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Additional modules in Xeoma

Xeoma is a multi-functional and flexible software that contains many options and functions to build a perfect video surveillance system. One of Xeoma’s functions is possibility to use Additional modules that will be described in this article.

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face recognition

Additional modules are professional features and modules most of which are based on artificial intelligence and deep machine learning.
These are the modules:

xeoma_software_advices Important: The following modules are not available in 32-bit OS and ARM-based devices (Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi etc.): “Object recognizer”, “Mask detector” (option in the “Face Recognition” module), “Age recognizer”, “Gender recognition”, “Fire detection” (option in the “Smoke detector” module), “Sound events detector”, “Construction site safety detector”, “Sports tracking”.
Emotion recognition in Xeoma

Emotion recognition

Enables use of the “Face detector (Emotions)” module that can recognize emotions (e.g. happiness, sadness, anger etc.) and allows using search by emotions in archive recordings.
Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. Read more

Object recognition in Xeoma

Object recognition

Enables use of the “Object recognizer” module that can identify a person, animal, vehicle etc. (and search by objects in archive recordings). Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. This module works with “Object detector”. Read more


Mask detector in Xeoma

Mask Detector (option in the “Face Recognition” module)

Xeoma’s Mask Detector feature, conveniently located in the Face Recognition’s module settings, can detect either people wearing a mask or those who do not. Combined with Xeoma’s ever-flexible and variative reactions, suсh system is a 24/7 tireless guard of public health. Read more

Face recognition in Xeoma

Face recognition

The process of automated searching for human faces in camera stream, and establishing if the found face belongs to a known person. Xeoma’s Face Recognition module can work in – “statistical analysis” (avg. 70% recognition accuracy, Xeoma Pro license) or “artificial intelligence” (avg. 90% recognition accuracy, Additional module). Also, this module can be used with Xeoma Standard license. Read more


xeoma_software_advices Did you know that “Face recognition (Artificial intelligence)” module can be purchased cheaper than usual “Face recognition (Statistical analysis)” available in Pro version? Since additional modules can be used with Standard license, you can buy Standard + “Face recognition (AI)” additional module’s license, and it’ll be cheaper than purchasing Pro license separately.

Licenses can be purchased here

• Unique Visitors Counter (Auto training and grouping by frequency of detection)

This feature is available for Artificial Intelligence option of the Face Recognition module. With its help, even unknown persons are automatically ‘remembered’ in the system, and if they reappear in the camera image, they will be added to one of three groups based on the frequency of their detection. For two of the three groups, you can set the frequency of appearance so that faces appearing at least this interval are assigned to the group.

See details


Search in archives by photo

Search in archives by photo

Enables option in the archive viewer to search through recordings made with the “Face recognition” module for people by uploading their photo. 1 piece per server (for any number of cameras). This option can be checked in archive menu – Search by photo. Read more

360° surround view in Xeoma

360° surround view

The “360° surround view” module is designed to stitch images from 4 cameras that are installed around the perimeter of some object to get the picture showing 360° view. With the help of this module you will get a smooth picture, showing the 360-degree view. Read more


Sea birds recognition in Xeoma

Seabird recognition

Enables use of the “Sea birds” option in the “Object Recognizer” module that is based on Artificial Intelligence and does automatic recognition of oceanic or sea birds in the camera image. This detector searches for objects in the camera view and, based on the knowledge base, can recognize sea birds. If the bird fits the category of seabirds, the module transmits a signal down the chain to subsequent modules. Read more

Drone and airplane recognition in Xeoma

Drone and airplane recognition

Enables use of the “Drones and airplanes” option in the “Object Recognizer” module that is based on Artificial Intelligence and does automatic recognition of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, as well as airplane) in the camera image. This detector searches for objects in the camera view and, based on the knowledge base, can recognize drones and airplanes, upon which the module transmits the camera stream down the chain to subsequent modules. Read more


Slip and fall detector in Xeoma

*Slip and Fall detector

The Slip and Fall detector of Xeoma video surveillance software is the AI-based Additional module, used to detect falling in the selected area.
Don’t miss a thing: the module is able to recognize even a fall from a chair or bed, as well as an incomplete fall if a person slipped and fell from a small height or lost consciousness and slid down the wall. Read more.

Gender recognition in Xeoma

Gender recognition in Xeoma

Enables use of the “Gender recognition” module that is based on Artificial Intelligence and enables automatic recognition of a person’s gender, and reaction to either male, female, or both genders. Ideal for retail stores where promo ads or notifications can be adjusted based on a visitor’s gender for higher sales rates. You can select to which gender the system will react, and set the desired accuracy level. Read more


Color recognition in Xeoma

Color recognition

Enables use of the “Color recognition” module that is triggered when it detects the selected color in the specified area in real time. The module is designed for independent work to intercept an object by a color, or to work in conjunction with other modules like License Plate Recognizer to detect violations of traffic rules in combination with a traffic light. Read more

License plate recognition in Xeoma

License plate recognition (enhanced recognition of CIS countries LP)

Enables use of the new countries with improved accuracy of license plate identification in the “ANPR” module. These countries are: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan.
License is purchased for each camera that will be using recognition of license plates from one or several of the “enhanced” countries. Read more


Crowd detector in Xeoma

Crowd detector

Enables use of the “Crowd Detector” module that is based on Artificial Intelligence networks and can count people’s heads and detect if the number is bigger or smaller than needed, additionally you can detect social distance violation. It can also be used for passengers count in a public transportation enclosure like subway carriage, bus, tram, train, etc. Read more

Sound events detector in Xeoma

Sound events detector

Enables use of the “Sound Events Detector” module that is designed to recognize 5 types of sound events: glass break, alarm, baby cry, screams and gunshots.
Combination with various reactions or detectors of Xeoma makes it a powerful automation tool both in private or corporate life.
Read more


Sports tracking in Xeoma

Sports tracking

Enables use of the “Sports Tracking” module that is used for recognition and automated PTZ tracking of a ball in various sport games. The PTZ camera that this module is connected to rotates automatically to follow the sports ball (or the majority of players) in sport games broadcasting, thus always showing only the most interesting footage. Read more

Age recognizer in Xeoma

Age recognizer

Additional module in Xeoma “Age Recognizer” is based on AI and neural networks. This module can be used to recognize people’s age in realtime using computer vision. Read more


Parking spots in Xeoma

Parking Spots

“Parking Spots” Additional module of the Xeoma video surveillance software is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot. This module is a way of detecting the required type of objects in the selected zones. Read more

Vehicle speed detector in Xeoma

Vehicle speed detector

Enables use of the “Vehicle speed detector” module for detection of vehicles violating the speed limit. Works in combination with the ANPR module and the ISKRA DA/40 speed meter appliance. License is purchased for each camera that will be using this module. Read more


Face ID in Xeoma

Face ID (double authentication)

Enables use of the “Face ID” module for comparison of faces in camera’s field of view with photo from an access card. Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. Also requires license for a “Smart-card reader” or “QR code recognition” module. Read more

Eye tracking module in Xeoma cctv surveillance software

*Eye tracking

Eye tracking is a neural-network-based Additional module in Xeoma that will allow your video surveillance system to detect the direction of a person’s gaze. It does not require special equipment and sensors. With the received data you’ll be able to create statistics for different causes that you’ll learn more about in this article.


Construction site safety in Xeoma

Construction site safety

Enables use of the “Detector of construction site safety” module that can detect helmets and work robe in camera’s sight in construction sites and thus help ensure the compliance with health and safety regulations. The Detector of Construction Site Safety works with any gender and age of people, in open air or enclosed locations, in any weather, and without any special equipment!
Read more

Modbus controllers in Xeoma

Modbus controllers

This module is for receiving commands from controllers that work through a Modbus protocol, and triggering reactions in Xeoma. This is a very popular type of controllers used in automation systems, smart homes, traffic lights equipment, etc. Such controllers will have input ports (or inputs) that will send triggers to Xeoma (six ports from 0 to 5). Select to which input ports Xeoma should react by checking its checkbox.So that you can have your system have different reactions to different input port triggers. Read more


Smart-card reader in Xeoma

Smart card reader

Enables use of the “Smart card reader” module. Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. Read more

SmartHome - RIF+ in Xeoma

SmartHome – RIF+

Enables use of the “SmartHome – RIF+” module for work with the RIF+ access control systems. Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. Read more


Text recognition in Xeoma

*Text recognition

This module is used to recognize text in the specified area of the camera’s live video stream. The module can also trigger needed reactions when it detects a given word or words in the recognized text, or when it detects a number that is equal to, greater or less than a given value. Read more

QR Code recognition

QR Code recognition

Enables use of the “QR code recognition” module. Should be purchased per number of cameras that will be using it, for each server separately. Read more


USB joystick for PTZ camera control

USB joystick for PTZ camera control

The Additional option ‘Joystick for PTZ control’ opens up an opportunity to use a USB control board to control PTZ cameras in a machine that runs a Windows operating system. Such control boards and the advantages they offer can be used in mid- and large-scale systems to facilitate control over video wall cameras for security operators, as well as by private individuals for more convenient camera management. Read more



Advice from the Xeoma video surveillance program *”Text Recognition”, “Slip and Fall Detector” and “Eye Tracking” modules are shown and work only in machines with the following processors:

Intel 64-bit processors of the following series:
-intelCore processors starting from the 4th generation;
-XEON processors starting from the 6th generation;
-Atom processors of the “C23”, “C25”, “C27”, “C33”, “C35”, “C37”, “C38”, “C39”, “P59”, “Z34”, “Z35”, “x5-E39”, or “x5-E8000” series.


Additional modules were created to save your money! Now you can purchase only necessary modules for your video surveillance system.




Try AI-based modules in the Xeoma video surveillance software with a free trial license! Enter your name and your email to send the license to in the fields below, and click the ‘Get Xeoma free demo licenses to email’ button.

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Conditions of using additional modules:

You need activated Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro licenses to activate additional modules. Additional modules will not work without Xeoma license.

Additional modules don’t work with Xeoma Lite and free version of Xeoma.

Additional modules are available for testing in the trial edition of Xeoma with a limited testing time.

You’ll need to use latest version of Xeoma (or not older than 19.3.7) to use Additional modules. Renewal for Xeoma licenses can be purchased here

When you purchase Additional module, total number of cameras of your actual Xeoma license will not increase, i.e. if you already have Xeoma Standard or Xeoma Pro license for e.g. 8 cameras and you purchase let’s say “Face recognition (Artificial intelligence)” additional module for 1 camera, then in total you will have the same 8 cameras available and 1 camera from them will be able to use additional module. The only one additional module that can be used for all cameras is “Search by photo” in the archive (this feature is available in archive menu).

If you already have Pro license, then “Face recognition” module is already available in Xeoma for your license, but it’ll have only “Statistical analysis of the image” option available in the module. More accurate “Artificial intelligence” option (using artificial intelligence and deep machine learning) will be available after purchasing additional module.

Each additional module comes as a license that has its own renewal period (during that period you can update Xeoma version and use this license) – 1, 3 or 10 years. Renewal period is counted for each additional module separately (same for any Xeoma license – each license has its own renewal period).

If you use Xeoma Cloud, you can also purchase additional modules – simply contact us to get additional information, we’ll gladly help.
Additional modules can be purchased for Xeoma Pro “Your Cloud” as well.

How do I test additional modules?

Trial version of Xeoma allows testing all additional modules for 1 hour, then settings will be reset and 1 more hour will be available etc. As for the search by photo in the archive – this additional module can be tested in Trial version as well, but the search will display only one latest incident where this person (face) was detected.

As you can see, Xeoma video surveillance software is developing more and more each day, offering customers all of the latest innovative features and capabilities. Currently, Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning are ones of the most advanced technologies in the world of video surveillance. You can purchase additional modules here.

Here is the overview of Additional modules and features availability under various operating systems.

Feature Windows Linux Mac 64-bit ARM
  64-bit 32-bit 64-bit 32-bit    
Face Recognition + + + + + +
except for the poses functionality
Search in archives by photo + + + + + +
Poses detection*
(AI option in Face Recognition module)
+* +* +*
Emotion Recognition + + + + + +
Color Recognition + + + + + +
ANPR Additional Improved package
(except for China, Japan)
+ + + + + +
ANPR Additional Improved package
(only China and Japan options)*
+* +* +*
Crowd Detector + + + + + +
Sports Tracking + + +
Gender Recognizer + + +
Age Recognizer + + +
Sound Events Detector + + +
Mask Detector + + +
Construction Site Safety + + +
Modbus Controllers + + + + + +
Text Recognition* +* +*
Slip and Fall Detector* +* +*
Fire detection
(no longer an additional module,
part of Pro now)
+ +
Eye Tracking* +* +*
Parking Spots + + + + + +
360 Surround View + + + + + +
Face ID + + + + + +
Drone and airplane recognition + + +
Seabird Recognition + + +
Object Recognition
Other objects
+ + +
Smart-card reader + + + + + +
QR Code recognition + + + + + +
SmartHome – RIF+ + + + + + +
Vehicle Speed Detector + +
Joystick for PTZ control + +

*This module/feature/option only works with specific Intel processors. See list here

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March, 11 2021

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