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CCTV systems at the post office

CCTV systems at the post office

Post office is a multitasking organization, providing important service, consisting of dozens of tasks. Is it possible to automate some processes to improve work of the main organization, providing delivery of correspondence and parcels throughout the country, as well as abroad?

Daily, mail workers process several hundred requests, and they need to not only find the needed postal item in the warehouse, but initially arrange delivery in the needed direction and in accordance with the requirements of a customer. The organization of work processes at the post office is provided by thousands of employees, and it is quite difficult to control the work of each of them. Xeoma-based CCTV systems are designed to greatly simplify this difficult task.

CCTV systems will allow real-time monitoring of the workshops’ workload, and with the help of a heat map in Xeoma, you can respond to large queues in time and, if necessary, send additional employees, thus evenly distributing the flow of visitors for the efficient processing of mail. The “Visitors Counter” module can also be useful: it will count the flow of customers and also help to analyze the performance of employees. This is especially relevant during the high season.

Also, cases of theft or opening of mail items are not uncommon. Often this happens when an unauthorized person enters the warehouse. With Xeoma, such cases will be reduced to zero: the Additional Face ID module can compare faces in the camera lens with a picture on a pass. The module is used in combination with access card readers of the Omnikey brand or with access cards that have a QR code from the owner’s ID on which you can get a photo from the database. And, of course, Xeoma CCTV system can be integrated with devices such as barriers, turnstiles, electronic door locks, automating the process of allowing authorized persons to enter certain territories, which, in turn, minimizes errors and also significantly saves time.

Also, the “Sound Detector” and “Problems Detector” modules will be useful in anti-theft protection, which, when a sharp sound or any problems with the camera are detected (for example, when trying to turn it off) instantly alert the necessary services (using the “Sending SMS” and “Email sending” modules), and also turn on an emergency siren (“Sound alarm on a Client” module).

The Additional module “Emotion Recognition” , based on artificial intelligence and neural networks, recognizes the emotions of customers and employees, helping to respond to unusual situations in time, thereby improving the quality of service.

“Smoke detector” will provide a safe workplace because it can easily detect smoke and notify fire department or turn on the alarm in case of problems.

Installing CCTV systems based on Xeoma at the post office, you will significantly improve the quality and speed of service, because Xeoma video analytics offers many modules that can be combined with each other, achieving any desired result.

September, 26 2019

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