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What should I do if my camera doesn’t work in Xeoma?

To begin with, let’s make it clear what you mean by not working.

First of all, please check if the camera is working at all. Type its ip address in a browser address bar and see if the browser opens its admin page where you should see the cam’s live image.
If the camera isn’t working in browser, you should troubleshoot why. See camera documentation or contact its support team.

If camera is working in browser but wasn’t “found” in Xeoma (wasn’t added at all even with error message) the easiest of all would be to try to re-do the Xeoma’s automatic search (“+” icon in lower icons bar -> Simple search for cameras – if the camera is in the same network with your Xeoma computer OR “+” -> Search by IP/password if the camera is in a remote location). Sometimes cameras are not found from the first try due to network issues. Repeating the searches might help.

If the camera was found in Xeoma but doesn’t show live image – instead you see an error message – please see this page for troubleshooting error messages: https://felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/articles/xeoma-messages/

If there is no error message, it usually signalizes that something non-standard is used in camera’s settings (for example, unusual ports). Please check its web admin page in a browser to see if you can find anything unusual there and repeat the IP/password search (“+” icon -> Search by IP/password) with this new data.

Alternatively, you can add camera manually – click “Add new camera manually” in “+” menu, then go to the camera’s settings and specify the full URL of MJPEG/JPEG/H264/MPEG-4 stream from your device – you will need to find the correct URL (you can check camera’s documentation or contact its support).

From our knowledge base, here’s the URL that is usually used for DVS cameras:






Change IPADDRESS to your cam’s ip address and PORT to the camera’s port for RTSP streams in that URL, and paste it in Xeoma.

Hope any of this helps! Please let us know if the cameras worked after you followed the recommendations.

If you’re experiencing something different, please let us know the details of the issue. We will be happy to provide further help.

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