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Unwanted use of a local webcam

If your Xeoma takes control of your local webcam and you don’t want that to happen, here’s what you can do:

If you don’t need Xeoma to use the local camera on a PC where it is running on, simply delete it via the red-cross button on the bottom panel. If your Xeoma in one of the commercial modes or a free mode, this will prevent Xeoma from further accessing the camera.

If you are using that machine only to connect to a different machine (the server), you may need to do this:
1) Main menu –> Remote access –> Connect to
2) indicate localhost as Xeoma server address
3) wait until you see the picture from that camera
4) press red-cross on the bottom panel and choose Delete current camera/chain

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance regarding Xeoma!