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Image rotate module in cctv software Xeoma

Image Rotate module in Xeoma

By means of “Image Rotate” module in Xeoma you can rotate the image from a camera.
This module is available in all versions of Xeoma. Versions comparison table and list of available modules can be checked here.

Module’s settings

image_rotate_modules_chain Add “Image Rotate” module in your modules chain and connect it to the “Preview and archive” or “Preview” module (or other modules that are required).

“Image Rotate” module’s settings are simple, yet flexible.

In the module’s settings you can choose an angle to rotate the image from a camera by.

You can also tick ‘horizontal flip’ and ’90-degree pitch (rounded down)’ (i.e. choose rotation by 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees) in the module’s settings.

Image rotate module in cctv software Xeoma

Image rotate module in cctv software Xeoma

Please make sure to untick «Enable H.264 recording to Archive without conversion» in «Universal camera» module’s settings to record the rotated image into archive.

Important advice in Xeoma If you have questions about video surveillance software Xeoma, you can check our FAQ or contact us.

March, 4 2021

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