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Eye tracking in Xeoma

Eye Tracking in Xeoma

Eye tracking in Xeoma
AI-based module

eye_tracking_module_iconEye tracking is a neural-network-based Additional module in Xeoma that will allow your video surveillance system to detect the direction of a person’s gaze. It does not require special equipment and sensors. With the received data you’ll be able to create statistics for different causes that you’ll learn more about in this article.





Any equipment can be used with Xeoma Eye Tracking feature
No special equipment required:
Regular commonly available off-shelf computers and any cameras can be used. Just make sure the image is clear.
Advantages of Eye Tracking in Xeoma video cameras system: flexibility and ease of use
Simply flexible:

Easily configured, can work in conjunction with other modules as well as external sensors, devices. Various reactions available.
Non-stop real-time work
Real-time first-hand:

Works with live feeds in real-time mode, free of latency.
Advantages of Eye Tracking in Xeoma video cameras system: cost-effective and affordable
Affordable solution:

Cost-effective prices for lifetime licenses that can be used over your Xeoma Pro or Xeoma Standard licenses.



Xeoma’s “Eye tracking” module will be able to show you where a person is looking at the moment and it will allow you to get insight into human psychology. The AI-based Xeoma feature will provide you with technology that is being applied all around the world. Leading corporations care about their business and therefore use the most effective ways of data research. Use “Eye tracking” module and collect marketing information to improve your advertising strategy and thus your business

Automatic eye tracking technology is not an expensive luxury anymore, it’s the most efficient way to get cognitive data in a matter of time. This methodology can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, where there’s a need to understand human behavior. Eye tracking will allow you to examine human engagement with any type of environment equipped with cameras only. More details follow:


Marketing and customer research

Every entrepreneur wants to understand consumers’ behavior, where their gaze takes direction first, what product catches attention and what is the most profitable location on the shelf to choose.

“Eye tracking” feature in Xeoma video cameras system analyzes the camera image 24/7, no breaks, fatigue or distraction. Eye tracking can be paired up with other AI-based modules such as age/gender/emotions recognition to collect marketing information and build up the perfect advertising strategy.

Perfect for a supermarket, shopping mall, family business, storage businesses.


Entertainment and Art

Entertainment, art, VR and gaming will move to the next level with “Eye tracking” feature. Xeoma will track your pupil direction and you’ll be able to dive into the game by even looking in different directions.

Create art with your gaze only or use Eye tracking research data as an inspiration for your art. Integration with third-party devices is possible. There are no limits to integration, you can share your idea with us and we will help you to implement it.

Will be useful to artists, game developers, and people who are ready to touch the future.



Study and scientific research

Eye tracking is widely known among scientists, professors and students, but not everyone can afford Artificial Intelligence (AI). With Xeoma video surveillance it’s possible to conduct experiments with the help of a camera only, no big investment is needed.

Reveal human psychology in a gaze by yourself and share your knowledge with your students or peers. Theory is great while teaching, but a practical example that is what makes studying process breathtaking and worthy of attention.

Ideal for educational institutes, scientific centers, personal usage.


Security means

Have you seen spy fiction movies where you can enter the building by just looking into the camera? Now it’s not fiction, it’s reality! There are different ways of security measures and eye tracking is one of them. “Eye tracking” can be paired up with “Face Recognition” module for the most precise result.

Maybe you’ll be the first person in a neighborhood who will use this feature in everyday life or being a boss you will use “Eye tracking” module to strengthen security measures in your corporation.

Perfect for any type of business, home usage, governmental institutions, banks, and more.


Neuromarketing. Higher-level advertising

Neuromarketing with Xeoma's Eye tracking module

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing that uses particular technologies such as eye tracking to study people’s responses to marketing campaigns.

“Neuromarketing” technologies allow detecting physiological and neural signals to gain information on potential customers’ preferences and decisions, which can help create proper advertising strategy, pricing, and analyze other marketing areas.

Eye tracking data is commonly used in neuromarketing advertising research. You can detect the point of gaze of a focus group to determine whether a particular marketing strategy or commercial is created successfully or not.

If an advertising campaign is created properly and can predict buying behavior, then people from a focus group will be looking at the commercial’s focus point (product or other important components).

Xeoma’s eye tracking module will become a great tool in terms of creating a proper marketing strategy and advertising campaign.

Detect focus group’s point of gaze while showing them your commercial or other advertising materials to make sure they are looking in the right direction and at the right part of the commercial.

Xeoma’s Artificial intelligence will show you more than human eye can notice.
Collect marketing data and create the perfect advertisement that hits the target right away!



Although based on artificial intelligence technologies, the feature is not overly cpu-intensive An ordinary modern computer can cope with the load from the feature. No dedicated computer or server is required for just this feature.


Eye tracking works on various operating systems The feature can work in machines with any of the supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and Linux ARM.


Xeoma's Eye tracking is an affordable solution that can save lives
Affordable price: The feature is available with the Additional lifetime license that can be used over Xeoma Pro professional edition or even the basic Xeoma Standard edition.




Simple interface, fully automated work. Just connect the “Eye tracking” module into the chain after Universal camera, select the settings for vertical and horizontal angle, and you’re good to go!

Eye tracking module in Xeoma video surveillance

After the module, add necessary filters and reactions to the chain: for example, the SMS sending, the Sound alarm, or the HTTP Request Sender for integration with external services.

*Starting with Xeoma beta 23.3.22 it’s possible to save CSV reports that will have a date and time of triggering events. As always, these reports can be used for analysis, graphs building, or integration with third-party systems.

Xeoma also has other types of AI-based modules which can be useful in a range of scenarios including scientific experiments, study, marketing strategy and security measures:
Emotion recognition to rate the quality of the service provided by your personnel
Face ID for automatic access to restricted access facility (staff room, office)
• Coming soon: Fashion store module will allow to try on clothes in your store online without actual putting it on


Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program *The Eye tracking detector module is shown and works only on the following processors:

Intel 64-bit processors of the following series:
-IntelCore processors starting from the 4th generation (including 10+ generations);
-XEON processors starting from the 6th generation;
-Atom processors of the “C23”, “C25”, “C27”, “C33”, “C35”, “C37”, “C38”, “C39”, “P59”, “Z34”, “Z35”, “x5-E39”, or “x5-E8000” series;
-Processors Intel Xeon E5-24 series, i5-2450M or i7-2600.




Try Xeoma for free! Fill in the fields below and you will get an email with a demo license for the Xeoma Pro edition and all Additional modules, including the AI-powered ‘Eye Tracking’ module!

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Any questions? Need help? Contact us! We’ll gladly help!

Read also our PDF brochure about Eye tracking in Xeoma:
Find information about application possibilities of the Eye tracking module


Important advice from Xeoma Need something else? This module doesn’t meet your requirements? We can add necessary functionality in Xeoma on the paid development basis. More
Watch the video about Eye tracking in Xeoma

March, 2 2021

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