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Best software for Dahua cameras in 2021

Xeoma is the best software for Dahua cameras in 2021

Video surveillance systems gain popularity every day: people want to control as much as they can, starting from their homes to business facilities. When it comes to making a choice of which camera to buy, a large portion of people all over the world tends to choose Dahua cameras. No wonder Dahua became one of the most popular IP cameras’ brands on the market – it has products for all sectors where you may want to install IP cameras, and Dahua cameras have proven their quality with over 20 years of experience.

Some CCTV systems though might have high standards of usability, efficiency and automation, unreachable even with best cameras. Below are some examples of such challenges:

Difficulties everybody may face when installing cctv systems:

Choose the best software for Dahua cameras in 2021

False alarms are often triggered by animals, rustling leaves, and changes in lighting.
Low efficiency: CCTV cameras monitor and record video day and night and it takes a lot of time to analyze the video feeds to find the information you need.
Big data: as the amount of data accumulates, it becomes difficult to analyze massive unstructured audio and video data.
Limited value: with a lot of excessive data, there is less valuable information. It is very important to combine big data with artificial intelligence to add value to video content.

So how do we overcome these challenges? The best solution will be to install Dahua IP cameras in tandem with Xeoma – best software in 2021. It’s totally compatible with all Dahua camera models, including new ones, and its AI-based modules allow analyzing video stream from the cameras to detect events of interest and set appropriate reactions, thus improving efficiency of your CCTV system.

Typical application scenarios for Dahua cameras:

Best software for Dahua cameras in 2021

Typical application scenarios for Dahua cameras are, of course, perimeter protection, access control, business automation, customer demographics, cloud backup and more.

Xeoma can detect intrusion of unauthorized persons into the monitored area by means of several modules: Motion detection, Face recognition, Senstar PTZ tracking, Object type recognition, Sound events detector.

Using this module in Xeoma video surveillance software you can set motion detection in a given area Using Motion detector in Xeoma video surveillance software you can set motion detection in a given area. In its settings you can set the ‘Minimum and maximum object’s size’, ‘Sensitivity threshold’, ‘Disregard motion shorter than’ options to eliminate false alarms.

Thanks to machine learning, the Object Recognition module can distinguish whether the object in camera view is a human, animal, bird, car, bus, drone, airplane or motorcycle Coupled with the Object type recognition module, you can set the desired scenario that Xeoma should react to: for example, if you need to react only to the presence of vehicles in the monitored area, connect the Object recognizer module in a chain and set it to react to buses, motorcycles and cars. In this case Xeoma will record video archives only in case some of these objects is detected in the monitored area.

This module allows to combine your video surveillance system with a security system with Senstar sensors, and automatically turn the camera into the alarm zone Senstar PTZ tracking module allows to a combine your Dahua PTZ cameras with Senstar sensors, and automatically turn the camera into the alarm zone.

Sound Events Detector is an AI-based video analytics module in Xeoma video surveillance software that can recognize types of noises like alarms, screams, breaking of glass, gunshots Sound events detector in Xeoma is based on Artificial Intelligence and deep machine learning. This module is designed to recognize 5 types of sound events: glass break, gunshot, screams, alarm or baby cry. If the module is triggered, you will be the first to know about the emergency situation.

This is how Face Recognition module icon looks like Xeoma’s Face recognition solutions provide high detection and recognition rates by means of advanced AI technology, and include features such as face detection, face comparison, smart search in the archive by photo, and face database management, which greatly improves user satisfaction.

This module allows automatic PTZ tracking of moving objectsPTZ Tracking connected after the Face Recognition module will make your PTZ camera follow the person, and the “Sound Alarm” module will trigger an alarm. When a face is detected, Xeoma can send this information to automation systems with the HTTP Request Sender module.

Icon for the license plate recognition module License plate recognition in Xeoma can recognize license plates of vehicles, allowing to add license plates to “white” or “black” lists to ignore or react to. It generates events that can trigger external integrated systems (open the gate barrier, turn on the light, etc.), which significantly helps to automate entry to the monitored area.

Parking Spots iconXeoma’s Parking Spots module is used to automatically determine and update the status (empty/occupied) of parking spaces in a parking lot. This module is a way of detecting the required type of objects in the selected zones.

Gender recognitionGender recognition and Age detector modules allow analyzing your customer’s demographics. These modules can be used in retail to determine category of customers that are interested in particular products and thus creating targeted advertisement and increase sales. Coupled with “Emotion detector”, these modules will provide you information whether the client of particular group (gender and age) is satisfied with the product/service or not. Based on this marketing information you can improve service quality to the fullest.



Xeoma Cloud

Cloud backup for your Dahua cameras

Xeoma can offer you to use Xeoma Cloud service as well – the best Cloud solution for your Dahua CCTV kit. You can back up recordings from any Dahua IP camera, NVR or DVR by pushing them to off-site Xeoma Cloud.
Alternatively, Xeoma Cloud can completely substitute your “local” video surveillance processing units. In that latter case, our server will take up all load, maintenance and update, while you can connect to it at any time to view your cameras, their archives, download records of interest and use all the usual features of Xeoma you might need in the cloud!

All you need to back up Dahua CCTV systems to the cloud is just to download Xeoma from official website or from Appstore or Play Store (also known as Google Play or Android Market). Xeoma is available both for desktop computers, and iPhone and Android phones.

Xeoma Cloud provides secure offsite cloud storage for Dahua CCTV. All video is encrypted and securely backed up in the Xeoma Cloud, so you can rest assured your footage is safe. Xeoma can be set up to continually monitor your Dahua CCTV system’s health, ensuring you’re alerted in real time if cameras stop recording for any reason.

Last but not least, with Xeoma you won’t need to compromise on video quality. Xeoma allows you to connect and record Dahua cameras of any resolution!


To conclude, if you are on the lookout for quality network cameras, Dahua is one of the best choice. If you need more, have strict requirements, or strive to make the video surveillance system most convenient, we recommend to complement great cameras with the best software in 2021- Xeoma.

Xeoma can work on multiple platforms and has over 100 analytical features and Additional modules helping you to benefit from your Dahua cctv system at the highest level, so it’s truly the best software for Dahua cameras in 2021.




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2 September, 2021

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