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How to write records to a network disk

Q: How can I give a network path to my archive? Every time I enter a path like ->Z:\my Path<- it gets reset to the old one.

A: Xeoma can save records to network disks too – if they are mounted correctly and seen in the system as regular disks, for example, like Z:

If the mounted network disk is seen in the system as Z but when you enter such path in Archive and Preview settings, it is not accepted and the original path is restored, it might mean the mounting is done somewhat incorrectly and Xeoma doesn’t see it. Or recording to that path is prohibited.

Please make sure that Xeoma has full access to the mounted NAS (you can use chmod 777). If the problem persists, try manually creating, editing and deleting files on that NAS – if any of those doesn’t work. you may want to check your mounting options.

Sometimes this tiny workaround works: repeat the mounting in Xeoma’s Main menu -> Install -> Autostart settings. Write the net use command there for your disk (or whatever command you used for mounting). Restart Xeoma. Then try to put the Z path in the Preview and Archive settings.

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