or not in real life? We can assure you that modern CCTV solutions are capable of various things that go beyond simple motion detection and camera zooming functionality. There is one particular off-the-shelf CCTV product that can do it all, and it is called Xeoma.

Xeoma is an all-purpose software that combines both basic features and advanced video analytics including AI-powered solutions. Its functionality is almost unlimited and can be used to create a project of any scale from a simple home video surveillance to a large CCTV system such as “Safe city”.

Additional modules in Xeoma are advanced features most of which are based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning. They work alongside Xeoma’s perpetual licenses and used to create a powerful, yet flexible, solution.

Video analytics in Xeoma to find suspicious behavior

Xeoma video surveillance software is equipped with dozens of modules and features. It is able to recognize faces, sounds, emotions, track persons’ routes, create logs, send alerts and overall detect suspicious behavior in the camera field of view.

In this article, we will review Xeoma’s modules based on artificial intelligence and neural networks. One of these modules available in Xeoma is “Emotion recognition”. It is capable of recognizing 7 basic human emotions, and “anger” is one of them. By means of this module, you can detect angry persons in the camera’s viewing area and prevent unpleasant situations.

Another noteworthy module is the “Sound events detector” that is able to recognize particular sounds such as glass break, screams, baby cry, gunshot and other. This module will be useful to detect suspicious behavior in the area and even prevent crimes.

The “Crowd detector” module will help you detect human gatherings (crowds) and get timely notifications to react accordingly. Sometimes suspicious gatherings can lead to law violation or even a crime. So detecting such suspicious situations is a key in preventing possible wrongdoings.

AI in Xeoma to detect suspicious behavior

With the “Loitering detector” you can protect your property from suspicious persons walking around your premises for too long. This module is able to recognize people staying for a particular time in the camera field of sight. You can set the time after which the module should trigger in the module’s settings.

Detect suspicious objects in the area using Xeoma’s AI-powered “Object recognition” module. It can recognize diverse objects such as animals, vehicles, birds, people etc. You can set necessary reactions in Xeoma video surveillance software and get notified anytime there’s a foreign object in the camera’s sight.

If you have a database of suspicious persons (criminals, shoplifters etc.), you can use Xeoma’s “Face recognition” module to detect these persons anytime they appear on the screen. This module can be used in a wide range of ways. You can simply get notifications anytime there’s a person not from the white list (not authorized) and react accordingly. Or get notified when there are particular persons being detected from the suspicious database. And if you’d like to go an extra mile in terms of providing security, you can use Xeoma’s “Face ID” module for double authentication to eliminate any chances of entrance control violation.

Sometimes higher security areas require extra measures and additional monitoring e.g. “Drone and airplane recognition”. This module in Xeoma will help monitor the territory automatically and detect UAVs. Get quick notifications and alerts whenever there’s an unauthorized object flying around your premises.

And Xeoma’s “License plate recognition” will become a great addition to your security system helping with entrance automation or simple license plates detection. Create white and black lists of license plates to filter out unnecessary cars and open gate barriers to the authorized vehicles only.

In terms of the “Safe city” surveillance Xeoma offers a vast deal of measures described above (recognition of sounds, faces, license plates, emotions etc.). Yet there’s another useful module that can be utilized to provide a safer environment in the city. We’re talking about the “Vehicle speed detector” – Xeoma’s module that is able to detect violation of the speed limit. Detect illegal actions and take timely measures to punish the offenders accordingly, creating a safer place on the road.

Artificial intelligence technologies in Xeoma. The future is here.

Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning technologies still sound like something from the future. But not anymore though. AI-based technologies are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. And video surveillance systems are one example of such an implementation.

Xeoma’s AI-powered features are not only easy to use, but also affordable and multifunctional in its wide range of use. It is much easier to keep your place safe and secure with Xeoma and its artificial intelligence technologies! Create a perfect video surveillance system that will tirelessly monitor the area and keep it protected.

The trial version of Xeoma can be downloaded here. Please feel free to request a demo license for free from us to test all AI-based and other video analytics.

December, 29 2022

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