Xeoma – the Perfect Solution for a Video Surveillance Newcomer

If you are a video surveillance newcomer and in the search for the right system, Xeoma is definitely the software you should have a look at. Xeoma is an innovative video surveillance software with more than 100 features, flexible settings and user-friendly interface.

Even if your security system has specific requirements, Xeoma, as a professional video surveillance software that is perfect for both small and enterprise video surveillance systems, will meet all your needs. Xeoma is also a cross-platform software: it works on Mac OS, Windows, Linux/ARM, iOS, Android.

Lifehack for a video surveillance newcomer: keep calm and choose Xeoma!

Moreover, this software supports more than 430 camera brands (analog, IP, ONVIF, USB, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ, WiFi, any resolution), connects up to 1000 cameras to one server. You can use an unlimited number of servers and clients, multiple remote access options and remote view from any mobile device.

The best part for any video surveillance newcomer is that Xeoma video surveillance is ready to work in 1 second: it doesn’t require installation or admin rights, no additional settings, codecs or software needed. Xeoma will automatically connect your cameras.
Download – Start – Enjoy!

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