Recent Development in Video Surveillance

All of us organising our business want to keep closer to the edge. So why is the professionals in the video surveillance field worse? This article is for installers and integrators who are always anxious to up-skill and adapt your business models to prosperity. Lets have a look what recent developments in video surveillance have brought us.

Recent development in video surveillance

Chinese market VS Global market

We all know that more that 90% of equipment supply is concentrated in China and I don’t talk only about major brands such as Hikvision and Dahua with whom we have become partners many years ago. We also talk about “no name” camera market which is highly widespread among low-budget organizations. We do not shy away from such enterprises and brands. Xeoma support all cameras types and brands, including those that are not well-known and are just starting to conquer the camera market.


Recent development in video surveillance showed us that “Cloud” becoming very popular among installers and integrators. One major cloud benefit is significant reduction in your own IT services, which are rather expensive. We offer our resellers our own Cloud service, you need to install Xeoma, organise cameras and all the data will be stored in safety on our servers.

Intelligence in video surveillance

There are significant opportunities for intelligent modules in video surveillance. Prevent terrorists, traffic issues and even shoplifting. In Xeoma you can find different intelligent modules (Sabotage Detector, Face Recognition, QR Code Reading, Smoke Detector, Left Object Detector). Synchronization with access control systems is indispensable in large enterprises.

So recent development in video surveillance you can already find in Xeoma.

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