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Nanny Cam – YES or NO?

Best nanny cam system with Xeoma

Most of the parents are facing this controversy when it’s time to find a nanny – to nanny cam or not to nanny cam?

Nanny cams can be a sensitive subject to nannies. So if you’re planning to set a camera, better mention this at the stage of interview. If a nanny is strictly against surveillance then this should be a sign for you – don’t hire this nanny. Such kind of job is not about them and their privacy – it’s all about your child and your family’s safety. A good experienced nanny will understand that you only want to secure your kid and won’t take it personally. So warn about the cameras and don’t forget to mention that bathrooms and bedrooms are totally private.

Before installing a camera you should also think about whether it will help or hurt your situation.

What are the possible pros? Of course, you are very nervous about leaving your baby, your little treasure, with a new nanny who is basically a stranger to your family. Setting a camera gives you a sort of a feeling that you can always check what’s going on with the child and if he or she is being treated well.
You can always get a peep when you miss your baby, if you have 2 ways audio – you can even ask nanny to put him near the camera so you could talk to your child.

But what if everything goes well, your child seems to like the babysitter and you finally can relax thinking that you’ve found the right person, but the nanny still does things differently? She allows your child to play with the food a little bit longer than you do, she lets him get frustrated when he can’t reach a toy (when you would have already moved the toy closer), she sings him the songs you wouldn’t and other minor things which are not worth firing this great nanny. But every time you see her doing things not your way you’re getting annoyed. Would it be better not to watch at all?

There is a big chance that you will be distracted from work trying to watch what is your child doing every 5 minutes, especially in the beginning. Your boss definitely won’t be happy. So if you know you won’t be able to control this desire to peep – better drop the idea of setting a camera or at least make it impossible for you to watch remotely (don’t add a Web Server module in Xeoma, watch only archive videos when you’re home).

Think of all the pros and cons and decide what suits you best. Keep in mind that it’s your child, your family, your home and you are hiring a nanny to help you to keep it safe. Don’t use hidden video camera, be open and talk frankly.

22 June 2015

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