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Best CCTV software 2023

Best CCTV software 2023 Xeoma

What could be better than feeling safe within the walls of your own home and around the premises? In 2023, the question “Should I buy video surveillance?” is not arising anymore, because video surveillance has become very affordable and is able to cover all needs of any CCTV project. But these advantages can also become disadvantages, simply because the wide range of products on the market creates both infoglut and difficulties to find the perfect video surveillance software for your project.

Fortunately, this article will help you understand and pay attention to the most important aspects that you should take into consideration when searching for the best video surveillance software in 2023. Such video surveillance software should have at least the following set of features:

  • All cameras view mode and single camera mode
  • Archive recording without restrictions
  • PTZ cameras control (pan, tilt, zoom)
  • Wide range of video analytics (face, license plates, sounds recognition etc.)
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world
  • User-friendly interface and easy setup
  • Support for cameras of different models and brands
  • Affordable prices for any budget and video surveillance project

Let’s take a look at each feature a little closer, using Xeoma video surveillance software as an example.

All cameras view mode and single camera mode

Xeoma offers both basic and professional functionality. One of the most basic features that the best video surveillance software in 2023 should have is definitely the ability to view cameras in different modes – in an all cameras view mode and in a single camera view mode. In Xeoma, this feature is implemented not only for quick navigation between cameras, but also for the processor load optimization. You can configure the stream of lower resolution on preview, which will significantly reduce the load without losing the image quality when viewing all cameras at once. And in the single camera view mode, you can view the high-resolution stream and record it into archive.

Archive recording without restrictions

Of course, in 2023, the best video surveillance software should have no recording restrictions. In today’s world, almost every home PC is equipped with a hard drive that has terabytes of disk space. That is why video surveillance system should meet the needs of the age. Xeoma doesn’t have any archive restrictions. In fact, it has flexible settings like recording on multiple disks with the ability to record on other disks when the main one is full. Xeoma is also flexible in configuration of archive overwriting (e.g. when certain disk space is reached, by time, etc.).

PTZ cameras control (pan, tilt, zoom)

Modern technologies literally allow you to look around the corner via your computer or smartphone. Monitoring has become extremely easy with PTZ cameras. Xeoma, as an ambassador of the latest technologies, also allows you to use the pan, tilt and zoom capabilities of PTZ cameras. In addition, the software includes a digital zoom option to zoom in on any image on the screen, even if the camera is not a PTZ one. Alongside controlling the PTZ functions of cameras added to Xeoma, the program also allows you to configure presets, i.e. pre-configured positions where the camera will “move” to, combine them into a guard tour, and enable automatic tracking of objects.

Wide range of video analytics (recognition of faces, license plates, sounds etc.)

These days, it is no longer relevant to “just record movements.” The best video surveillance software in 2023 has to do more than that. For example, such a video surveillance system should be able to recognize the types of moving objects in the camera’s field of view in order to eliminate false positives, or to recognize vehicle license plates or people’s faces. Xeoma has a wide range of video analytics that will suit any requirements of even the most complex project. Recognition of license plates, faces, emotions, the ability to open the gate barrier automatically upon the trigger, start an alarm, turn on the light – this is a small selection from the rich set of possibilities that Xeoma video surveillance software has to offer.

Remote access from anywhere in the world

The world is becoming more and more mobile, so the best video surveillance software in 2023 should be able to adapt to the realities of the “life on the move”. Xeoma allows you to view cameras from anywhere in the world using the app on any device. Keep an eye on your home, view archives, set up video analytics from your phone, tablet or work laptop. Xeoma video surveillance also allows you to view recordings from several cameras simultaneously, so that you will never miss important moments and will always be aware of everything that happens, even when you are on vacation or a business trip.

User-friendly interface and easy setup

Modern technologies follow the path of simplification. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours figuring out how to comprehend the complex structure of video surveillance software. Therefore, the best video surveillance software in 2023 definitely should have such an important component as ergonomics that is, in other words, ease of use. Xeoma has a modular structure based on the principle of a children’s constructor, as well as the most convenient and simple interface. You need to configure cameras, archive recording and modules only 1 time, then the program will work in accordance with the specified settings.

Support for cameras of different models and brands

The range of cameras in the modern world of video surveillance has hundreds of thousands of types and is regularly updated. For this reason, the best video surveillance software in 2023 should not only meet the basic requirement of stable operation and a wide range of features, but also work with different cameras on the market. Xeoma supports 99% of all camera models, including both popular brands as Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, and many “no name” cameras from Chinese brands. What makes Xeoma even more convenient to use when creating a video surveillance system is that you can use the cameras that you already have at hand (Xeoma also supports USB cameras, DVRs/NVRs, etc.), combining different models and brands within one video surveillance system. This option makes Xeoma even more budget-friendly.

Affordable prices for any budget and video surveillance project

The competition in the video surveillance market is getting higher, therefore, when creating a video surveillance system, not only the functionality, but also the price is taken into account. Xeoma offers software licenses for any budget, giving you the freedom to choose what you need and pay less. In addition, a completely free of charge, unlimited, ad-free version is available on the site, which can also be used for both home and office video surveillance. Xeoma license pricing is highly flexible, which allows you to combine licenses for any, even the most demanding project.

Best CCTV software 2023 Xeoma

As you can see, selection of the best video surveillance software in 2023 is not as hard as it might look at first glance, and the secret to successful choice is to only pay attention to what really matters. Using this simple checklist, you will be able to choose the best video surveillance app of 2023 for yourself and ultimately create excellent video surveillance projects. Xeoma video surveillance software is an easy choice if you’re new to the topic and yet are looking to create the perfect video surveillance system straight away. Xeoma is an all-in-one application that works for both newbies and professionals. Besides, Xeoma is distinguished by extensive video analytics, which includes mind-blowing features of modern Artificial intelligence.

Some of the application scenarios for the Xeoma video surveillance software in 2023 are:

– Video surveillance at large facilities (plants, factories, shopping centers, business centers, airports, etc.)
– Home video surveillance
– Video surveillance in the office
– Video wall
– Online broadcasting from the camera (embedding on the site or broadcasting video from the camera on YouTube)
– Video nanny
– Video surveillance at the checkpoint
– Video recording of vehicle’s speed and traffic violations
– Recognition of faces, emotions, collection of marketing information and double authentication
– And many others

With Xeoma, creating video surveillance has become even easier, since it has all the necessary features. Test Xeoma video surveillance software for free using a demo license. On top of that our friendly tech support is always happy to help. Get help with testing and quick support absolutely for free.




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March 27, 2023

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