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How to reduce CPU usage while working with rtsp (h264) camera

If yours is an h264 (rtsp) camera and you would like to reduce CPU usage, you are welcome to try Xeoma’s new option to store high resolution video streams directly into archive, without re-decoding the streams.

If you are using h264 (rtsp) camera or cameras, you might well be receiving many Mpix image from your camera and seeing it in the preview window. But as often as not, the priority is not the ability to view cameras real-time but to store high quality into the archive:

How to reduce CPU usage with Xeoma webcam software: High resolution RTSP camera stream, preview window

If the machine is slow or you have many high resolution rtsp cameras, it may cause high CPU usage resulting in image distortions like this:

How to reduce CPU usage in Xeoma: Image distortions in h264 camera

In both these cases we recommend to make use of the camera’s dual streaming and try the direct storing into archive without re-decoding. To do that, please go to the camera’s settings in Xeoma. You will see there that the regular URL to work with the camera is given in “Full URL for IP camera” field:

How to reduce CPU usage in Xeoma video surveillance software: Regular URL for RTSP stream

To establish direct saving into archive, paste the URL for hi res RTSP (h264) stream into “Full URL address of the RTSP (h264) video stream…” field. In regular “Full URL address for IP camera” you can specify a jpeg/mjpeg/rtsp URL for lower quality stream (for preview and detectors’ work):

How to reduce CPU usage in Xeoma software: URL for preview and URL for direct storing to the archive

You will see a lower quality picture in preview window.

How to reduce CPU load with Xeoma: Lower quality preview when the preview is not necessary

But you will get maximum quality footage stored into the archive at the same time:

How to reduce CPU load in Xeoma software: Maximum quality footage stored to the archive at the same time

If you don’t know the URL for a stream of lower quality, or simply don’t want to use it (when real-time view is not necessary), you can leave this field blank:

How to reduce CPU load with Xeoma: You can leave the preview URL field empty

You will know that the recording is on and going well by this sign:

This sign in Xeoma webcam shows that saving to the archive goes well

Even without lower quality stream shown in preview, you will get a high quality stream stored to the archive, and CPU load will be significantly lower.

How to reduce CPU usage and still get high quality stream saved in the archive

This is how to reduce CPU usage in your video surveillance system while using h264 cameras and still get high quality recordings for forensic purposes or simply later view of events.